How to Start Affiliate Marketing? SOLVED! Complete Step by Step Beginners Tutorial

– For the price of one of these per month,you can have a business
live on the internet today. In this video I’m gonna teach you howto start affiliate marketingand have your business up and runningby today for only $76 all included. This is not click bait and I’m gonna showyou guys every single withouta single step skipped
on the screen with me. We’re gonna go slow, we’re
gonna go step by step togetherand I’m gonna show you guys it’s notas hard as people think and it’s notas intimidating and by the end of today,you can have a business
up and running live. So, without further ado let’s jumpright into this free guide and tutorial. So, first off I wanna say guy I createdthis free How to Start
Affiliate Marketing Stepby Step Guide and at first I wasjust gonna make a video okay?Because I did a live video last weekthat seemed to resonate
with a ton of people. Crazy positive reactions and responsesand basically what I showed in that videois why you need to start
affiliate marketing right nowand why this is a fantastic
business opportunityfor the present day and why it’s neverbeen easier then ever
before simply because one,it doesn’t cost that much. Again, $76 today you
can have a full businessup and running that looks
just like this right here. This is my first affiliate
marketing businessthat went on to generate
over $3,000 a monthand the start cost again, we’re
just $76 all included, okay?And that’s gonna be
your startup cost today. Basically, in that video I sharedhow it was easy basically to starta business for less than
a hundred bucks, okay?I went through all the steps
of creating a brand, right?Making a website and applying
for the affiliate programs,promoting affiliate
products, creating contentand then getting traffic and we’re gonnago over all those things today. I’m gonna answer all those questionsand the number one question I getis how to start affiliate marketing. Even after people watch
hours of my videos,they’re still left with that questionand the truth is the reason why thisis such a tricky thing to answerand why I’ve taken the steps todayto not only make a step by
step video with Screen Shareand show every single step but I went,took it a step further
and actually createda free guide and a resource on my website. So, the link is gonna
be in the descriptionbut if you guys wanna visit
odiproduction. com/start,S-T-A-R-T then you’re gonna seethis free guide right here
and it’s completely free. You don’t even need to put your email. Now there is an email signup ifyou want the guide emailed to youand if you wanna get
steps sent to you dailyso that you can break down
this process even more,but it’s not required. It’s completely free. There’s no strings attached. And so the reason I created this guideand I’m making this video is becausemy last live video where I showed peoplethe steps and I showed people how tangibleit was and I actually got so many peoplewho were commenting and emailing metelling me that they’d
finally started their businessand the issue is when you’re a beginner,the problem is that when
you’re just dreamingand researching and studying but you’renot actually building an actual business,like you don’t have
something to show somebody,and that’s the problem when you’rean entrepreneur and
you’re getting started,your parents and you’re friends, right?You’re tellin’ ’em that you’re
gonna be an entrepreneur,that you’re studying businessand you’re studying
marketing and this and thatbut if you don’t actually
have something to show them,people ask you what’s
your business, right?And you don’t even have
a website to show them. You don’t even have something thatyou can literally show them to showthat you are a real entrepreneur,then you’re just a wantrepreneur
at the end of the day. If you are just studying and
reading and watching videos,you’re not an entrepreneur. You’re not building or creating thingsthat give back to the economyand that provide value for the world. So today we’re gonna
change all that, okay?We’re gonna build something
today, something awesome. Just like my first affiliate
business and my first websitethat actually provided
real value to people,the reason why I was able to goon to generate $3,000 a month. So, basically we’re gonna
break it down step by stepand this process I’m
about to show you guysis seven years of experience
and this right hereI think is the absolute best wayfor a beginner to get startedwith affiliate marketing
because one, it’s just low risk. At $76 even if this
doesn’t become profitableand it doesn’t go on to succeed,at the end of the day
it’s only 76 bucks so,we’re not missing out on
thousands and thousands of dollarsthrough something like eCommerce, right?We’re not risking that much money. We’re boot strapping. It’s a lean startup and we’re keepingour startup costs to a minimum butat the same time we’re
creating a real value businessthat you can actually
show somebody, right?That you can actually be proud of right?So basically, when you visitthis free guide on
odiproductions. com/start,again link is in the description,these are resources, these
are the things that I use,the software I use, the tools I use. I’m just gonna show you
guys everything that I usefor my business and hopefully
it can help you as well. So, if you go through,
you’ll see the first pageis all the steps and you
can see we got step one,choose a niche and we’re gonna go intoeach and every one of those steps. In this video I’m gonna
walk you guys through it,but basically if you scroll down,you’ll see all the steps
in one page, right?And I just realized that if you reallywanna help someone and teach them,it takes more than just a videoand this video that
I’m recording right nowis gonna be up here for
you guys to reference. So if you wanna bookmark this video,share this video, bookmark this websiteso that you guys can refer
to it again and again,then I suggest you do that but basically,you can use this video to kind of walkyou through step by step and thenyou can use the webpage to actually giveyou access to all the
resources, to all the links,to all the software that I useand to actually do the process. So I’m gonna be using this resourcethroughout this video, all right?So, now that that’s out of the way,let’s get started with creatingyour business today and we’re gonna startfrom the beginning with
step number one, all right?So, step number one is choosing a niche. Now, I have a video right hereand one thing you’ll see throughoutthis guide and you can go into eachof the individual steps
at the top by the way,and you can actually see basicallythe step in more detail, okay?This page right here,
the all steps is justto give you guys an
overview of everything. Now, you can just use thisone page and create your business,but if you wanna go deeper into thingsand learn more you can click
any of these links at the top. So, the first step is choosing a nicheand my biggest advice with this, right?Now, I’ve made a videocalled Best Niches In Affiliate
Marketing for Beginners,and I actually include it here. Basically you guys, if
there’s any relevant videosI’ve made in the past that I thinkare really really helpful for each stepI’m gonna include it in this guide. Now, the big thing I wanna sayis don’t worry about pickingthe perfect niche the first time okay?Nobody hits a home run on their first try. That’s one thing I wanna
share with you guys,and with the business
we’re creating today,even if you choose one niche todayyou can create another businessor a third business or a fourth businessvery easily for pretty much the same costor minimal cost and go into another nicheif you decide to change your mind. So, just don’t feel that you haveto get married to this
one niche all right?And I’m gonna show you
in here on the website,you guys are actually gonna see dozensof profitable niches
that I’m gonna list out. Basically you can see health, wealth,electronics, fashion,
hobbies and within thatthere are so many different nichesthat you guys can check out. I’m not gonna read them all to save timeand so that we can keep this movin’,but if you want to to learn even more,then you can watch this video. But again, my biggest advice is don’t gettoo caught up in choosing the
perfect niche the first time. The goal is we get started right nowso that you learn the fundamentalsand the process and then we can expandto other niches in the future very easilyand for pretty much the same costor just a minimal additional cost, okay?On top of that $76. So, the first step,
choosing a niche, right?So, that’s the first thing we wanna dobecause we wanna have an idea of whatkind of industry we’re gonna get intobecause our next step is all gonna beabout building our business
and branding, okay?So, once you’ve chosen a niche and again,refer to the website so you cando more research and
also watch this video,it will really help in terms of decidingif you should go after your passionor go after profit when it comesto your affiliate marketing business. Now, let’s move on to
step number two all right?Now step number two is findingan available website name
