How to Start Affiliate Marketing STEP by STEP for Beginners! 2019

– In this video, I’m going
to teach how to startaffiliate marketing step
by step for beginners. I’m going to be sharing
seven-plus years of experienceon the best ways to get started. So if you’re wondering where
are the most profitableaffiliate niches or what are
the best affiliate productsto promote, or even, what’s
the best platform to useto get sales and customers,
then this is a videoyou definitely do not want to miss. So sit tight, grab your
popcorn, and stay tuned. Hey, what is up everybody,
ODI Productions here. And today I have an
amazing video teaching youhow to get started with
affiliate marketing. This is probably the most
highly requested video. And I’m updating this for 2019
because there are some thingsthat I have learned
along the way, and havingseven-plus years of experience
with affiliate marketingand been doing this full time
for almost three years nowback to back to back, I
have learned quite a bitduring my journey and I wanna
share that with you today. So first things first, if
you’re brand new to the channel,my name’s Odi, I go by ODI Productions,I am an entrepreneur, I
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basically I’m going to teach youthe actual steps step by step
to start affiliate marketingfor beginners, and I’m
actually gonna be sharing,what are the most profitable niches,what are the best affiliate
products to promote,what is the best platform to choose,so there’s quite a lot, so make sureyou sit tight and you get ready for this. And if you’re smart, not only
are you gonna watch this videoand take notes and listen
intently, but you’re also goingto take action right after you
finish watching this video. If you were to watch this video and nottake action afterwards,
it’s basically useless. So no matter what knowledge I
give you, make sure that youare taking action after you
watch this video to actuallyapply that knowledge that you
have just learned, alright?So that’s a litte tip for you guys. Anyways, if you’re brand new
to the channel, just a quickbackground about me, about 3
1/2 years ago I dropped outof my dream school, UCLA,
to pursue online business. So I did not have a college
degree, and I actually got firedfrom the only nine to
five job that I ever had. But with that being said,
in just three short years,I was able to go from
sleeping on the floor in L. A. as a broke college student
to living my dream life,getting to experience
fun things like goingto the NBA Finals last
year, getting to to drivemy dream cars every single
day, getting to liveand wake up in my dream
home, and to wake upwithout an alarm clock and
getting to design my days. And I think the most important
thing out of all of this isjust having the freedom to be
able to do what I wanna do,and today I am making content
for you guys to inspire,to motivate, and hopefully
educate you guys, and I reallyhope you guys take action from
what you guys learn today. So with that being said, let’s
talk about today’s video. So the first thing I wanna talk aboutis what is affiliate marketing. And I think it’s a lot easier for meto show you than to simply just tell you. So I’m gonna show you guys oneof my first affiliate
marketing businesses. This wa actually my first
affiliate marketing websitethat I grew from zero to a
full-time passive income,over $3,000 a month passive incomewith Amazon Associates
during my college years. So this is RecordingNOW. com,it’s a website where
I reviewed headphones. And if you scroll down and
you look at this content,you’ll see I have these Amazon
Associates links right here,so Amazon Associates,
and you’ll also see themon YouTube videos, here’s
one of mine, you’ll seethose same Amazon Associates
links in the description. And Amazon Associates is
simply an affiliate program. It’s actually one of the oldestaffiliate programs, started in 1996. And basically, it allows
you to link anythingfrom Amazon’s Marketplace
as a affiliate link,and you can post this link
on your website, on YouTube,and if people click your link
and buy anything from Amazonwithin 24 hours, you get a commission. And the commission depends on
the category of the product. You can see it ranges from as littleas zero or 1% up to 10% at the max. Now I’m gonnna get into
that in a little bit more,and I’m gonna talk about low
ticket versus high ticket,but just to explain affiliate
marketing, any time you guyssee these links, you see these
links, and it’s from Amazonor it’s from another company,
basically all the biggestcompanies in the world
have an affiliate program. Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Bose,
Sephora, the list goes on. You can literally type
up on Google a companyand then search affiliate afterwardsto find these affiliate programs. But just to break things down,affiliate marketing is just referrals. You’re just recommending
products and servicesthat you already love and you
already use to other people,whether It’s people on the
internet, whether it’s yourfriends, your family, and
you get paid a commission. Again, the commission
ranges from one to 10%for Amazon Associates, but
I’m gonna show you guyssome products that actually
pay 30 to 40% or more. Okay, so that’s pretty exciting. Now that’s affiliate marketing. Now, why do I love affiliate marketing?Why have I been doing affiliate marketingfor the last seven years?Basically, it comes down
to a few key factors. One, passive income. Affiliate marketing is one of
the few true passive incomebusiness models out there,
because you’re the affiliate. You’re not the company, which
means you don’t have to createyour own products and
services, which is awesome. Especially considering myself,
I consider myself pretty lazywhen it comes to having
to create my own productsand services, which I’ve done
before, but to be honest,if I had to choose one or the other,I would rather just have an
awesome company with an awesomeproduct or service and
just promote them instead. So it’s basically very hands-off. Since you’re not the company you’re onlythe affiliate, you only sell for them,you can just focus on marketing and sales. And that’s just one
aspect of the business,you don’t have to worry
about managing customers,customer service, dealing
with refunds, exchanges. There’s no headaches, there’s no hassle,there’s a lot that goes with
having your own company. And most people would probably
choose to just rather makemoney and make a full-time
living from selling than havingto do the whole song and
dance of creating a company. And I know, as running a
seven-figure company myself,it is definitely a lot
of headache and stressthat most people would
probably not want to take on. So with that being said, another aspectof affiliate marketing that I
love is having low overhead. You can invest as little as
you want or as much as you wantin order to start this business
