How To Make Money Online Fast No Scams

I’m going to show you how to make money
online without dealing with any scams. And I’m going to sit down at my computer
right here and show you 2 ways ofmaking money.
One is a guaranteed way of making moneydoing basic tasks. And the second is a
way that you can earn millions ofdollars selling products online with
reputable companies. How do you makemoney online without dealing with any
scams? Because there are a lot of scamsout there and I’m going to be going over
how you do this? So, the first way to keepyourself from dealing with scams if
you’re trying to learn how to create abusiness online is dealing with
reputable companies. And there’s onemajor factor which you can use to
determine if a company’s reputable. Anybody can claim their company is
reputable. The number one factor is this. Time and business is the number one
factor that you need to be looking at interms of dealing with reputable
companies. Now, there’s 2 basiccategories of work that you can do
online. And I’m going to go over one in eachcategory. And a reputable company can
work within each category to get youstarted with making just some money
online. Now, the 2 basic categories arethe following tasks. And tasks can be
just things that anybody can do. They’rethings that generally, you’ll get paid an
hourly wage for. You know, basic work. Youknow, basic work but you can do it online
and make money doing it. The second is where you can make real
money. And it’s selling stuff. If you’renot really looking to think and you
don’t have many skills, tasks are veryeasy thing. But if you’re looking to be
more entrepreneurial and think outsideof the box and make hundreds of
thousands or millions of dollars evenonline, you’ll want to learn how to sell
things online. So, let’s go over to mycomputer and I’m going to show you an
example of each a company that workswith each of these. So, the first company
that we’re going to be looking at isin Amazon. Amazon is one of the best
companies that has a lot of basic tasksfor you to do whether you have skills or
no skills. It’s a great place to earn alot of money. And they’ve been in
business again, 25 years. So, veryreputable company.
You know, everybody’s heard of Amazon. Andsecond off, they’ve been in business
since nearly the beginning of theinternet. So, it’s a great example of a
company to work for. Where you’ll want togo is. . . And I’m going to put the link in the
description. It’s called Mechanical Turk. It’s called Amazon Mechanical Turk. And
what they do is they have what arecalled hits. H-I-T. Which are Human
Intelligence Tasks. And they havethousands and tens of thousands and even
hundreds of thousands of these tasksthat have gone up. And you can see right
here on my screen, there’s tons of stuff. Transcribed 35 seconds of media to text.
You know, market research surveys. You know, there’s opinion surveys. There’s
a lot of different surveys, there’s a lotof different identifying photos.
Identifying videos, transcribing,translations. There’s all sorts of tasks
here. And you can see how easy it is. Youjust accept and work. Now, you don’t make
a lot of money per task. You can makesomething like. . . You know, look. This one’s
17 cents and there’s some that make youmake a couple dollars per task. But they
don’t take very long. And it’s a goodplace to get started working online that
you can make money instantly. Okay,instantly. Which is pretty crazy. So, it’s
a good place to start. But again, you’renot going to make a lot of money. Now, if you
start building up your qualifications,you see some of these tasks I have to
qualify for. You can make more and moreamounts of money. To give you guys a
little a little secret here, there’s areddit community. If you’re looking for
the most high value tasks, there’s alittle reddit community. I’m going to put
the link in my description. So, make sureyou like this video and subscribe to
this channel. If you like these littlesecrets. But the link for this is. . . The
most valuable human intelligence tasksis in the description and it’s on a
reddit sub forum. And you can see it’s listing out. You
know. some of the most valuable tasks orof the behavioral survey. Which takes
about 5 minutes. Another survey onyour opinions. So, think like an astronaut.
So, you get all these different. . . They’relisting out the most valuable tasks of
the day. Because they’re new tasks everyday on Amazon. Now, the second category of
stuff you can do is selling. So again, wetalked about the 2
ways to make money online. Tasks. . . Tasks,you’re guaranteed money. You won’t make
as much because it’s hourly or generallyit takes your time and it’s very basic,
But selling. . . The thing about sellingproducts online is you could make
nothing. In fact, chances are you’llprobably make zero dollars online.
