How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

– I’m John Crestaniand I make over half a
million dollars a monthwith affiliate marketingbut I’m gonna show you how to get startedif you’re a complete beginnerand I’ll be going overon my computer right
here a step by step wayfor you to gofrom zero to hero. Hey, so if you’re looking
to start affiliate marketingand you are a complete beginner,
first of all I recommendyou do check out my introduction seriesto affiliate marketingbut in this video I’m gonna
be showing you exactlyhow to get started. We’re gonna be doing a couple things here. We’re going to be, one, the first partof affiliate marketing is
joining an affiliate networkand this is where you
find products you can sellor link to and make commissions from. First step. Second step, is you wanna find a product. A specific product that you
can sell on the internetthat you resonate with and
that you can make money withso that’s going to be our second thing. The third thing that we’re
going to do, is we’re goingto actually go out there and sell it. Now, if you are a serious action-taker,I recommend go through all
these steps in this videoand actually you can start earningyour first commissions right nowif you just take these steps. So let’s get on my computerand I’ll show you everything step by stepso you know what you’re getting into. So here i am and if we Google
just affiliate networks,for instance, we’ll
find a bunch of results,we’ll find a ton. And we’ll seeif we just look up the
top 10 affiliate networksthat aren’t Amazon, we’ll see
a ton of affiliate networks,we see ClickBank, JVZoo,
GiddyUp, ShareASale, Avangate,how do you decide what to join?Now, first off, two
great affiliate networksto join are Amazon and my
other favorite is ClickBank. So Amazon is very easy to joinand let me show you how to join
Amazon’s affiliate network. Now, if you’re on Amazon right here. As you see I’m on amazon. com okay?We’ll scroll down to
the bottom of the page. And what we see is in the footerit says, Make Money with Us. Okay?Right there. And you’ll see there’s a lot of waysyou can make money with Amazon. Selling, private label
brands, business, et ceterabut what we’re interested
is Become an Affiliate. Now, that’s what we’re gonna
start with right there. So when we click on thiswe’ll see, profit from our experience. Earn up to 10% advertising feeswith a trusted e-commerce leader. Join now for free. Okay?So very easy to join and
start selling stuff on Amazon. See it says, Join, Advertise, Earnand basically you’ll just wanna joinand one of the things
it will ask you for isit will ask you to put in a website. Now, do you have a Facebook profile?My guess is yes. Or if you don’t, you can create
a Facebook profile for free. That’s your website, okay?Very easy. Also you know, I’ve heard of some peoplejust putting in random websites
that have a lot of visitorsin their niche and I
guess Amazon doesn’t checkbut keep in mind, your YouTube channel,you can set up a YouTube channel for free. Your Facebook profile is freeand you can set these things upand use them as your website. Okay, very easy. Now, Amazon, you don’t
make a lot of money. For purposes of demonstration,I could you know, say I’m
selling this book “Anathem”which is about $20 book. If you earn 10% of that
what are you making?Two bucks. You’re not gonna become
a millionaire, selling,recommending books to peopleunless you’re making more than 10%. So the affiliate networkthat I really like is called ClickBankand you can see ClickBank right here. There’s a lot of affiliate networksbut ClickBank is the most trustworthyand the oldest affiliate network around. It’s been around for 21 years,
it’s based in Boise, Idahoand this is the network that I
made my first commissions on,many people have made
their first commissions onand it’s also been the affiliate networkthat I currently make
most of my money with. Now, if we click here, Affiliate
Market place, right there,we’ll see all of the productsthat you can sell on a
commission-only basis. So let’s click this
search icon, right hereand see how many products we can find. Okay, now you’ll see
there’s over 4,500 productsin the Marketplace. Let’s zoom in. So this gives you a lot of optionsof what do you wanna sell. Okay, what do you wanna sell
to make a lot of money with?Okay and you’ll see they tell
you how much money you’ll makeif somebody buys what you’re
selling as an affiliate. You see, $37 if you sell this. $56 if you sell this. $41 if you sell this. There’s a lot of money to be made sellingthese different products. Now, to find something you resonate with,you kind of wanna
choose, what I recommend,I personally sell
business-opportunity-type productsbut what I recommend you do
is, let’s just get startedon Amazon, okay?As I said the way you make big money iswith another affiliate
network outside of Amazonbut let’s just get started
with Amazon for the time beingfor demonstration purposes. Is that okay?Is that okay?Okay, cool. Sorry, I didn’t hear
you there for a second. So back to Amazon. Now, I’m gonna go to amazon. comand once again, let’s
say I wanna start offwith advertising this book,
“Anathem” which is a bookI’m reading right now,
it’s a really good bookand we’re gonna search this on Amazonand look it up. So we’ll see, okay, well, it’s $9. Okay, $9 right here. So I’m gonna click on the
book and what you’ll see iswhen you’re in, accepted
