How to Make Money Online from Home [3 Secrets and 5 Easy Jobs]

I’m sharing five jobs to make money online
from home, two of which I’ve just developedso I know nobody else is doing them. In this video, I’ll not only show you how
to get started in each of these and how muchyou can make, I’m revealing three secrets
to all work from home jobs that will guaranteeyour success. We’re talking making money from home today
on Let’s Talk Money!Beat debt. Make money. Make your money work for you. Creating the financial future you deserve. Let’s Talk Money!Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel
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in the community, thank you for taking a littleof your time to be here today. If you’re not part of the community yet,
just click that little red subscribe button. It’s free and you’ll never miss an episode. I’m going to show you a graphic that should
scare anyone still depending on a traditionaljob, an employer, for their income. So this shows two types of tax forms collected
by the IRS, the W-2 form you get from a traditionalemployer reporting your wages and the 1099
form you get when working as a contract employeeor in that side hustle economy. And if this doesn’t immediately scare you
then you’re not looking close enough. The lines here are based off the number of
these forms the IRS got in 2000 and you cansee that since that time, those W-2 forms
have decreased. That means the IRS has been getting fewer
of these traditional job forms each year,employers are hiring fewer of those traditional
type of employees. But look at this line for the number of 1099
forms collected by the IRS. It’s surged since 2000 and some estimates
put the contract economy as high as one-in-tenAmericans right now. This growth in online jobs, the gig economy,
side hustles or freelance contractors, whateveryou want to call it. Where do you think these jobs are coming from?Getting started on one of the five online
jobs we’ll talk about in this video or theothers we’ve highlighted on the channel,
it’s no longer about making extra money. It’s not going to be long before all work
is done this way, as a freelance work fromhome idea and getting started now is absolutely
critical to securing your financial future!So what I want to do in this video is cover
five ways to make money online and from homethat anyone can use, no matter what your experience. We won’t talk about blogging or starting
a YouTube channel or anything like that. These are great income sources and I’ve
built a six-figure income from them but Iwanted to focus on jobs anyone can start. I’m also going to be sharing three secrets
that will guarantee your success no matterwhat work from home job you choose so stick
around for those towards the end of the video. This first one is going to be a wide-open
market because nobody is doing it, offeringdigital marketing and brand promotion at a
local level. I love this idea because it combines the offline
world with the online. It combines a lot of different jobs people
are doing but nobody has yet to put it alltogether. What you’re doing here is going to local
businesses to offer digital marketing services. You’ll go online to blogs with a local audience
or review sites, anywhere your client’scustomers might hangout online. Then you’re going to write guest posts on
the blogs, leave reviews, engage in socialforums and social media, all to help promote
and manage the brand for your client. The separate pieces here; writing, brand management,
advertising. These all exist already but nobody is combining
that online service with an offline, face-to-faceand personal relationship you can build with
these local businesses. That online brand management and promotion
is something small businesses desperatelyneed and they feel completely mystified by
it. They know they need a solution, fear to their
core that they’re missing out and have noidea where to begin. This is a job that starts at $50 an hour and
is something that will turn into a six-figurebusiness very quickly. Once you start working with a few companies,
you’ll develop a resources list you canuse for every job in that industry. You’ll have already developed your list
of restaurant and food blogs or forums orFacebook groups you can engage with for every
new client. Start locally here. Visit small businesses, put together a couple
of promotion packages you can offer at differentprice levels. After a year of this, you can start expanding
into different cities and start building yourteam to do the work. Now I want to get to those other four ways
to make money online and the three successtips but I also want to get your opinion. Are you currently doing any kind of side hustle
or freelance work from home or if not, what’syour biggest hurdle to starting something
like this?What is keeping you from getting started on
your work from home business?Just a quick question to see where the community
is on this one. Scroll down and tell us in the comments so
I know what types of videos we need to make. This next one, I’m just going to call it
being a book guru because I don’t thinkthere’s a name for it. One of the most consistent habits we see in
millionaires, without fail, is the idea ofmaking time for reading. In fact, research by Thomas Crowley found
that 85% of self-made millionaires read twoor more books a month. That’s not only reading how-to books on
business but biographies, self-improvementand even leisure reading. Billionaire Mark Cuban schedules three hours
a day for reading and Bill Gates reads 50books a year. Reading more is something we all know we need
to do…but how many actually do it?Your job here is going to be making it possible
for people to get that knowledge without havingto crack open a book. This is going to be like a consulting or coaching
business but instead of trying to sell yourexperience or knowledge, you’re selling
the experience and knowledge of Richard Bransonor Jack Welch or Bill Gates. What you’re going to do is read the most
popular books; books on business, on successand mindset. I mean really study the books, take notes
and learn the lessons. Then you offer one-on-one consulting and group
masterminds explaining the books. Now this goes beyond just giving people the