Most people don’t stick with it but itbecause if you’re selling products, it’s
on a commission only basis. But on theother hand, you can make million. You know,
you you could make hundreds of thousandsor millions or tens of millions of
dollars like I do online. Sellingproducts online is called affiliate
marketing. Affiliate marketing is sellingsomebody else’s product for them and
receiving a commission for that. If we goto Amazon. Amazon actually has an
affiliate program too. In fact, youknow, their affiliate program is very
good. If you scroll to the bottom of thepage here, like I just did. Yeah, you’ll
see this link right here in the footer. See it says “Make Money With Us”, right?
And it says become an affiliate. See thatbecome an affiliate. Now, if we click that
you see you can earn up to 10%of the product by advertising. By
recommending somebody purchase a producton Amazon. So, just just for instance, I
could I could find a book I really like. You know, I really like this book called
The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. And I could take that book and I could,
you know, I’ve signed up for theiraffiliate program. So, you see the site
stripe thing right here. So, let’sactually look up that book. Let me
show you guys how you do affiliate marketing. Fastlane. . . So, I searched this book. I’ve
already signed up for theiraffiliate program. So, click their book.
And what I’ll do is see up there it saysclick Get Link, okay? Get link. Now, I just
take this link and I’m going to right clickand I’m going to copy. And if I wanted to
I’d go to Facebook and I just type. . . Iride a little bit I’d say, “Hey, want to
make. . . ” You know, “Want to make money online?”You know? “Buy this book. ” Buy this book. “And
learn how. ” And now, if anybody buys thatbook, I’ll get you know 10% commission.
Which means I’ll make like a buck, right?I’ll make like a buck or 2.
That’s how affiliate marketing works. Okay,you’re not going to make millions making a
buck or two here and there. Amazon isobviously a reputable company but how
would you like it if I could show youcompanies that would pay you 75% or even 90% commission’son the products you sold for them? That’s
what I’m going to show you right here? Andthis is the main company I use to sell
products online with. And it’s calledClickbank. And I’m going to call go over to
Clickbank right now. Now, Clickbank is acompany based out of Idaho. And they’ve
been around for 21 years. So, they haven’tbeen around as long as Amazon. But to be
a company in the internet space, that’sbeen around for 21 years, still pretty
good, very reputable. So, let’s go over toClickbank right now and I’m going to show
you this site. So, Clickbank is thecompany I use to find products and sell
products. And I have my own products onClickbank as well. As you see right here.
It says, “You can earn commissions as highas 75%. ” So, they’re built for people who
are you know, selling products online. Again, would you rather make 75% of the
products you sell or would you rathermake 5 to 10% like you do on Amazon? I’d
rather make 75%. You know, that’s what Ido.
The other thing about Clickbank is youget recurring commissions. So, Amazon, you can send. . . You canrecommend products on Amazon but they
won’t pay recurring commissions. And whatI love about Clickbank is you can make
money over and over and over again. So,you can sell a product once but you can
make money every single month. And I’vebeen marketing for years now. And I
have customers that bought a product Irecommended 3 years ago. That I still
earn money on. Now, imagine if you hadpeople that, you know, bought a $97
product from you and you’re stillearning $75 every
single month. Imagine if you got a lot ofthose customers. You have a huge base of
recurring income which is at the pointwhere I’m at in my career. So, this is
what I recommend if you’re looking tomake money online without any scams. I
hope this has been useful for you. I hope you’ve seen a couple different
ways of making money online with veryreputable companies who have had a long
time in business. And I look forward toseeing you. Make sure you guys like this
video if you learned something. Make sureyou subscribe if you want to see some
live streams, some special giveaways. I’m going to be doing in the future. Let me
know what you’re going to take action on inthe comments. And if you’re watching this
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