related to your niche. Now, some of you may be asking do you needa website to start affiliate marketing?Is it necessary?And I’m gonna say the answer is yes. I’m gonna show you guys right now exactlywhy you need a website to
do affiliate marketing. So, some of my favorite affiliate programsinclude Amazon Associates,
Commission Junction,ShareASale and Direct Affiliate Programsand right now we’re
gonna do this together. I’m gonna apply for the Amazon
Associates Affiliate Program. So, right here I have the
application opened up. I’ve already answered the first partwhich is the account informationand creating an Amazon account for free,but now you’re gonna see,they’re gonna ask you to
list your website, okay?Enter your websites
plural and it’s required. And it says right here if you read this,you need to add at least
one website or mobile app. You can add up to 50
websites or mobile apps. Now, luckily we don’t
need to have 50 websitesbut you do need to have at least one. Now, this is just Amazon Associates. This is the largest affiliate programthat gives you access to affiliate linksfor any product that’s
on Amazon’s Marketplace. All of a sudden if you can promoteany product that’s on Amazon,you’ve opened up every single nichethat you can think of right?Now let me move on to
another affiliate programand this is called Commission Junction. Commission Junction has
some of the largest brandsin the world including I believe Nike,Bose, I think Sephora. They have some of the largest brandsin the world in Commission Junction, okay?Now, you can choose to become a partnerwith the world’s best brands
and you sign up right?As a publisher, okay?So if you go onto the website,now I’ll have links to that on this pageon the free resource, the free guide. So don’t worry about that. You guys will see that if you scroll down. But basically when you’re applyingfor Commission Junction, right?So, the next step that’s gonna happenis they’re gonna ask you again,aside from your information
and it says stuffhere like company name, address. Now, the thing is if you don’t havea company you can just put your name. It actually says that right here,but they’re gonna ask you
again for your website. Website information all right?Do you guys see a pattern emerging here?Amazon Associates,
Commission Junction, okay?They ask you for your website name,the URL which just means the domainand then describing your website,the category and unique monthly visitors. Now, don’t worry if you don’t haveany visitors because there is an optionfor not yet launched and
that’s completely fine, okay?And that’s what we’re doin’ today. We’re launching our business. We’re in the prelaunch phase. Now, let me move on to
another affiliate programjust to drive the point home, okay?This is ShareASale. ShareASale has again,
some of the largest brandsin the world when it comes tojust consumer products
and affiliate marketing. Now, I’m signing up for
the affiliate program hereand what do you know?Primary affiliate website. What is the website
associated with your account?Other website may be added
to the account later. Another thing I wanna say guys is,so we’re creating this website, right?It doesn’t need to be the beall end all or your final website. That’s why I say in step one,don’t get too tied up with
choosing the perfect niche’cause you can always
create more websites,more businesses and more brands later. The key is that we have somethingso that we can apply for
these affiliate programsand get in to the affiliate
program and once you’re inside,look, you can add other websites later. So, don’t worry about
choosing the perfect nicheor even creating the
perfect website to start,you just need something to
get your foot in the door. Once you’re in you’re in and thenyou can make multiple websites go afterdifferent niches and industries afterwardsand basically you see
here they’re asking youfor a website and it says important,you must have an operate
at least one websitein order to create an affiliate
account at shareasale. com. So, I hope that drives the point homewhy a website is necessary becausethe largest affiliate
programs in the world,they all require a website and evenif they did not require a website,the reason why we wanna make a websiteis so that you actually
have a real businesswith tangible assets okay?Now we’re gonna get into
that a little bit later,but essentially you wanna
create something that one day,think about this, that you could sellto someone else for money. Now, when you don’t have a websiteand you’re just spamming
your affiliate links, right?And even if you make some sales,you don’t have a real business. You’re just a salesman, right?When you have an actual website, right?That gets visitors, that gets sales,that gets traffic, right?That has an email list,
now we’re talking abouta real company that has assets that youcould even sell one day for a profitand usually people are willingto pay 10 to 12 times the monthly revenue. So if your business is
making $10,000 a month,someone may be willing to pay youup to $120,000 or more dependingon your niche or industry. But 120 grand to buy your website, okay?Now, that’s what having affiliatemarketing business is all about. Not just being an affiliate marketerand making sales but having a business. So, the next step, number two is I wantyou guys to find an available
website name relatedto your niche and one thing I didto help you guys out is on this pageyou can actually search
up available domainsright from this widget right here, okay?And then you can look up any website nameand I recommend you guys go for a . com. Now, if you can’t find a . com,this is just a tip but you canuse alternatives like
. co, . net, . org, okay?And even something like . io
which is not listed herewhich seems to be more
popular as of late for a lotof kind of tech websites
and just newer websites. But basically get creative, okay?And another tip I have for peoplewhen you’re trying to find a domainand just remember that this domainis gonna be your brand. Yeah, it’s the name of
your website and your URL. It’s also gonna be your brand inthe sense that we are
gonna take this websiteand we are going to go all outin terms of getting a custom logo done. We’re gonna make it look real professionaljust like my first
business recordingnow. com. I have a custom professional logowhich I got made for less than $10and I’ll show you guys
how later in this video,but basically this is a brand, right?Recordingnow. com. RecordingNOW the logo, right?Even just the theme of the colors. This is what branding looks like. So, first thing is first is you needto find a website name and you needto find something that’s available, okay?Again, if you can’t
find your first choice,get creative but once you find
something that’s available,it’s gonna take you to stepnumber three automatically, okay?And it’s gonna look like this. So, step number three. When you get a domain that’s availableand you can see right here,I just typed in just something random. So the domain’s available
and it’s gonna askyou to create an account and alsoto sign up and this is where the bulkof the $76 fee comes from is becausewe need to create a
website and the reason whyagain is if you want to
get to affiliate programs,especially the biggest ones
and the top affiliate programs,you must have a website which iswhat I’m helping you guys with today. So once you have the domain nameand it’s available they’ll
ask you to create an account. Now, what we’re looking
at here is web hosting. Now, what’s web hosting?It’s basically renting servers onlineso we can have a website and we can havethe website live on the internetand we’re building this websiteon a platform called WordPress, okay?Now, WordPress is actually free. Now the issue is and the reasonwhy we have to pay for web hostingis because we need to have a website liveon the internet so other
people can visit the website. Now you can’t do that
unless you have a serverand most people don’t have a web serversitting in their living room
or in their office, right?What we do is we rent servers onlineand it starts for as
little as $2. 95 a month. Now, I wanna say this is an affiliate linkthat you’re gonna see here on this page,but this affiliate link actuallycan only save you money, yeah. That’s right. So, when we’re talkin’
about affiliate linksand obviously we’re learning
how to do affiliate marketing,now on this page you’re
gonna find some of the linksthat are gonna have
exclusive discounts, okay?Up to 33% off for web hosting. So, it can take the price downfrom $3. 95 a month to just $2. 95a month minimum starting price. Now, the reason why I recommend
Bluehost is because one,I use this web hosting company myselfand I’ve used it for
multiple affiliate websites. I’ve never had a problem with itand in fact I’m actually gonna takeyou guys to wordpress. org whichis the official website
and if you guys click this,you can actually see the
recommended WordPress web hostand what do you know?Bluehost is actually
at the top right here,and so basically WordPress,the platform that we’re gonna usewhich runs 27% of the
