How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

In today’s video we’re gonna talk about how you can get started with affiliate marketingWithout a website now, I’m gonna give you before this is all over with a 90 dayroadmapActionable steps so you can get started right now. Let’s goBefore you start any journeyMindset is always something you should talk about and when I first startedonline and when I first started to try to get into the Contra Nouriel thingespecially with affiliate marketingI had to kind of like figure out what was possibleYou have so much stuff out there right now telling you you can make a million dollars in one dayYou can do this and do that and then it kind of creates this self-doubt youHave to trust yourselfWhenever you really want to do something you just go do it and you don’t ask a bunch of questionsWhat I do here and what I’ve done throughout my entire career is I started to earn and learn in other wordsAction, and it doesn’t you knowYou hear everybody talking about imperfect action ready aim ready?Fire aim all of these like cliches or whatever and it’s true if you just get startedThe faster you get started and startFailing the more you’ll start learning you need to fail as much as possible as soon as possible and you keep failingOver and over and over again make huge mistakes learn from those mistakes and keep movingthere’s not one YouTube video are10,000 YouTube videos that you can watch or even like paid courses that are gonna teach you more than actually getting in thereGetting your elbows dirty rolling up your sleeves getting your hands dirty putting a little bit of elbow grease and getting it doneI’m gonna say that90% of what you’re about to go through is gonna be mindset10% of it is actually like the physical things that you need to do. Maybe ice. Maybe I’m going too farMaybe it’s 85 percent his mindsetAnd then the rest of it is like actually learning how to doYou know build a landing page and you knowAll of these other things you have to get your head in the game first and realize that you can do thisDon’t be cynical don’t think that it can’t be doneDon’t look at everybody else and what they’re doingJust pay attention to what you have to do and you’re gonna win the next part that we’re gonna talkIs research now you cannot talk about marketing at all without talking about researchresearch researchresearchOne of the main things you’re gonna have to learn to do is copywritingSo the main core of copywriting is research it all starts right thereSo for the next 30 days, I called it hell week, but it always ended up being a monthBut I call it hell week and that’s why I have a football player there because when I played footballWe called it hell week before you going into the seasonYou did all this exercising you went crazy and got fit and to find out who got cut and who didn’t get cut for footballWell, that’s what the hell week is all aboutIt’s gonna find out if you’re gonna make the cut and you’ll cut yourself within these next 30 days you need to researchResearching your niche is really importantWhy it’s so important to find out like let’s say you pick a niche right and you find out that you want to get intoWeight loss you need to find outEverything a person that wants to lose weight wants to know you need to find out what are their deepest darkest desiresWhy exactly do they want to lose weight? It could be for health problemsIt could be because they want to you know, get a mate a lover or whatever. It could beThey want to impress their friendsYou don’t know why you need to find out exactly why and when you do thatResearch and you really dig in and get under their skinthe biggest thing that you can doThe best thing that you could do is actually go talk to people that want to lose weightBecause then once you talk to them physically and you go on your face and you see the pain in their face and the problemsThat they faceCopyrighting will be simple because you already have talked to them. You’ll know what they want. That’s the secret toCopywriting not that these guys are some geniuses and can figure things out. They’ve done the researchThey know what people want. So now the next research you have to do because we’re gonna do this all on YouTubeSo that’s why you don’t need a websiteYou can put your affiliate offers and links and landing pages and lead magnets and everything you need to doRight there on YouTube today. You don’t need a websiteYou can even do it from Facebook if you wanted to you could do from InstagramIt doesn’t you don’t have to have a website. So YouTube is gonna be the platformI believe the SEO is a lot easierBut you need to go GoogleYouTube creators andfind these dudes that are giving out lots of information on how to do SEO on YouTube and rank videos and you dig in andReally find out how to start ranking videos. The next thing I want you to do is sign up forAffiliate networks and sign up for more than one so I have examples here like Commission JunctionJV zoo and Clickbank, those are all big places they’ve been around for yearsThey pay you don’t have to worry about that, but sign up for more than one offerSometimes one offer may not work and it could be the same offerThe landing pages are different, or maybe they have different copy writingsBut sometimes one offer even though it’s the same offer will work better on another network. Maybe the pages are fasterMaybe their mobile looks better who knows whatever it is sign up for more than one networkand then what I want you to do is you’re gonna pick your niche aSpecific niche and you’re gonna stick to that nicheYou’re not gonna do anything else and you’re gonna create a brand and get your brand assets nowfiguring out how to figure out your YouTube channel is go right there on YouTube to those creator channels and they’re gonna tell you exactlyHow to create your brand elements all of your thumbnails need to look the same your header your colorCoordination your fonts a little logoYou’re gonna make all of that stuff makes sense now before it’s all done. There’s three thingsYou need to know the number one thing issmash that like button hit the subscribe button real quickly head while we’re going through this and other two things you need to know isresearch research and a bonusresearch after your thirty days ofresearch and planning and getting all your YouTube channels set up