How to START Affiliate Marketing as a COMPLETE BEGINNER!

hey what’s on my friend calla can die
here and in this video I’m gonna answerone of the most common questions I get
which is basically Kallayou know what is the best type of an
affiliate business for somebody who’s atotal beginner right and so I’m gonna
break it down for you here in a bit theexact same answer that I share with our
community my community to our clientsand it’s variance based on just very
simple grade school mathematics and Ilike to use math to explain things
because you know I had a friend once whosaid and I think this is very smart said
math is a universal language that neverlies so we’re just gonna use some very
simple mathematics to justify why it isthat this is my opinion as to where a
total beginner should start if they’rein the affiliate marketing world and
ultimately what we’re going to betalking about is what we call high
ticket right so high ticket promotinghigh ticket offers so let’s say that on
this side we have offer a this is ahundred dollar offer 50% Commission in
other words this pays fifty dollarsevery time we generate a hundred dollar
sale let’s say on this side we have ahundred a thousand dollar offer it also
pays a fifty percent commission so inother words on this side I make five
hundred dollars per sale okay so this isoffer B I’ll say so here’s offer a and
offer B so one of the things that I’mgonna assume at first when I’m looking
at an offer is you know I’m just gonnaassume a 1 percent conversion rate
because even somebody who’s notnecessarily the best in the world at
marketing can get a 1 percent conversionrate sure people can do worse than that
and I have seen worse than that and eveneven in fact I’ve done worse than that
right out of the gatebut 1 percent is is just kind of like a
standard that I look for they me inother words meaning out of every 100
leads that I generate online one of themis going to buy so you give you some
perspective on that right now we have abrand new phone as I’m shooting this I
have a brand new funnel that’s just noteven quite just maybe a couple of months
old and it sells to a thousand dollarproduct and it’s converting at 2. 6
percent and we haven’t even done anysplit testing yet so we’re just
sorry in the split testing process bythe time you even see this video most
likely will probably have gotten that upover three percent to a thousand dollar
offer meaning three out of every 100leads we generate buys for a thousand
bucks so 1% is kind of just a safe betright so I start there 1% so we’ll say
1% conversion okay now here’s the otherthing is for every as a beginner if I’m
getting started I want to at least makea dollar or sorry two dollars for every
dollar that I put in I want to double mymoney on my campaign right because
remember as an affiliate we’re justsending traffic to an offer we pay for
ads those people click on those ads theygo over to an offer they fill out a form
or they buy something or whateverhappens and we get paid for that so
there’s a cost to advertising and thenthere’s the money that we make in
exchange for whatever action that persontook typically buying something where at
the very minimum of filling out somesort of a lead generation form so I’ve
had campaigns are put in a dollar andmake ten I’ve put in a dollar make
twenty put in a dollar and make thirtyback but if we’re thinking about just
the beginner they should be reallystoked with just getting two dollars
back for every dollar in right sothey’re doubling their money and you
know if you get really really good atcopywriting good really good at you know
emailing your list really good atadvertising split testing creating
awesome ad creatives digging into thedata and adjusting based on though that
data and your in your ads and get greatat media buying of course you can do
better but if we just assumed that wewant to get $2 back for every dollar
that we put in then that means that onthis offer the most that I can pay as a
CPA CPA stands for cost per acquisitionso the cost of acquiring the customer
the most that I can pay is twenty fivedollars right because I make fifty back
so I spend twenty-five to everytwenty-five dollars in advertising I’m
going to generate one customer orwhatever and I’m gonna get paid 50 bucks
on this side it’s two hundred and fiftyright so for every if I want to make two
to one for every two hundred and fiftydollars I spend in ads I want to earn
one five hundred dollar Commissionso if we assume a 1 percent conversion
rate than we’re saying that for every100 leads we’re gonna get one sale
potentially so on this side we want tofigure out how much can I pay per lead
so I’ll say $25. 00 divided by a hundredleads to get that sale equals basically
twenty five cents and on this side we’llsay two hundred and fifty dollars
divided by a hundred leads equals twodollars and fifty cents per lead right
so per lead per lead so if you’re abrand new advertiser brand new to the
game of affiliate marketing brand new tomedia buying brand new to you know doing
the art the audience research brand newto ad creatives brand new to copywriting
which do you think it’s easier to get 25cent leads or two dollar and fifty cent
leads okay a lot of times we have a hardtime understanding that question because
I’ve never actually played the gamebefore but I can assure you it is easier
to get two dollar and fifty cent leadsthan it is to get 25 cent leads right
now is it impossible to get 25 centleads no but the cost of advertising has
gone up considerably over the years it’snot that long ago a few years back I
could get 15 cent 18 cent 2010 leads onFacebook as an example I don’t do that
anymore right but it is still relativelyrealistic to think that with some with a
decent decent ad budget you can getleads for 2 dollars and 50 cents as a
total beginner in fact we have people inour community that have done that and
betterright out of the gate so if you’re
generating to dollar and fifty centleads on because the let me back up for
a moment because the cost of a lead willdepend greatly on your audience
targeting it wouldn’t depend on your adcreative the effectiveness of your ad
copyyou’re basically media buying skills
your ability to adapt based on the dataand what the data is telling you
your ads it’s a lot easier to get leadsfor $2. 50 than to get them for as little
as 25 cents this is expert level leadgeneration cost this is good it’s not
the best in the world but it’s not andit’s not horrible people generate leads