entire worldwide web,chances are the affiliate blogor affiliate website
that you’re looking ator that you’ve seen is
ran on WordPress, okay?And so to use WordPress you
need to have web hosting. These are some of the
top web hosting companiesand the ones that are officially
recommended by WordPress. I prefer Bluehost. It’s the number one
web host on their page,and I’m just gonna read this real quick. Why Bluehost?Powering over two million websites,Bluehost offers the
ultimate WordPress platformand that’s from wordpress. org themselves. Tune for WordPress. We offer WordPress, centric
dashboards and toolsalong with one click
installation, a free domain name. So that website that you chose in step twousually costs about 12
to $15 a year, okay?Not that much but you actually getthat for free if you sign up withthe web hosting deal that we havehere through Bluehost on this page. And you get free email, FTP and more. Easily scalable and backed
by legendary 24/7 supportby in house WordPress experts. And again, the support on Bluehost is,they have live chat support,the have email support and it’s beensome of the most responsive
and quickest supportI’ve got and I’ve used basicallyall the top web hosting
companies that you can think of. I’ve tried a lot of different onesand hands down when it comes to usinga WordPress website and buildingan affiliate website specifically,Bluehost has been my go to for yearsand it’s what I personally
use on my websites as well. So, that’s step number three,
signing up for web hosting. Now, I’m gonna walk you guys through this. When you find the domain
and it’s available,basically you fill out your information. Now I’m gonna guide you guys throughthe package information and whatI recommend and I’m also gonna sharewith you guys what you need and whatyou don’t need to save
you guys money as well. So, the first thing I wanna sayis if you wanna get that lowest price,basically you need to sign up fora 36 month plan which
is a three year plan. Now, when you do this what’s interestingis that it’s actually only a little bitover a hundred dollars okay?And that’s for three years guys. When you break it down that’s
like 33, 34, $35 per yearto have a website and a business live. Now, again I said $76 and I’m
gonna stay true to my word. So if I go down to the 12 month price,it goes a little bit up to
$4. 95 a month but again guys,less than five bucks a month to havea real business live on the internetthat looks just like this, okay?And that actually provides real value,gets thousands of visits,
gets affiliate salesand makes thousands of
dollars per month is possiblewith the same exact $4. 95
per month plan, okay?Now $4. 95, that’s literally cheaperthen the coffee that I’ve been drinkingand I drink a lot of coffee. When it came down to creating
this free guide last weekI didn’t even upload a YouTube videobecause I want to make this guide, okay?And I hope you guys enjoy it,I hope it provides value for you guysbut you can see each one of these coffeeswas anywhere between five to $6 dependingon if I tipped or not and basically,for the price of one of these per month,you can have a business live
on the internet today, okay?So I hope I can just express to you guyshow lucky we are to be able to havea real business that has a chanceto really make a significant incomefor less than the price of a cupof coffee every single month. So, as you can see our hostingprice dropped down to just $59. 40. Literally less than $60 and you can havea website for one year
live on the internet. Now, the next thing is the package extras. Now these are mostly
upsells and I’m just gonnagive you guys my advice on thisto save you guys a little money. Personally the only one I would get outof this is the domain privacy protection. Now, this is only 99 cents per monthbut what it does is that whenyou create a website or youactually register a domain online right?People can actually
look up the informationof who owns the domain. This is called who is
information and basically,if you sign for domain privacy protection,what happens is it hides
your personal informationand it keeps it private and when peoplelook at your who is information
about your name and address,basically it just shows
up a bunch of gibberishor it just shows up the
information for Bluehost, okay?Their company shows
like Utah as the addressand it basically hides
your personal information. Now, obviously on the internetI like to keep things private. So, I think that this is well
worth 99 cents per month. I mean that’s 12 bucks
over the course of a year. Less than that and I think it’s worth it. So if you combine those two things,a whole year of web
hosting at $4. 95 a monthand then 99 cents a month for
domain privacy protection,that gives us a grand
total of just $71. 28. So we’re still under the $76 markthat I shared with you guys. So, yeah basically you can
see some savings right here. 44% off when you use the affiliate linkthat’s on that page or in the descriptionof this video if you want quicker access. But basically $71 you can havea whole website just like
this for an entire year, okay?And if you wanna do three
years it’s even cheaper. It goes down to like $35 a year, okay?So, that’s basically step number three. You’re gonna sign up for the web hostingand if you want you can check outthe other official WordPress
recommended web host,but again Bluehost is
the one I personally use. It’s the one I believe in,it’s the one that’s number
one on wordpress. org. So, I wouldn’t use
anything else basically. All right guys, so step number fouris actually building our
website within WordPress. So, after you sign up for web hosting,you’re gonna be greeted witha dashboard that looks like this. This is the WordPress dashboard. Now, it may be confusing at firstand it may be a little overwhelmingbut I’m gonna walk you
guys through exactlyhow to use this and I’m gonna makeit a lot easier to use WordPress for you. Now the number one tip I’m
gonna share with you guysand this is gonna completely transformyour WordPress experience and after yearsof developing websites on
old school HTML and CSS,Adobe Dreamweaver and now WordPress,this is gonna change
the game for you guys. Now, WordPress by default
is very sort of basic. It kinda looks like the blog, okay?So I’m gonna show you guys. This is what a normal WordPress website,I do actually have a theme on here. This is not just the stock theme,but even then just look at this. How boring is this guys, right?There’s nothing exciting going on. There’s no colors, it’s
a very boring websiteand it’s just not something that’sgonna get the job done, okay?So I’m gonna close out of thisand we’re gonna go back into
our WordPress dashboard. I’m gonna show you guys how wecan turn this into a
Drag & Drop Editor, okay?Super easy to use. Anyone can do this. It’s gonna transform your
experience with using WordPress. So, the first thing I’m gonna do,if you guys, if anyone wants todo this and it’s completely free,all you do is you go to pluginson the left hand sidebar
and click Add New, okay?So, plugins, Add New. Left hand sidebar, okay?Now we’re gonna search up
and I’m gonna search upfor a plugin called Elementor, okay?Elementor. Yes it sounds like a
superhero or super villainand you’re actually gonna have linksto Elementor here as well but basically,this is a free plugin. Completely free and it
transforms your WordPress editorinto a Drag & Drop page builderwhich I’ll demonstrate
for you guys right now. Now I already have Elementor built ontoor installed and all you have
to do to install something,I don’t even know what this is,all you have to do is click Install Nowand then all you have to
do after that is activate. Boom. See?I just did that live for you guys. Now, with Elementor basically,they have over three
million active installson websites and it
just, just look at this. The most advanced front end
Drag & Drop page builder. I mean, it’s just amazing
and if you’re a beginnerwho’s making a WordPress websiteI would not create or
have a WordPress installwithout having this plugin and it’s free. Free to start. Now the one I use is a pro version. It just gives you more templatesand more features but you
don’t need that to start. So it’s free technically. So, I’m gonna create a page. Now a page is something like a home page,contact us page, about us page. That’s a page and then you have post. Now a post can be
something like a blog post,it can be an article, it can be a reviewof a affiliate product, okay?I’m gonna show you guys that in a bit,but we’re gonna create a page first. So, when you go into Pages,all you have to do is Add New,and I was already working on oneso I’m gonna open this up and basicallyI was working on a contact us page, okay?And I have the title right here, okay?And you can see the link. You can even change the name of the link,the slug right here to contact usand then if we just preview this I’ll showyou what it looks like stock, okay?Again, it’s the stock WordPress. I’m using a theme that is,it’s a theme that I
downloaded but it’s freeand it’s got a picture in the background,it’s kinda cool but still,it’s kind of a boring