for an affiliate network,you see this little bar?It says, Amazon Associates
SiteStripe, right here. This is where I’ll get my affiliate link. So what I’ll do is I’ll
click Get Link Text. Right there. And you’ll see it says,
Text Link created below. Now, this is my affiliate linkwhich I will use to sell this book. This is the link people
need to click on this linkand buy the book and I make money. Okay, does that make sense?People click on this
link, they buy the bookand I make money. So we can look at the full link here. I’m not gonna go into
what the full link isbut this carries, basically
the link carries informationthat tells, the way
affiliate marketing works isthe link contains
information that tells Amazonthat’s the person
clicked on my link versusthey searched for it online or what not. And that link is in right here, the tag. So that this stuff tells thembut we’re just gonna grab
the short link, copy it. Now, I have my link. I joined an affiliate
network, I selected a productand we’re going to move on to postingabout how we can actually,
you know, get in some peopleto come to my website. Okay, so now there are
a few ways to get peopleto come to your link. Okay, you will already have access to themnow, do you communicate
with anybody digitally?My guess is yes,you do. You probably use text messages. That’s a way you can get
your link out to people. You use email,that’s a way you can get
your link out to people. You use Instagram,that’s a way you can get
your link out to people. Do you ever post comments on YouTube?That’s a way you can get
your link out to people. Facebook, that’s a way you can
get your link out to people. All of these methods are waysyou can get your link out to people. Now, most of the timeyou’re probably having very like,just you know, you’re talkingabout random, social male,
female, social dynamicsin your life. That’s cool but we’re talking
about making money hereso that’s what we’ll need to
be talking to people aboutin our emails. Now, let’s say I’m recommending this book. The first place I could
start is through email. I want people to click on my link. I could send an emailto a couple of my close
friends, let’s say,you know, or just people I know. I could send one to my friend Carlos,I’m not actually gonna type
in my friends’ emails herejust so you don’t email all my friendsbut I could type in my friendsand I could write something
like, book recommendation. And I could say, you know,
I remember you asked mefor a sci-fi book recommendationand I’m reading a really good oneright now. I absolutely love it. Check it out. And I put my link there, see?There’s my link. So I wrote a little short personal emailin the way I normally communicateand then I just put my initials. So that’s a way to get
your link out to people. You could send an email to people that,whose emails you have and in this caseI’m sending an email to Carloswho I know is interested
in science fiction books. That would be a good way to
start affiliate marketing. Another way to start
affiliate marketing isI could go on my Facebook and
I have, a lot of the peopleI’m friends with on Facebook
are, you know, like the futureand science fiction and all this stuff. I’m not going on my Facebook page. I’m going on my personal Facebookbecause I wanna communicate
with people personally. Do you buy things from ads?Probably not. Do you ever buy things or see moviesor listen to music basedon other friends of yours
personal recommendations?My guess is yeah. Again, if we want people
to buy from our link,it needs to be somewhat of
a personal recommendation. That’s why I’m posting
on my personal profile. Now, if you don’t wanna sell
anything, that’s cool, okay?But again, the other methodsof getting your link
out there are expensive,they cost money. So we’re doing this for free. Now if you are interestedin going deeper into affiliate marketingand paid advertising and
the art of copywriting,I suggest, I’m gonna have
my assistant put up a linkto my playlist called The
Art of Copywriting herewhich will go over how you
can use paid advertisingto actually make money with marketing. Okay, so here we go, create a post. I’ll just say,really good sci-fi bookI’m reading. Mindgasmsevery day so far. Check it out. Neal Stephenson is a genius. Now, I’m not spelling correctlybecause I’m doing personal communication. That’s what sells. Again, if you look, if
you’re writing somethingthat looks like an ad,
nobody is gonna buy, ever. Ever. Nobody wants to buy from ads. Nobody wants to get rapedand that’s what buying
from an ad feels like,it feels like your wallet is being raped. You wanna have, you wanna
feel like you’re in loveand a personal recommendation
feels like you’re in love. So here it is, here’s my post. Very simple post. So then, I just share it
and that’s how it works. Okay?Then, I’ll just post it right here. Now, that is how to start
affiliate marketing in a nutshell. I hope this video was helpful. You can check out my playlistson the basics of getting
started with affiliate marketingon my channel homepage
or there should be a linksomewhere around here. Make sure to subscribe to my channelif you want more information
on affiliate marketingand make sure you like
and comment on this videoabout what you’d like to see next. Thank you so much for watchingand I will see you soon.


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