How to Create Your First Email Marketing Signup Form in Constant Contact

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Fact: If you’re email list isn’t growing, then you’ll start seeing diminishing returns from your email campaigns. We don’t want that!

Constant Contact makes it easy to encourage your customers to signup for your email marketing list. In fact, it’s one of the best tools for email marketing for beginners – better (in our opinion) than MailChimp or Aweber. Here, I’ll show you the fastest way to get an online signup form created to grow your list of contacts.

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00:11 Jake Burns here with the Bigger, Better, Biz channel. Today we’re going to go over sign up forms. Yup. That’s how we’re going to get people from your website to sign up for your list to then get your great deals and offers and all the things you have going on with your business. So let’s get started. You can click on sign up forms. It’s the best way to get started and you’re going to be presented with this option on the left hand side. Click on that couple of different kinds here. We have the pop up which you can add to your website and it pops up when somebody comes to your site, maybe after a certain time period. They work great. You also have the in line form, which you can put anywhere on your website and you can even style directly. You can use css and some other things to make it look exactly like your website if you want, and we’ll go over that in a future video, plus we have landing pages.

00:55 This is the easiest one to do. It takes a couple of seconds and then all you have to do is have a signup link for your email list and button and it’ll go directly over to this page. And then of course a facebook lead ad, which you can do as well. And they work great. So, the one we’re going to go over today is this landing page. It’s really quick. It’s really simple. It doesn’t take a lot to actually get it up and running. So here we go. This is the page where it starts. What we want to do is we want to create a landing page and we want to give this thing a name and sign up to stay in touch and get deals. So you tell them what you’re offering them.

01:47 And I also like to add in there, you know, we’ll never spam you. Sometimes people get worried about that. So it’s always good to mention it. Then you choose which list or all of the lists you would like the person to be added to based on whatever this form is about, click on continue. Then you can choose the fields that you want to collect. You can they add the last name. You can add phone number if you want. Try not to have too many things. Usually I don’t use phone number. Then click the add button and you can make some of them required if you want. Usually just email address and first name are pretty good and then you click continue. Choose the font color. That’s pretty good. You can also choose a logo, so if you have a certain logo you’d like to use about what you’re promoting or your business, all you do is just upload it there.

02:34 And then background color. I always like to use white for this because sometimes you know when you have a logo, sometimes it has a white background and it just looks it looks a lot better when you have a white background, so once you’re done those couple of things, you click finish end voila, we’re done. So now we have the new signup form I just created. You can preview it, so I can just click on that and preview it. You can edit it again if you want. You can get the url, so say you want to add a button on your website to link over to sign up your email list. You use this link, you can use the actual button that they have here or you can delete it. Um, I prefer using the formula. Well, I think that always works the best and looks the best too.

03:14 So if I click on it, there we go. Now, if I had a logo, that logo would appear up here and you’re all of the information. Somebody will put that in, sign up and they’ll automatically be added back into my account. No, a couple other ones will go over in the future. We’re going to go over the WordPress signup form text to sign up as well as the popup forms in future videos. So, hopefully you join us again soon. And thanks so much for watching the Bigger, Better Business channel with Jake Burns. Hey, see you next time.



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