How To Launch An Email Drip Campaign And Automate Sales

Hi!Welcome to Snov. io guide to Email Drip Campaigns!In this video we’ll show you in detail how
to set up your sender account, build and senda campaign for your list, and monitor your
campaign performance. Email drip campaigns will help you automate
and easily monitor your outreach, optimizefollow-ups, nurture leads, and pitch your
product. We’ll cover that in more detail in future
video guides, but for now let’s get startedwith Snov. io Email Drip Campaigns. First, lets log in. Before we start creating our first email drip
campaign, we need to set up an email account. Click on profile icon, account, email accounts,
hit the Add button. I’ll choose a Gmail account, but you can
set up an SMTP sender account as well. By the way, you can add an unlimited number
of sender email accounts, which is perfectfor agencies and companies with complex email
marketing. In the account settings, specify your sender
name. Then, the daily email sending limit, that
can’t be higher than you email service providerlimit. We add this number automatically in the hint. For example, in G Suite, it’s 2000 emails
per day. Then, set a delay between email sendings in
seconds. If you want, you can also add an email signature. You can do it manually, or simply copy-paste
it from your email client. When you’re done, click Save Settings. Next, we need to select a prospect list to
send the campaign to. Here’s how. In the Prospects tab you can view all of your
previously created prospect lists,which, by the way, can be built using our
Email Finder with its multiple features. You can also upload your own list to the platform. Earlier, I uploaded my list and verified it
using Verify Current List option. If you add new prospects to the list that
is already being used in an active email campaign,the campaign will start for them automatically,
which is, again, very handy. Click Launch drip campaign button to create
a campaign for this list. Here we are in the campaign creation section. On the left, you can see general campaign
settings. In the middle, the campaign building field. And on the right, the campaign blocks we’ll
be using to create our campaign. Start by adding the campaign name. Then click here to choose the email account
you’ll be sending your campaign from. I’ll choose the one I added at the beginning
of this video. Next, is a very interesting option. Sometimes a prospect can have several email
addresses. So here we added an option to send to all
of them, or only to the first one. To improve deliverability you can also choose
not to send tounverified and catch-all emails. If you want to incorporate link tracking into
your campaign, you can turn it on here aswell. Now, we will create and set a schedule for
our campaign. Choose a name, a time-zone,
for example US/Arizona, set the days,for instance from Monday till Friday, and
time – from 9am to 7pm. Click Save then Apply. Now onto the actual campaign building. Drag an element on the right into the field
to add it to a campaign, and connect it witha line. You can build campaigns as complex as you
want. I’ll show you an example. Now we need to fill in our email block with
some content. To edit the element you need to click on it. In the email block you can see the familiar
subject line and email body sections. There are many ways you can customize your
email in Snov. io Drip Campaigns:add a trackable link to the email, add primary or custom variables to the subject line andthe body, use HTML, attach files, add an unsubscribe
link, add an image, and format text. Change the font, choose the text size, select
the color, create list, add emojis, and more. If you create a really good email you’re
proud of and feel like using it in the future,you can save it as a template for your future
campaigns. Or you can just choose one of the Snov. io
email templates and simply fill in the variables. The next block is Delay, that can be set in
hours or days. Delay is the interval between sending follow-ups,
regardless of the recipients’ actions. After the delay, your automatic follow-up is
sent out and is now monitored through theTrigger that follows. We have two types of triggers – contact opened
email and contact clicked on the link fromemail. You can set the waiting time in hours or days,
during which the trigger will collect informationabout the recipients actions, after which
the Yes or No email sequences will followaccording to them. For example, if the contact opened the email
but didn’t click on the link in it, theywill receive the second email sequence. Here we have created a pretty short campaign,
but it can already give us an insight intothe recipients’ engagement, and let us divide
our prospects into those interested and notinterested. We have everything set up, and all that’s
left is to click Save & Start. We have just launched a campaign and you may
be wondering where to find it. It’s right here in the Email Drip Campaigns
tab. Here you can see the list of all your campaigns:
those saved but not launched, paused campaigns,completed campaigns, and, of course, active
campaigns. You can edit a campaign even if it is active. You can also see the general statistics for
each campaign and their statuses. In this same tab you can choose your pre-filled
templates and check all of your schedules. Let’s take a closer look at our launched
campaign analytics. Click on the campaign name to open detailed
real-time statistics. Here you can see the number of opens, clicks,
replies, the total number of recipients, thenumber of unsubscribes, and the number of
emails that have not reached recipients becausethey either bounced or were auto-replied. Under the general stats you can see which
emails were the most successful and then savethem as a template. There are a couple more tabs on this page. In the Overview tab you can view the whole
campaign and check who received, opened, clicked,or replied to this or that follow-up. In the Recipients tab you can filter the recipients
by their statuses, views, clicks, replies,goals, and follow-up emails. Basically, you can see which recipients interacted
with your campaign the best. You can export the list of these chosen recipients,
and, for example, launch another campaign. In the About tab you can take a look at the
campaign settings, and general info like senderaccount, the prospect list you used, the creation
date, and more!And that’s it!Easy wasn’t it?Snov. io Email Drip Campaigns is a great tool
for anyone who needs to optimize and streamlinetheir outreach. And we’re constantly adding new features. In the nearest future we’ll be adding Team
Work, which will be very exciting. We’ll make sure to make a video guide for
you once it’s out as well. We’ll also soon be updating the user interface
of the platform, adding a No-send List, anembed video feature, and a whole lot
more!Feel like Drip Campaigns is exactly what you
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