How To Get Design Clients: Sales and Lead Generation

How can you get more design clients? Is social media marketing effective for marketing design services? What should I post on social media? I don’t know what to say.

Part 2 of the Money Talk lecture.

0:20 How do better clients find you? Are you easy to find?
2:20 I don’t have anything to say on Social Media. Any tips.
4:51 Give value. Stop selling on social media.
5:05 Market to the marketers that are marketing to you.
7:30 Micro content marketing.
13:00 Why designers need to participate in social media.
13:45 Be transparent
16:00 How to Sell my ideas to the client?
19:50 Debunking the expression “How to educate your client”.
21:30 Ask Questions. Be Curious.
23:00 Building trust
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