website to be honest. It’s not really that slick. It doesn’t look that cool. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonnaactually switch this around
and start using Elementorto supercharge our design of our website. So the first thing we wanna dois after you have
installed you’re gonna seea button that’s like Edit With Elementor,available thanks to our install to pluginbut the first thing you need to dois we need to switch over the templatefrom this boring stock
template to Elementor. So what we do is we go
into Page Attributes hereon the right hand sidebar, okay?Page Attributes and you’re
gonna go into Elementor Canvas. And this is just starting
with a blank slate, okay?And then I’m just gonna click
update just to save that. Every time you want to publish or updateyour page there’s a blue button,it basically makes it
live on the internet. So, now that we’ve changed itto Elementor Canvas for the template,now I’m gonna edit with
Elementor and you’re gonna seethat things are just gonna beso much easier and so much
better from the get go. So, when we get into Elementor,all of a sudden now we havejust free reign to do whatever we want. Now the first thing I wanna do,now it’s hard when you’re a beginnerand you don’t know where to start. Use a template. That is my number one tip. Once you start using Elementor
use templates and boom. We have all these templates
and a lot of these are free. This is free, that’s free. Anything that doesn’t have
the pro on the top rightmeans it’s a completely free thing to useand you can actually preview someof these and this is a pro onebut just look how beautiful
this about us page isand this could be your
about us on your websiteif you want to at the click of a button. Now, I’m gonna show you guys. We’re gonna create a
contact us page, right?So, I’m actually gonna search up contactand you’ll see we have
all these templates. These are free, the ones
that don’t have pro. I’m gonna use a pro one
just to show you guys. I have pro on my account and I just reallylike this template right here
so I’m gonna click Insert. Once you click Insert,Elementor does the work for you and boom. Look at this, we have a contact us page. So simple, so easy. And if you don’t like something,I don’t like this anymore
I’m gonna take it out. Delete, boom. Contact us. Contact us for kitchen, whoops,
kitchen recommendations. Do you see how easy it is?I’m just Drag & Drop editing this. If you wanna change some words,you can easily click this. Email us and we’ll get back
to you within 24 hours. Yes, I know I type pretty fast, right?Just kidding. But basically you can see we havethis beautiful contact us pageand you can implement and
integrate whatever you want,whatever emails you want,wherever you want this to get sent to. This is a widget, okay?A widget is like something that’s dynamicthat for example like a contact us. You can send it to your email. You can choose what email it gets sent toand you guys can actually see right here. You can edit all of that. So, you will put your email hereso that you receive all the emailsthat come through this form. So you just your email,
the one that you wantto receive messages from
from your website and again,everything is Drag & Drop. Everything is Drag & Drop. You wanna change this picture all you haveto do is click into it and you clickthis pencil icon and you
can choose the image. You can remove this one and put a new one. You can upload any image you want. So, I hope you guys can seethe power of Elementor and again,this is free to start using. I’m using the pro version which,just again it just has more templatesand more sort of widgets like thisbut at the end of the day
you can start for freeand once you’re done you just click updatein the bottom left right here,this green button and now all of a sudden,let me show you guys. So, it’s updated, right?So boring stock WordPress. Refresh that. And look at that. Look how beautiful this is andI just clicked a few buttons right? I barely did anything. This was the template working for me. So, that’s basically it and
you can do this with any page. Again, there was an about us page. So let me actually see if I
can find that template again. Let me open this up. The about us page using the samesort of blue theme is beautiful. Let me just open that up and
you can create an about us,a contact us, a homepage. These are your main pages and
a page is like a static page. It’s something that doesn’t really change. A post on the other
hand is like an article. It’s like, it’s your content and I’ll showyou guys how to make content whenwe get to that step but basically,what you want to do is
you want to build outyour website using WordPress
and using Elementor. Again, Drag & Drop. Simple to use. If you need more resources on WordPress,I’ll try and find some and
include it on this pagebut literally because 27% ofthe entire world wide
web runs on WordPress,you can literally just look up anythingthat you want to do with WordPressand you’ll find plenty of articles that,we can’t cover everything
in this short YouTube video,but obviously you can just search upand you can be resourceful and find tipsand tricks that you can
use for your websitebecause there’s so many
resources on WordPress,but I just wanna inspire you guysand put you guys on the right pathbecause if you don’t
include a page builder,again your website is gonna look boring. Like the website, the stock
theme and template is just,it’s kinda ugly, right?But look at this. Beautiful, beautiful website and you guysliterally saw me build
this live using a templateand I edited it live as
well just clicking it,typing it in, simple. Anything you wanna
edit, all you have to dois you can move things
around just like this. Oops. Let me just show you guys. There you go. You can move things around ifyou don’t like the order of things. You can just move it around, Drag & Drop. You can delete things with X. You can add elements, add rows and again,it’s just so easy to use this. So, basically that’s it. I’m gonna let you guys just kindof work on your website and again,it’s something that you
can chip away at everyday. Rome wasn’t built in a day,so basically when it
comes to your website,spend some time on it and
you’ll get the hang of it. It’s a bit of a learning
curve in the beginning,but honestly when you’re
using Drag & Drop Editor,I mean all you have to do is just type inand just put it together
and it’s beautiful, right?So, let’s move on to
the next step all right?I wanna keep things movingand let’s move on to step number five. Now this is where things start to change. When people ask me what sets me apartas an affiliate marketer, okay?And the reason why I’ve been ableto take multiple affiliate productsto over $100,000 each is
because of branding okay?That’s the key, that’s the secretI’m gonna share with you guys here. Now, when it comes to branding,basically all it comes down tois coming up with a catchy name, right?Creating a logo, building
a full website, right?And just making something beautifulthat is packaged in a way and
that has a message, right?So, RecordingNOW, your number one sourcefor home recording, right?That’s my message is this
is an authority websitewhere you can trust my opinionon what are the best headphones to buyand you can see right here
tons of headphone reviews. And basically that’s my goal. Your number one source for home recording. If you wanna learn basically what arethe best headphones and
this is just my motto,it’s my slogan and I have a brand. Recordingnow. com. I got the . com. Not the . co or anything like that. I got the actual . com
which I’m really proud ofand then the logo, right?Getting this logo professionally done. Now, one thing that people don’t knowis I got that logo done for
actually, starting at $5. I could have had it done for $5. I think I spent about $10 to be honestbut at the end of the day I’m talkingabout less than $15 to
have a professional,beautiful logo that you can addto your website just like thisand I’m gonna show you guys how. All you have to do is click this linkand go to Fiver, okay?Again, this is an affiliate linkbut I just wanna put all the
resources that I personallyuse for my business on
this web page, okay?Because this is what I actually use. Fiver’s what I use to get this logo donefor less than $10 okay?So, basically all you have to dois once you click that link,
you’re gonna land on Fiver. What is Fiver, okay?It’s a freelancer marketplace whereyou can get any service done for you,and I’m not a graphic designer guys. I don’t know how to create logosand create professional designsand I’m not much of an artist okay?I learned how to do web developingover years of using WordPressjust through experience and
practice and trial and errorand I learned how to do businessand marketing and copywriting, right?But I’m not a graphic designer. I am not, that’s just not what I do. I can’t draw for anything, okay?I’m a terrible drawer. So, what I do is I outsource anythingI can do to people who are expertsto people who are willing
