How to Set Up Out of Office Auto-Reply in Gmail

Learn how to set up automatic replies for your Gmail account when you’re going to be out of the office on vacation. We’ll show you two different ways to have automatic replies sent to people who email you while you’re away so you don’t leave them hanging.

The first method is more simple and easy to set up. The second method takes a little longer to set up and may seem a bit more complicated, but it gives you more options for customization.

Method 1: Vacation Responder
Go to and log in to your account. Click the gear icon. Then choose Settings from the menu below. Scroll to the bottom to find Vacation Responder. Click Vacation Responder On. Indicate the dates for the time you want auto-replies on. Write your message. When you’re done, click Save Changes.

Method 2: Canned Responses
Go to and sign in to your account. Then go to your settings. Click Labs. Scroll down to Canned Responses. Click Enable, then click Save Changes. Create a new email message. Write your response. Click More Options. Select Canned Responses, then click New Canned Response. Add a name for this response, then click Save. Click the downwards arrow in the search bar. Fill out the criteria you want to require for an auto-response to be sent. Set the time period that you’ll be out of the office. Click Create Filter With This Search. Click the box beside Send Canned Response. Choose the response you’d like to use for this filter. Lastly, click Create Filter. Repeat these steps to set another canned response to be sent to a different group of people if you need to.

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