for more than that – if they’re not ifthey’re not necessarily as good but
that’s definitely more more of arealistic goal for a beginner and these
two scenarios though this person spends25 cents the lead generates 100 leads
gets paid 50 bucksthis person spends 2 dollars and 50
cents the lead generates 100 leadsagainst a sale makes 500 bucks they’re
both getting the same rate of return twodollars in exchange for every dollar
that they put in but the amount ofenergy it’s gonna take to generate leads
at this price versus this price is aworld of difference and you’re much more
likely as a beginner to be able toacquire leads for this cost which means
that this scenario is much more likelyfor a beginner now here’s what happens
is people say well Calla isn’t it isn’tit harder to sell a thousand dollar
product than a hundred dollar productonline yes and no so yes it’s a little
bit more difficult I would agree butit’s not proportionately more difficult
meaning that a thousand dollars is tentimes what a hundred dollars is but it’s
not ten times harder to sell then thenthe hundred dollars is right in fact
it’s probably not even five times harderto sell not that long ago we had a
funnel that generated a hundred dollarcustomer on the front so I’m just giving
you a look into our business you know wehad a hundred we had a funnel that
generated $100 sold a product for ahundred bucks
and the conversion rate there was justunder 10% from lead to front and sale
and those are really that that funnelwas dialed in for months years even and
we were just under 10% I want to say atnine point something percent okay so
we’ll put that here so it was nine pointsomething percent okay this one is brand
new so we have a new funnel now that isgenerous
selling $1,000 product on the front it’scompletely brand-new we’ve barely
sparked started any split testing at alland it’s already doing 2. 6 percent
conversion and like I said we’llprobably get it up over three percent my
experience tells me within the next 30days or so from the time that I’m
shooting this video so in other words ifconversion here just to keep the numbers
in simple if conversion to a hundreddollar product was nine percent and
conversion to a thousand dollar productis three percent that it’s only getting
it’s only three times harder right tosell the thousand dollar product than it
is to sell the the hundred dollarproduct because this is a third of the
conversions right so on this side wewere selling three times more of them
for you know but now on this side we’reset we’re selling 66% less so we’re
selling a third generating a third ofthe the conversions but at 1010 times
the revenue ten times the costso is it we would rather work three
times as hard to generate ten times asmuch money then on this side we’re you
know uh yeah I don’t necessarily have towork as hard to get the sale but
statistically I’m making I’m making lessmoney per lead that I that I generate
into this funnel you get that becauseconsider nine percent means that for
every 100 leads and there’s some simplemath for every 100 leads in this example
at nine percent conversion rate so forevery 100 leads we made nine so we made
$900 okay on this side for every 100leads okay we’re making three sales but
three of those sales is worth $3,000 dothe math right yes conversions are less
here but there’s more revenue coming outof that funnel than there was here every
lead here is barri it’s basically worthnine dollars every lead here is worth
thirty yeah so it’s is it hardbased on the math it’s a bit harder but
it’s not proportionately harder sotherefore in the long run the person who
is selling the high ticket item is goingto liquidate their ad spend faster yes
they’re gonna pay more for a customerbut they’re going to generate more per
customer and per lead and they canafford a higher lead cost in their
online advertising which is easier toget to as a beginner so that’s why we
always suggest that people find highticket offers for them to promote as
beginners now does that mean that myanswer is the right answer
no not necessarily it is of still amatter of opinion
and yes I’m backing it up with math anddata but there are lots of other people
out there in the world who are gonnadisagree with me and I’m not necessarily
saying that they’re wrong and I’m notnecessarily saying that I’m right this
is just what my experience tells me whenI finally started to promote high ticket
offers I finally started having successas an affiliate marketer right when I
was trying to promote low ticket stuffstruggled nothing worked it could not
generate leads cheap enough it just Ithink that I could have gotten there
over time just like there are people outthere who are making a killing selling
hundred dollar products and $50 productsI could have probably gotten there over
time it would have probably taken melonger right to dial in my skills than
it did to to get to profit with a higherticket offer so we normally suggest high
ticket now to find a good ethical highticket program that you can promote as a
beginner affiliate can be a bitdifficult we do allow all of our clients
people who come through the world of myprimary business which is full stack
marketer they are granted affiliateaccess and they can earn commissions of
five hundred dollars all the way up tothree thousand dollars promoting our
products as full stack marketers so wedo have our own available but I’m not
saying that it’s the only one you can goout there you can do the research you
can find other ones that are out therethat you can promote in the dating space
the health and wellness space you knowrelationship advice coaching business
all sorts of things thatyou can find the financial sector
there’s all sorts of offers out therethat are $1,000 plus and more and you
can earn a decent Commission promotingthose offers as well so I’m not gonna
say that ours is the only one but I knowthat ours is one of what I would say the
ones that are built with the mostintegrity because we actually do care
about our customers we spend a lot oftime and money focus on our customer
experience and focus on helping ourcustomers actually get the outcome that
they came through the front door lookingfor so with all that said hopefully that
answers this question my answer issimply this if you’re a brand new
beginner I would suggest that you findsomething high ticket tutorial that’s
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