to do it for just $5 okay?And that’s not an exaggeration. Fiver, the name comes from the factthat all services start at just $5. And look at some of the services. So, logo design you’re
gonna see is at the top herebecause Fiver’s one of the best placesto get a professional logo done. It’s where I got all my logosdone including recordingnow. com. And you can see you can have anythingyou want created here, okay?You can have voiceovers,you can have articles written for you,articles and blog posts, email copy. Even business names and slogans. If you don’t wanna come
up with one yourself,you can literally hire someone for $5to come up with that and just lookat all the things that you can have made. Voiceovers, video editing, okay?Logo animation, intros, outros. If you’re ever wondering
how those YouTubersget their video outros it’s probablythrough Fiver for as little as $5 guys. It’s not that hard but you,
it’s not that expensivebut you get an amazing product. At the end of the day you
get a beautiful logo that,this logo if I were to just put textand just put RecordingNOW and I actuallyhave an example of that. I made this text logo myself. Basically I took different
fonts and I workedwith the sizing and stuff
and I made a text logo. Now, it’s not bad but
just look at that comparedto this graphical logo with this blue,the white, the black badging and you havethis reflection right
here if you guys can seethis kind of half moon reflectionto give that kind of shiny appearanceand then you have these meters,these volume meters because
it’s recordingnow. com. It’s about music, it’s
about home recording. This for just $5, okay?Again, I think I spent $10 so
I can get expedited shippingso I could get it in 24 hours
instead of two or three daysbut if you’re willing to wait youcan get it for 5 buck and that’s it. And they’re gonna ask you hey,do you have a specific design in mind?And you say either you know what you want,you have an idea or you need
someone to help you choose. So I’m gonna choose that becauseI don’t know what I want and thenthey’re gonna ask you what’s
your brands personalityand now we’re creating a brand and thisis the whole point of this videois I want you guys to build a brandand a company today that
you can show somebody, okay?Instead of telling someone
I’m an entrepreneur. I’m working on this, I’m working on thatbut you have nothing to show for,now you can show ’em your website,show ’em your brand, show ’em your logoand you can be proud of it, right?So I’m gonna choose corporate right hereor maybe sophisticated and modern right?I want somethin’ that looks
nice and look at this. Choose a design style, okay?Flat, signature, watercolor, wow, okay?All these look good so I’m gonna do flatand then will you need to edit your logo?No because I don’t know how to edit logos. Will you need to scale
your logo different sizes?Probably, yeah. Just in case. And then boom. And you guys can just see
some of these companies. Here’s one with a 4. 9 star averagewith over 1,000 reviews. They will create a logo
starting at five bucks. You just click into here,you choose a logo designer and boom. They’ll give you two logos,
two basic logo designs. You get the files, you
get the source filesso you can even edit
them if you’re into thatand you can get it for five bucks. Now, there’s probably gonna be a feeand then also just tax but it’s gonnaend up costing about $7 total. There it is, total. $7, delivery time one day. Boom. Okay?All we’re charged with extra isthe service fee but
basically $7 total okay?For that delivery time of one dayand that’s basically it and now thatwe have a logo we can add to our websitein the top here for our header,
for any promotional materialyou use whether you make a YouTube video,whatever you wanna do you can includeyour logo and now you have a real brandthat you can stand behind. So, the $5 logo. I always recommend this ’cause
we wanna create a real brand. We wanna think about
this as a real company,not just an affiliate blog, right?We wanna create a company,
a brand that peopleactually know and understand. I shared this story in the livestream. I met a guy who is actually
a Facebook ads expert okay?This guy manages literally
nine figures a monthin advertising spent for his clients,and we’re just getting to know each other. He’d never heard of ODi
Productions or me before,but when I mentioned that I actually,my first affiliate website
was recordingnow. com,because he’s into music and home recordingand producing like me he actuallyhad heard of the brand and
he was actually surprisedand he said you own recordingnow. com?Oh, I didn’t know that. And it was just so crazy becausehe didn’t know me as a personal brandand even though I have so many subscribersand I have so much more
traction on my YouTube channelthen I do on just this website,he knew the brand just
through the content,through the logo, through the motto,through just creating a
real experience, right?And that’s what I want you guys to dois to create a customer experiencewhen they hear your brand or theysee your brand or they see their logo,I want you customers to feel somethingand to know that you’re a real company,that you’re legit, you know what I mean?That you’re actually putting
effort into it, okay?So, basically once we put
all those things togetherand this is what it looks like onceyou start working on
your WordPress websiteand you have the Drag
& Drop Editor, right?To make things easier and you addedyour logo to your website to the top,all you have to do next, okay?Is now it’s time to start the
affiliate marketing portion. Now it’s time to start applyingfor affiliate programs and again,when you apply for affiliate programs,they’re gonna ask you for a website. Amazon Associates, what’s your website?Commission Junction right
here, what’s your website?ShareASale, what’s your website?And this is a bonus one for you guys. This is actually signing up
for Adobe’s affiliate program. Adobe, the company that creates Photoshop,Adobe Premier Pro, all of
those creative apps, right?And software, they have
an affiliate program. They’re willing to pay youto recommend Adobe to other people. So if you’re a photographer
or a videographerwho uses Photoshop or Premier
Pro and that’s something that,that’s a software that
you actually love and useand I only recommend things I love to use,then basically you can sign up for that. You can find the company’s
affiliate program and sign up. Now, they’re gonna ask you for
a website in this applicationand again guys this is the reason whyI made creating a website
one of the first stepsis ’cause you’re gonna need itto even do affiliate marketing or applyto be an affiliate marketer and applyfor the top affiliate programs period. Now, in step number six you can actuallygo into programs if you wanna learn morebut I include one of just
my most popular videosover 100,000 views in just
a few short months andit’s The Seven Best Affiliate
Programs for Beginners, okay?And if you’re watching this video,chances are you are a beginnerand even if you’re not I suggestyou watch this video to learn whatare my favorite affiliate programs,but you can watch that in your own time,but I’m just gonna skip right into it. The top two that I recommend to peopleare usually Amazon Associates
and Commission Junctionjust because these two
marketplaces and affiliate networkshave basically all the
largest brands in the world. Again Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Bose. I believe all of them
are available throughone or the other whether
it’s Amazon Associatesor Commission Junction you’re gonnafind these huge billion,
billion dollar brandson these affiliate programs right?And so what you’re gonna
do is you’re gonna applyand I’ve already shown
you the applications here,and they’re gonna ask
you for some informationbut the key thing that you
need to includes your websiteand after you build it up using WordPressand Elementor to make your life easierand look way more attractive thanthe stock factory theme and template,that’s when it’s time to start applyingand people ask me how
many blog posts do I need?And post is something
that is an actual article. So, if I can just show you guys,go back into WordPress and show you guyswhere the post is versus a page. Again, page is like your
contact us, about us. A post is an actual article. Like let’s say a review
of an affiliate product. So, we go into post you
can add a new post, right?So you add the post
and I’m just gonna callthis Bose Headphones Reviewand we’ll talk about content creationin a little bit and get
deeper into it but I’m gonnado my Elementor canvas
for the page attributes,publish this, wait for that to publish. Edit with Elementor
which I just love doingand you can even just type it in usingthe WordPress interface if you want to. They both work. So I’m just gonna look up post. So, you can insert this or you canjust use the stock theme. Again, a post is more, you need peopleto be able to read your post, right?It’s more important that peopleare able to read it rather then
having it look like amazing. Now, I mean this does look
absolutely amazing right here. I mean, it just looks so cool. It looks so clean and professional,but I’m just gonna call
