How to create clients for life, by creating revolving upsell opportunities.


0:00 – Intro
3:48 – Planting the Seeds for Upsell
6:41 – Car Dealership Upsell Example
9:24 – Upselling through Social Media
12:46 – Flash Film Academy’s Effective Portfolio Course
14:23 – Follow up with the Client by Offering Suggestions
18:07 – Control your Sale by Providing Value
22:24 – Learn From Your Mistakes
25:34 – Things to Remember while Working with Universities
27:24 – Group Shots Photography Example
30:12 – Never think of a One Time Client
32:57 – Convenience, Value and Price
35:21 – Customer Service Does Matter
37:31 – Best Ways to Approach a Client
41:47 – What to do when Client wants something out of your Niche?
45:21 – Upselling through Discounts
48:06 – Lifetime Value of a Customer
51:03 – Setting Up Calendy on your Website
51:54 – Increase the Charges
54:59 – Figuring out the Client’s Real Needs
56:31 – Understand the Client’s Pain points
57:34 – Showing the Building Process in Demo Reel
1:00:11 – Behind the Scenes in Demo Reel
1:04:37 – Having a Crew Adds Value
1:06:19 – Understanding your Client’s Problem
1:08:02 – Training High School Interns for a High End Shoot
1:10:30 – Have Follow-up Times for your Client
1:11:56 – Your Clients will Market for You
1:16:19 – Flash Film Academy’s Paid Courses
1:18:10 – Outro is an online learning platform with tools and courses that are designed to help you START, BUILD, and GROW your Photo, Video, Editing business.

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