How to Make Money Online : Making Money From Home

Hello my name is Luis Estrada and I’m a software
developer. In this clip we will talk aboutmaking money from home. The advertising revenue
model is a good option if you have thousandsof visits to your website every month. However,
it is not a good option if you cannot reacha large audience. There are two internet revenue
models that might work better for you if youdo not have that much traffic on your website
like the affiliate revenue model. In thismodel you sell a product or take the necessary
steps which lead to the sale of products orservices of another company. That company
pays you a percentage of the total sale ora fixed rate per product or service. This
model is similar to the advertising modelin that you publicize other company’s products
on your website. The difference is that inthis case companies pay only when the product
or service is sold where with the advertisingmodel they usually pay whether the advertising
results in a sale or not. Another option isthe subscription revenue model. In this model
users of your website pay a subscription foraccessing some content on your site. For example,
articles, reports, pictures, videos, music,broadcasts, etc. Most websites using this
revenue model charge a monthly or a yearlyfee for access. You can manage different access
levels like a basic membership where usershave access only to limited content and a
premium membership where users can accesseverything on the website. Because the advertising
revenue model is the most popular way of makingmoney on line, people are used to getting
things on line for free so it might be difficultto convince visitors to pay for the content
of your website. One strategy to convincevisitors to pay is to assure them that your
content is of high quality and it is not availableanywhere else on the web. Keeping your numbers
from downloading or distributing your contenton other websites can be a difficult thing
to achieve. If your content becomes freelyavailable on other websites then your visitors
won’t find the need to pay you for them. Thisrevenue model is usually more difficult to
use because it requires that you invest onbuilding a website with security features
for access to the content. Also you need toprovide a way for your customers to pay. In
these videos we will cover the three mostused revenue models, the advertising model,
the sales model and the subscription model. I’m Luis Estrada and I’ve just showed you
how to make money with your websites.


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