this Bose Headphone Review,and just to make things,QC35 QuietComfort Headphones Review. Boom. And I can click images, I can
include by affiliate linksand I’ll actually show
you guys how to do that. But basically yeah, you make a postand it’s something that’s
like an article, okay?And so if we go back here,after you apply for the affiliate programsand you get in and the thing is,the little tip I’m gonna give you guysis chances are you are gonnabe automatically approved
by Amazon Associatesbut the problem is you need to make surethat you actually have
a website up and runningbecause they actually can and willgo check to make sure that your websiteis actually functioning and thatyou actually are who you say you are,that you actually have
a real business, okay?’Cause some people try and get byand apply with using something
like a YouTube channel. Now I think they actually
have requirementswhere you need at least
500 plus subscribersto joining Amazon Associates. So again, we need to have a legit websiteto make sure that we don’t get terminatedor banned from these programswhen they found out you don’t actuallyhave a website up and running oryou’re just using a social media profileas your business when it’s not, right?They want a real custom website witha custom URL with an actual
theme, some content on the page. Again, it doesn’t have to be much. I usually recommend one
or two pieces of content. When you’re making a couple reviews,basically you wanna have
your website look lived in. It has an about us, a contact usand then a few blog posts, right?That’s it. It doesn’t need to be crazy but it doesneed to show that you
are making and effort. So, basically once you get intothe affiliate programs right?The next step is to find
an affiliate productand get your affiliate link. So, when you log into the
Amazon Associates program,what it’s gonna look like
is you can actually searchup any product that’s available,and just an example right here,this is a little screen shot,you can look up any
product and I looked upfor Beats Headphones and you
can see a bunch of products. They actually had 2,423
results that popped upbut basically find the
headphones that you’re lookingfor and in this case we havethese Beats Solo Three
Wireless On Ear Headphonesand all you have to do is clickthis Get Link right here, okay?And what you’re actually gonna wanna doand this is a tip right here is clickthis arrow instead of clicking Get Linkand you’re gonna have an optionto get a shortened link and that’swhat this link is right here. This one that has the, just amzn. toand then like a string right here,you can get that shortened
link this dropdown. Some people get confused ’causethey click Get Link and
it has all these crazy,this like widget and
code and this and thatbut that’s for people if they wanna embedit into their website which
you can do on your websitebut I like to just get the affiliate linkand then just create a
text link on my website. So once I get the affiliate link,basically when you’re making your post,all you have to do is
just kinda type it inand then we have this
text editor right hereand when you have your affiliate linkit’s really easy and you can
actually include your link. So, if I say click here to
get your headphones, right?And then you turn that into a hyperlink,and then you just copy and past the URL. Simple, right?That’s your affiliate link right thereand you can easily just
add that to your website. Amazon. to/ whatever and just
apply that and then boom. There’s the affiliate link. If they click that that’s
where you basicallycan put tracking cookie on your visitorand you get a commission of anythingthey buy from Amazon within 24
hours of clicking that link. Now you don’t need to renew this link. Once you get this link it’s
pretty much a done deal, right?The renewal process, when
I’m talking about 24 hoursand for other affiliate
programs and companies,it’s actually a longer cookie of 30 days,60 days and 90 days. Amazon, just because it’s so,it’s the biggest eCommerce
retailer in the world,there’s is 24 hours because they gothrough so much billions of dollarsof revenue that 24 hours is,if they were to do 30 days it
would be just overkill okay?But 24 hours is enough time whereit is relevant that if someone does clickyour link and buy it
means that you really didhelp them to make that decision. Now, the 24 hour period
is on the user’s end,not your end, okay?You make this link once,
you don’t have to change it. Someone clicks it, the
24 hour process startsand then it ends 24 hours later. If they click it again it starts againand then it ends 24 hours laterand that’s how it works
for every single visitorwho clicks your link on your website. So this is why it’s passive income. Once you create the content whetherit’s an article written or video,which I’m gonna talk about
in step number eight,basically you’re done. The affiliate link doesn’t needto be changed or maintained. It literally, it takes care of itselfand if someone clicks it
and makes a sale, right?It’s automatic and you just get that addedto your account and it’s
just, it’s maintenance free,it’s passive income once you create itand that’s why we’re
building something todaythat has the potential to make salesand make money for
months and years to comeeven after the fact that you’ve finished. You haven’t touched that websiteor that article or that
video in months, right?And you’re still getting clicksand you’re still getting salesand that’s why I love affiliate marketing. So, let’s move on to step number eight’cause I know I get a lot of questionsabout how to create content
for affiliate marketingand again this is free to start. So let me give you guys
the two basic ways. It’s either written or video okay?And I’m a big fan of video asyou can tell on my YouTube channel,but at the end of the day you onlyneed to have a written article. You don’t need to create videos. You can create an article just like this,have the same information
that you would’ve madein the video and then basically,this can become something
that gets affiliate links,that gets traffic, that gets
clicks and sales by itself. You do not need a video,
it’s not necessary. Now, I recommend if you’re gonna go dothe process of writing
out this whole article,why don’t you translate that into a videoand literally just create
something simple, right?It doesn’t need to be crazy. So let me go back here to giveyou guys some advice on making videos. When you make a video you get the chanceto basically have you content seenon not only Google and
not only on your website,but YouTube which is a huge platformand I’ll get into that when
we talk about getting traffic. Creating content. If you just want to write onyour WordPress website that’s fine. For video which I do recommend
and it’s something that,you can use any modern smartphone, right?Any modern smartphone, an
iPhone, anything right?They’re gonna have
basically 4K video quality. I’m not even filming this video in 4K. I’m filming in 1080p full HDand the thing is even the camerasin smartphones these days are overkillfor what we’re trying to do
because at the end of the day,yes you can make a pretty videobut at the end of the
day we’re just tryingto have effectiveness and get salesand when it comes down to making sales,it’s not about how pretty your video isalthough I’m not saying
don’t focus on video quality,but it’s about the
information that’s presentedand that’s the reason why
people will buy thingsfrom articles if they have
the relevant informationthat helps me to make a decision. A decision on what headphones to purchaseor if this pair of headphones isthe right pair of headphones for me. So, again I like to do both. Double dip where you
create a written article,you turn that into a videoand now we get traffic
not only on our websitethrough Google but also on YouTube,the platform that has billions of usersand views every single day, right?So if you’re new to video editingand basically my advice
is use your smartphonejust to film because it already hasa great camera chances are, right?If you do want to invest,the camera I’m using right nowfor this video and the
camera I have recommendedhere is called a Canon G7X Mark II. It’s my favorite video
camera for beginners. If you look in the background,I have a Sony A7R3 with a G Master lens. That set up right here not to brag,but that setup behind
me is $6,000 with taxand everything included
that you see right there. That camera is overkill, okay?I’m using the G7X. The quality is beautiful. It’s point and shoot and it costsliterally a tenth of what that setup costsand I barely even use that
setup which is not oftenor when I’m taking
pictures because it makes,it takes amazing pictures. But for the most part, 99% of the timeI’m just using this Canon
G7X that I’m filmingon right now ’cause I love it. It’s so simple and easy to use. It’s point and shoot. You don’t have to fiddle
around with settingsand the focal length and this and that. Literally, you turn it on, you
hit record and you’re done. That’s it. So, for editing videos. Now, a lot of computers