cliff’s notes to a book. You’re pointing out the biggest lessons,
helping people understand how they can usethe information. Besides doing that consulting idea, you can
put what you learn in a quick download orprintable to sell for another income stream. Your clients are going to be busy business
people, folks that know they need to be readingthese books and implementing the advice, but
just don’t have time. Finding clients is actually going to be easier
than you imagine on this one. You can write up short reviews of the books
on a blog and add a lead-in to your services. I think you’ll find LinkedIn is all you
need though to reach the business communityand those entrepreneurs that need this service. This next way to make money online is one
I’ve done for extra cash but can be a legitbusiness through flipping websites. Websites are the digital real estate of the
21st century. Not only are people creating and developing
websites just like you might develop a pieceof raw land into a hotel, there’s a huge
opportunity in taking neglected sites, rehabbingthem and flipping for a profit. You see, it takes nothing to start a website. Less than three bucks a month and you can
be online. Growing that site, knowing what it takes to
get traffic and make it a legit business issomething entirely different. More than 90% of the blogs and websites out
there don’t last more than six months. People get frustrated and they give up, they
abandon their digital real estate. That’s where you come in. You pick these neglected sites up for nothing,
rehab them to get some basic traffic and startmaking money, then flip them in three months
for a huge profit. I did this with a dating website I bought
in 2015 from another blogger. The site was making less than $100 a month
but had legitimate content and I knew theblogger had genuinely tried to make it work. I bought the site for $500 and started boosting
traffic with regular posts and some searchengine optimization. I was able to increase income to $350 a month
within three months and ended up selling itfor $5,000 nine months later. That’s $4,500 on one site alone and I know
people that do this full-time, working onfive or six sites at a time. Flippa. com makes it easy to buy and sell websites
though you’ll also want to get involvedin an online community of bloggers to pick
up sites. Now this is something that takes a little
work to understand how to turnaround a sitebut there are a few things you can do to boost
traffic and income that will get you a betterprice. First is to get involved in a community of
bloggers, either one in a specific niche orjust general blogging. Look for groups on Facebook that are active
in posting but not just spamming their recentarticle. You’ll learn a lot from these groups and
they’ll be an instant source for sharingyour articles. Don’t try to be on every social media platform
for your blog. You don’t need to jump on the newest platform,
just focus on building a community on Facebook,Instagram and Pinterest at first by sharing
your posts and engaging with others. For new blogs with little Google traffic,
this is going to be your biggest traffic sourceat first. Finally, make sure you diversify your income
on the site. This is the biggest mistake I see with bloggers
where maybe they rely exclusively on ads oraffiliate income. By doing some sponsored posts, printables
and even self-publishing, you can grow a blogto making a couple hundred a month very quickly
and it’s going to be more consistent. I’ve got an entire playlist of videos here
on the channel about starting and buildinga blog so I’ll leave a link in the video
description below. Two more work from home online jobs and these
are my favorites of the group. First though, if you’re likin’ the video,
do me a favor and tap that thumbs up buttonbelow. This next work from home gig is again taking
a traditional job and bringing it online asa health and wellness coach. Health is taking a back seat to all the stress
and the rush of our daily lives. Wellness is an even bigger idea that includes
mental affirmations like confidence and self-worthand as bad as most Americans’ health is…their
wellness is stage four terminal. But you’re saying, there are thousands of
books and websites on all of this, from howto live healthy to self-improvement but we’re
obviously not following it. What we need is a real person, someone to
help guide us on that path and keep us onit daily. Now the biggest thing stopping most people
from doing this type of consulting businesswill be those nagging little voices saying
you’re not an expert. That impostor syndrome and fear people will
think you’re a fraud. Listen up folks because this is going to help
you in any business idea. You CAN do this. You can become the expert and your personal
experience has more value than you know. Putting yourself on that personal journey
to turn your own health around, to build theself-confidence for success, that experience
is all you need to drive that transformationin others. People are going to relate to your story,
your transformation, and they’re going towant to make it their own. Yeah, you might not be the six-pack stud in
the infomercials. You might not be the Miss America contestant
with perfect teeth. You’re a real person that has fought for
this change in your life and with the specialknowledge to make it a reality for others. Now with this type of business, one of those
success hacks we’ll talk about later isgoing to be critical. You need to set up multiple income streams
here so you’re not just relying on thatconsulting. You can offer bi-weekly calls, progress tracking
and guidance. You can do this individually or serving a
group. Even charging something like $15 a week per
person and you can easily get to six-figureson this type of business. One more way to make money from home before
those three success secrets, becoming a virtualassistant. This one is wide open from basic admin tasks,
organization and scheduling to specializedjobs. Now I know this is nothing new, there are
lots of virtual assistants out there competingfor jobs…but why is it so hard to find a
good one?Seriously, I have been looking for a good