andFiguring out all of your keywords over the next 60 days. I want you to do oneToday’s one video a day over the next 60 days if you can get your research done faster, that’s coolBut for 60 days in a row, I prefer you spend thirty days planningDoing your researchGetting some spreadsheetsreally figuring it out and then start getting your titles start figuring out your keywords that you’re gonna use once you learn how toYou’re gonna have 60 video titles already ready to go60 tags and all 60 descriptions already written out then start doing onetoday’s one video a day back to back to back andThen you’re gonna start to want to drive traffic. Once you start ranking videos. You’re gonna want to start driving traffic trafficso you’re gonna make some landing pages and you’re gonna get your offers and you’re gonna start putting your offers inside yourdescription and inside the firstComment a lot of people don’t do that. I do it. I like to have in that first commentSome people don’t look in the descriptionUnless you tell them to but in that first commentMost people that are looking down in the comments are gonna see that firstDescription and they can click the links in thereAnd then what I want you to do is start to learn what your niche really wants as you’re doingYou’ve already done the research. But now what I want you to do is figure out what they want on YouTubethere’s a difference betweenPeople that talk on message boards and other research that you’re gonna do and be doing how they talk on Amazon or whatever ondifferent than the questions they ask onYouTube and it’s really important because you want to know what people on YouTube that are in your nichewant to hear and there’s no better way than going to your competition andReading their comments and people will ask them questions case in point the other day. I was at somebody else’s channelListening at what they were saying and somebody said hey, manAnd this was on a YouTube ads video and they asked hey, man, do you have a digital marketing class a step-by-step?This is the question that somebody asked the Creator. ILooked at that and said, let me jot that question downThese are questions that I know that some of my people might have then what you can do is take that question and seeIf it’s a search termMost times it will be if it’s a search term figure out a way that you can have low competitionDownload to buddy and it’ll tell you what if it’s a good competition low competition keywords with high search volumeIt’ll tell you to go for it and you can start making videosBased upon that as well, but you find out when you do your research after you start reading your competitorscomments and start figuring out what they want that will also give you information on lead magnets andWhat other people and offers based on what the list wants and what?YouTube wants you’re gonna start figuring outOkaythey want this they want this they want a90 day printout of a kid or a 90 day plan on a 90 day roadmap on how to start affiliate marketing you can getThose created by using Fiverr and other little placesGet those created and place them down and start building an email listand that’s where you kind of want to move toward that but you can always leave youroffers in the link in the first descript in the description and in the commentsbut if you want to start and you should be and in the next slide you’re gonna be finding out about this you should beTrying to build your own asset. So there you have itThat is my 90 day roadmap to riches if you follow thatStep-by-step get out of your own head. Just Forge your head to do what I tell you to doDo those one a days you’re gonna start?Making your first few dollars with affiliate marketingIf you want to find out how long it’s gonna take for you to start making some moneyClick that video right there above and that video tell you exactly how long it should takeFor you to start making some money. You want to start improving yourself?1% everyday, that’s what I try to do and you want to learn how to make your own products nowI know that that goes against everything thatAffiliate marketers like and what they sayBut the bottom line is if you have your own products your own informational productsYou can start selling your own products and sell the 7 somebody else’s and you’re gonna get to that pointOnce you’ve been in a niche for a while and you realize that you could do it yourselfYou’re gonna figure out how to write a sales page on your own. You’re gonna figure out how to get that productCreated you’ll have somebody else created for youYou can also do joint venture partnerships so you can find another influencerThat doesn’t have your skill set on how to go out there and get people to purchase their productsBut since you know how and you also have the trafficThey will create a product for you and you guys can come to an agreement on the commission prices and displayAnd all that kind of thing and the next thing that you gonna do is you’re gonna startMedia buys in other words, you’re gonna start buying advertisements to scale up your operation. You’re not gonna have a businessUntil you start to pay for advertisement. Let me say that again. They’re not gonna have a businessuntil you start paidAdvertising start scaling up your business by paying for media buys getting your content out there. It’s what I callSyndication you syndicate your channel you syndicate your videos and you pay for people to see those videos and get more peopleTo your channel and that’s how you’re gonna scale up your entire operationSo you don’t have to worry about organic traffic whether you’re ranking or not. It doesn’t matter you pay for clicksThey come in they buy your products and you go on about your business and that’s how that worksThat’s what you have right nowThat is your 90-day roadmap and beyond to how you can start getting some dough manif you like this video click the thumbs up subscribe if this is your first time to the channel welcome andAlso, man, click that notification so you get notified when I upload videos share this video man and comment belowLet me know if you have anything to add to this or if whatever else that you want to learn that have to do withCopywriting direct response marketing because this is the number one place for direct response marketers on the planetperiod


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