come with editing software,but basically I found a free softwarethat you can use on your phone,so if we’re filming on our phonethen we should be able to
edit on our phone as welljust to streamline the process,but Adobe Premier Rush okay?Completely free. You can get it on iPhone,
on iOS or Android, okay?No matter what phone you’re usingyou can probably find this
for free, free download. I’m sure they have a premium versionbut you can use this to
simply edit your videoand when it comes to editing
you don’t have to get fancy. All you have to do is cut outthe parts that you don’t need and just,just chop things up just to makeit a lot smoother and remove and outtakesor any mistakes or mess ups and that’s it,and you don’t have to get
the craziest software. Now, when it does come to video editing,some other software include Adobe Premier,that’s usually for Windows users
but also available for Mac. If you are on Mac like me I
like to use Final Cut pro. Another program I love
using is called Camtasiawhich is a screen share program. It’s actually the one I’m using right now. So again, I only recommend stuff I useand Camtasia’s a software that isjust so easy to do a
screen capture recording,do a voiceover at the
same time, easily edit. You can edit live footage,
you can edit screen capture,you can put the two together
like I’m doing right now. I have the face cam and thenI have the screen share on the computer. I’m using Camtasia. That is the secret right there. So, yeah. It doesn’t really matter what softwareyou use as long as it can edit,as long as it can basically
splice clips togetherand remove the mistakes
and the outtakes, right?That’s it. So, let’s keep movin’ on. Step number nine. Now, this is such a juicy topicwhich is getting traffic to your content. Everyone always asks me even afterwe go through those steps,if you don’t get traffic you’re notgonna get any affiliate
sales and you’re not gonnamake any money at the
end of the day right?We need traffic to get sales. Now, I’m gonna answer that inthis video right now but again,any one of these steps and topics,I can go on for hours and hours and hoursand for the sake of
time I wanna streamlinethis process for you guys and again,we have this free resource right here. I created a video on How To Get TrafficTo Tour Affiliate Marketing website. You can watch the whole video. It’s 24 minutes long and basically,I’m gonna give you guys a brief overviewof how to get traffic to
your affiliate websiteand business but you can
watch this full video,24 minutes if you want
to learn more in depthabout how to get traffic
both free and paid. So I’m gonna offer you guys two options. We can either get free traffic or wecan get paid or you can get both whichis what I usually recommend. Now when it comes to paid trafficyou can start just $5 a day, okay?Now, obviously what we wanna dois we want to learn
more about the conceptsand build up our skills
before we start spending moneybecause we can easily just lose this moneyand I don’t really consider spending moneyon paid traffic and not getting sales,I don’t consider that losing
money, I’m collecting data. I’m learning okay?I’m learning what works and
what doesn’t work, okay?So, basically let’s start
with the free traffic methodwhich I think most of us would
love because hey, it’s free. Who doesn’t love free, right?And lucky for you, free
traffic is actuallythe best possible traffic you can get. Now, free traffic comes through a processcalled Search Engine
Optimization also known as SEO. And I’ve talked about SEO
in videos such as this,How To Get Traffic. But basically SEO is when someone types upand they look up your key word on Google. So let’s say again, we
have this headphone review. If somebody looksup Bose QC35 QuietComfort
Headphone review,I’m hoping that this article
pops up on Google, okay?That’s how you can get
free organic trafficis if you rank on Google
what people are searching. Now, same thing applies to YouTubewhich is the second largest
search engine in the world. If someone typesup Bose QC35 QuietComfort
Headphone review,if your video with a
title that is targetedaround this key work pops up,that’s called search engine
optimization as well. We are optimizing so that we
show up on the search rankingscloser to page one if not
the top five search resultsbecause the top five search resultsare gonna get the most
traffic hands down, right?So, basically search engine optimizationis we’re going after a specific key wordand in order to do this,what you wanna do is
you wanna do research. You wanna see what people
are actually looking up. And people, they type in certain thingslike Beats Studio Wireless
Headphone Review, right?And the general content I like
to create is review content’cause review content is what peoplelook up when they’re thinking
about buying a product, right?When you’re thinking about makinga purchase or investing in
like a product or a software,you’re probably looking up reviewsor social proof or ratings to seehow effective or is this
product worth it, right?That’s the research
process for when peopleare looking up how to buy anything, right?They look for reviews. They look for, to see what
other people are saying. Is it worth it?Now, when they type in review
you want to pop up so you,basically the keyword you wanna go afteris insert the product
name here and add review. Now obviously you can title
your thing anything you want. You can make whatever modification
you want to your article. You don’t have to title it this way,but keep this key work in mindwhile you’re making the content, okay?Just remember that if
people are looking upthis content and this key word,you want to center your
content around that key word,that specific key word. Now, one thing, a mistake that people do,is they try and stuff the key worda million times and try
and game the system. Do not do that on your YouTube
description or your websitebecause you are not
going to show up Google. In fact, they’re gonna penalize youand they might even
black list your websitebecause they see that you’re tryingto intentionally game the system. They don’t like that. In affiliate marketing and
with Google specifically,there’s been updates,
algorithm changes wherethey try and make it more naturaland they try and penalize people whoare trying to cheat the system. That’s why when it comes
to affiliate marketing,I’m a completely white hat. What I’m showing you, we are not breakingany sort of terms of service. We are not breaking any rules. We are doing things by the bookbecause if you wanna last
long in this business,you have to do things by the book. You can’t be breaking the rules
and try to game the systembecause it’s gonna catch
up to you negativelyin the future and I’ve
seen so many people,their businesses go out
of business over nightbecause of an algorithm change. All of a sudden their website whichthey basically stuffed
a bunch of key wordstrying to rank for this specific key word,all of a sudden it’s not even inthe top 10 pages anymore
on the search resultsbecause they were gaming the systemand Google caught on to it
and the flagged that website. So, basically that’s the free way, okay?Is going after a specific
key word in your content. Now the paid way is basically
through Facebook ads,Instagram ads, Google ads, YouTube ads. Those are the top four platformsthat have billions of potential customersto promote your business to. Now, there are less
popular ones such as Bing,Pinterest, SnapChat, Reddit,
Quora, Media Buying, Solo Ads. You’ve probably heard
of some of these, right?And the thing is I don’t like to focustoo much at least personally,
this is preference,I like to focus on Facebook,
Instagram, Google and YouTube. Why?Because if you have billionsof potential quality customers to sell to,if you can’t make it workthrough any one of those platforms,chances are there’s something else wrong. It’s not the traffic source. It’s your business. It’s your website. It’s your contents, right?That’s what I wanna share with you guysis I like to focus on the big platform. So, when we’re talking
about Google ads, right?Here I have links to all
of these platforms as wellif you wanna start
using them and they makeit super easy because they want people,guys most of Google’s revenue
comes from advertising. They want people to sign
up and start promotingtheir business with Google Ads, okay?Facebook, same thing. They make a lot of money through adsand they want you to make itas easy as possible to create an ad. That’s why you see this button right here. They want you to immediately get startedand they wanna start collecting your moneybecause that’s what they
make a lot of money from,especially Google okay?So when it comes down to it the processfor creating an ad and starting
is actually not that hardand you can see you can actually
even start a new account,creature your first campaignand then you can even call this numberwhich I think is toll free
to get help signing upand even just starting
your process, right?So, paid traffic again, watch
this video to learn more. Gonna be linked on this page,but basically you can
start advertising on Googlewhich includes YouTube or