assistant for almost a year and friends inmy blogger community, they are always looking
for help. It is so hard to find someone that can do
this job well. That means, do it well and you can charge
a premium for the work, from $20 an hour upto $35 an hour and more. You can find clients from some of the freelancing
sites like Upwork and Freelancer. com but thebest jobs are found by engaging in Facebook
groups and just getting to know a group ofbusiness owners. You’re going to learn specifically what
kinds of tasks they need done and you’llbe able to get a job without competing on
a global level. Now I want to reveal those three secrets to
being successful in any online business. More than anything else, these three ideas
will help you get started and make money online. First is don’t think you have to be THE
expert in a topic to offer advice or havea business. I briefly hinted at the psychological phenomenon
called impostor syndrome earlier where thosenagging little voices in your head say, “Who
the hell am I to be giving advice?”The problem here is that people let those
nagging little voices win. They let that fear of rejection keep them
from ever getting started. Now this doesn’t mean you can just jump
into any business idea, any topic, and starttalking like you know what you’re doing. You need to do your research, learn how things
work, but I’m going to give you two verypowerful ideas here. First is to share your own personal story
and use that to help people create their owntransformation. For example, you might not be the world’s
leading expert on paying off debt but you’vegot your own experience paying off your credit
cards or budgeting or whatever. When you share your story, it helps people
relate. They can see that story as their own, learn
from the mistakes and the successes. It becomes personal for them too and they’re
much more likely to follow the advice. This is so important, creating that personal
connection through stories. How many people read through how many millions
of blog posts every day about saving money?I’d bet that 99% of them fail at saving,
fail at their goals, because those blog postsfail to use that personal connection to motivate
people. So don’t underestimate the power of your
own personal story in being the expert. Also is to focus on a single transformation
with your customers. If you don’t have decades of experience
as a fitness instructor, don’t try to turnyour customers into Arnold Schwarzenegger. Focus on one thing you can do for them and
make that your business. For example here, maybe you focus on healthy
eating and don’t try to be an overall health& wellness coach. Don’t try to bite off everything, trying
to tell people how to exercise and their dietand everything else. Learn how to drive that one transformation,
that one goal. You’ll become an expert in this one idea
very quickly and you can gradually expandyour services into other parts of the topic. Our next success hack here is to develop multiple
income streams from your business. This one is huge and is something I see most
people miss. They focus on that one income idea, maybe
coaching one-on-one or flipping websites andnever make as much as they could. The idea here is that in every business, there
are different ways to make money. You might not get rich on any single idea
but put three or four or five of these incomestreams together and you’ve really got something. I only net about two grand a month from self-publishing
but add that to another four grand from affiliates,three to four grand from YouTube ads and a
few other sources and I’m consistently overten grand a month. All these income sources, they’re within
that content creator, blogger kind of businessmodel so it’s not like I’m trying to juggle
multiple businesses. The core is creating information, I’ve just
found a way to repackage it differently anduse each of those as an income stream. For your own business, this might mean something
like creating short-guides to sell or full-lengthbooks. You can do one-on-one consulting and also
offer group coaching. You can put what you know into a simple checklist,
something people can buy as a download forthe main points. Our third business hack, and this is another
one that so many online entrepreneurs miss,is really spending some time to develop a
marketing plan. It is not enough to have a great product. There are thousands, hundreds of thousands
of great products out there, but they failas a business because they can’t get their
message in front of people. Getting your message in front of people, that
first step in your marketing plan, means somekind of distribution strategy. This might mean developing your own blog or
YouTube channel. It might mean finding popular blogs or channels
in the topic and connecting with the ownersso they let you spread your message on their
site. The other route here is paying for advertising
on these sites or through social media. But having that distribution isn’t enough,
having a blog or channel isn’t going tobe enough to make your business a success. The second step in your marketing plan is
how to guide people through the buying decision,sharing your message and making it their own. This means creating what’s called a marketing
funnel. It’s a way of getting people into a process,
maybe by collecting their email address, thenguiding them through the decision-making process
to your product. We just don’t buy things we see advertised. We see so many commercials every day, we’re
blind to it. We need that extra push to make the decision. So as a business owner, you need to capture
people’s attention and get them on yourlist. You can do this with a freebie, so maybe a
free checklist or download. Then you warm that potential customer up with
emails sharing your personal experience withthe product or with client testimonials. You help them see how much better their life
can be and then, only then do you presentyour product as a solution. Want to see the 10 highest paying jobs you
can get without a degree?Click through to the video on the right for
the best jobs in America with no college needed,some that pay as much as $85,000 a year. Don’t forget to join the Let’s Talk Money
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