Facebook which includes Instagram. If you create an ad for Facebook,it actually automatically,
you can add that same adand mirror it on Instagram as wellbecause Facebook owns Instagram. So, very very convenient. Now, the last step, right?After getting traffic and again,you can do more research
on the website here. You can go into traffic up above. You can watch this video
which I’ve included therefor more in depth information. But then the last step
after that is buildinga customer list with email
marketing, all right?Now, this is something that is optionalwhen you start and I just, I put it herebecause I believe email
marketing is so important. When we’re creating business,you want to be able to collectyour customers emails to havea direct line of access to that customerso that when we’re building a business,it’s about more than just havingthese affiliate links and getting sales. It’s about creating a customer list,getting people back to your website,returning again and again and again. Getting return visitors
to your website every day,every week, every month. It’s about having an email list, right?And although you’re
starting today from scratch,one day you can have a thousand peopleon that email list and when you sendan email out all of a sudden 1,000 peopleget your email in their inbox. That’s a real business right there. You have access to your
customers and if you wantto talk about profit maximization
with affiliate marketing,you wanna be able to reach those customerswho are interested in your
niche again and again and again. That’s the secret if you wantto have a sustainable
affiliate marketing businessis through branding and building assetssuch as a website, right?An email marketing list, right?Collecting an audience that you can sellto again and again and again,and as you can see right hereyou don’t need a personal brand. You’re not gonna find any
pictures of me on this website. You’re not even gonna find my name,and basically you can createa brand that’s separate from you. A lot of people think that you needto get on camera and
start sharing yourself. No. I create a $3,000 a month businessthrough passive income
through Amazon Associateswhich is arguably the lowest
commission rate, right?I created that with a brand
that was separate from my nameand I could sell this to someone elseand it would actually have value. If this website was not recordingnow. comand if it was odiproductions. com,then I can’t really set thatto someone who’s not ODi Productions. So that’s what I wanna share with you guysis when we’re building a company,it’s separate from your personal brand. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t useyour personal brand or create
a personal brand website. By all means, if you want
to create you first blogand your first WordPress websiteand it happens to be a personal brand,like odiproductions. com
or whatever your name is,then by all means you can do that as well. All right guys, so that
basically wraps up this guide. I tried to keep the video
as streamlined as possible. Again, if you wanna go into eachof these steps and I could
go for hours and hoursabout basically each of
these individual stepsbut what I tried to do
is I put my informationand knowledge onto the website and again,if you wanna access it any time
you can bookmark this page. You can even get this guide emailed to youand break down the steps day by dayto make things even easier and
if you’re still overwhelmed,again you can start with just step oneand do things step by step. I wanna show you guys the whole game planso you guys can get an idea of whatthe big picture looks like and you can getan idea of what you really needto do to create an affiliate websiteto really create something
that is a businesswith tangible assets and
that has a brand, right?Something with a logo. So, that’s just something I
wanted to share with you guys. Again, I made this over
just the course of last weekevery single day from dusk ’til dawnjust working on making this guidefor you guys completely free. Again, you don’t even
need to put your email. If you wanna show some loveand if you did get value from thisthen please hit the thumbs up button,comment below, let me know if you wannasee more content just like thisand if you guys are on the pageit would mean a lot to me if
you left some quick feedback. You can see at the
bottom here or at the topwhen it says rate us and if youcould just give five stars and alsojust answer what are the
steps that you struggle with. You can choose as many steps as you want. Basically if you, if people
vote for a certain stepand I see a lot of feedback herethen I can add more informationto go deeper into any of these
individual steps which again,I can talk for hours and I can make videosthat are literally close to an hour longon some of these steps individually,but I wanna show you guys an
overall step by step game planand also give you guys a free resource,a free guide that you guys can useand maybe even save a little moneyif you use some of the affiliate linksthat are exclusive partner linksthat are available on this website. So, I just wanna put everything togetherand again if you wanna see someof the other tools and software I useor if you wanna get more recommendationslet me know if you wanna
learn more about camera gear,learn more about recording gear,maybe even just books that I like to read. I can add it to the resources
page at top right here,but that basically wraps up this video. I hope you guys got value from it. This is a work in progress. It’s a completely free guide
but I want to improve it,I want to add more
information on the stepsthat people are struggling withand I wanna make it a lot easierand if this is something that actuallygets you to take action
and for once instead of,I know what it’s like to
just research and readand be on the forums and
spend hours and hoursjust dreaming about the business, right?And if I didn’t make that shiftto actually building and
creating a business of my own,my first one was recordingnow. com,and if I didn’t actually build
something, a brand, right?Something with value and assetsand something with content and somethingthat could get customers and get trafficand get sales for months
and years to come,I wouldn’t be in the position I am todayand I just love my job being ableto create resources and tools
and products for you guysthat you can use and the problem is,I do have my paid programs but I wantto serve and I wanna
help so many more people. So that’s the reason why last weekI just decided I wanna create somethingthat can help the world, right?And I can just give back, right?And that’s why I created this guideand that’s why there’s no email required. Anyone can just access it. Odiproductions. com/start
and you can accessall the steps and you don’t even haveto use the affiliate links. They can only save you
money if you use thembecause some of them do
have exclusive discountsand again I only recommend productsand services that I personallyuse in my businesses and yeah. So that’s basically it. So I hope this can help you guys today. Let me know in the comments,
hit the like button. Share this video with someone who,if you think that it can be helpfulto them and bookmark the page,bookmark this website so
you have access to it. Again, you can put your emailif you wanna get the guide emailed to youso you can reference it in the futurebut I hope that you guys can getsome value from this and most importantly,at the end of the day the questionof how to get started
with affiliate marketing,this is my answer through
seven years of experienceand trying to streamline
it as much as possibleand as economically as possible too. Like, I could’ve showed you guys a methodto get started with let’s
say 500 to a thousand dollarsbut I want you guys to get startedfor literally $76 today and
low risk, you know what I mean?But high potential, high upside. So, if again, if this video was valuableto you please let me know in the comments,hit the like button because
it really really helps outmy channel and it lets me knowyou want more content just like this,but I hope you guys can take
this and take action, okay?At the end of the day
my job is to help peopleto start and create businessand give back to society, right?And if you watch all my videosand you’ve been following
me for months if not yearsand you still haven’t taken actionthen I have personally failed in my joband if my job is to get
people to do something,to take action, to build a businessand you haven’t created a business yet,then I’m hoping that this guide can helpyou make the process less intimidatingbecause I know as a beginner it’sso overwhelming to start
but if we can breakthings down into bite sized chunks,that’s when we can actually truly createsomething great today and
remember just build, okay?Build something that has a
brand, build something powerful,build something that can
provide for your futureand separate your time for money. So, I hope that these words
can inspire someone todayand if they do let me know in the commentsand I’ll see you guys in the next video. Peace.

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