and grow this business. Now theoretically, you can actuallystart affiliate marketing for free. And I’m gonna teach you
guys how in this video. Now I don’t recommend
that you start for $0,because it’s basically the
slowest way to get results,but if you have at least 100 or $200,you can do a lot of things. You can create a full
website for less than $100. A website, it’s gonna be a
key asset in turning youraffiliate marketing campaign
into an actual business. So with that being said, you
can invest that into eithercreating a website or you
can invest in software. If you wanna skip the whole website thingand go to software to
create landing pages,sales pages, to get you
up and running in no time. And I’m gonna share that
later in this video. So, you can spend as little
or as much as you want. Because at the end of the day,
since you’re the affiliate,there are no product expenses. So when you sell a
product as an affiliate,I don’t have to go to
Amazon and buy the productand then ship it to the customer. Instead, Amazon is the onewho has to handle the fulfillment. Which means they handle the
customer, they handle the sales,they handle the refunds,
they handle the shippingand distribution, I don’t have
to worry about any of that. All I have to worry about
is people clicking this linkright here and buying stuff off Amazon. Again, you get everything that they buywithin 24 hours of clicking that link. You don’t have to replace the link,you don’t have to renew
the link and get new links. It’s literally the same link
that’s been here for years. For over two years, same
link, haven’t touched it. It’s still getting clicks
and still getting sales. So, with that being
said, that is why I loveaffiliate marketing, it’s a
win-win-win business model,because if you’re a company and you havean affiliate program,
it’s only gonna help youbecause you don’t pay affiliates
unless they make sales. Now that’s one of the
best forms of marketingthat you can do for a company,when you don’t have to pay
unless you get results. It’s awesome from a company perspective. As an affiliate, you get to
make money without havingto deal with the stress of
running your own company. And as the customer, you get hooked upwith the best products and services. This is not drop shipping,these are not generic products from China. These are actual brand
name products that peopleare already buying, which
means that there’s alreadya market out there that
you as an affiliatecan take advantage of and
just basically connectthe customers with the right
companies and get paid. So with that being said,let’s move on to the actual step-by-step. But before we do that,
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With ODI Productions,anyone can join, and I’m
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public Facebook group. So there’s a first time for everything,make sure you guys check it out. Let’s move on to the actual
steps for affiliate marketing. So, the first thing I wanna
say before we get into thisis that the first three steps,
which are choosing a niche,choosing a product, and choosing
a platform, are going to bethe most important steps
out of this whole process. Now, I’m gonna give you guys an analogy. Basically, if you were to
become a professional athlete,and you got to choose what
sport you play and the positionthat you play, the thing is,
there are certain positionsthat get paid more than other
positions in other sports. So just to give you guys an example,if you guys wanna get paid,being an NFL quarterback
is a great way to get paid. Because the average NFL
quarterback gets paid millionsof dollars and they get these
huge blockbuster contracts. Now, if you were to choose another sportthat is not as popular
and not as profitableas let’s say football or being in the NBA,let’s choose professional lacrosse. And I’m not hating on lacrosse,I actually used to play
lacrosse in high school. I’m a big fan of the sport. But the professional
lacrosse player does noteven make close to what a
average professional NBA playeror the average NFL quarterback,
starting quarterback. And probably even second stringor even third string quarterbacks at that. So with that being said,
the most important thingis choosing the right
sport and making sureyou choose the right position as well. Because just by choosing
the right positionand the right sport, you
actually separate yourselfand you really put yourself
in another pay gradewhen it comes to being
a professional athlete,’cause there’s levels to this. Again, a professional lacrosse
player versus let’s saya professional basketball
player in the NBA,and let’s say you’re a starting
point guard in the NBA,you’re probably going to
be making multiple timeswhat a professional lacrosse
player’s gonna get paid. So, with that being said, the first stepis actually choosing a niche. So, choosing a niche. What are the most profitable niches?I get this question all the
time, I’m gonna actuallyjust answer that for you guys right now. The most profitable niches
in affiliate marketingby far are software and digital products. There you go. Now, there are other profitable niches. In fact, every niche can be
theoretically profitable. You can literally do
knitting as your nicheand it can be profitable, but
the level of profitabilityis going to vary, and I
think that in my experience,software is the highest-paying
affiliate product niche,and the reason why is this. Software companies,
they have lower overheadthan a brick-and-mortar or a
physical products company, why?Because when you create software one time,it can serve multiple, multiple customers. You create a software
one time, it can serve10, 20, 200, 20,000, two million customerswithout much cost other
than your server costs. But everything is relatively low overhead. Versus let’s say if you
had a T-shirt company,you sell T-shirts, every
single time you make a T-shirt,you have to make a new one from scratch. And you have to pay five,
$10 to make the T-shirt,whatever it costs, but
you have to pay thatevery single time you make a
T-shirt, it doesn’t replicate. Software replicates very, very, very easy,and it does not add much costwhen you add one more new customer. So software is allowed to
basically pay huge amountsof money to affiliates,
because they know that,because customers, when they buy software,they subscribe to a
software, they tend to staya customer for many months if not years. And that lifetime cost is actually,or the lifetime customer
value, is worth hundredsof dollars, so they can pay
affiliates on the flip sidehundreds of dollars as well
to acquire that customer. So that being said, software
and digital products. Now, what are digital products?There are digital info products that arevery popular these days,
such as an online course. If some of you aspiring entrepreneursare in an online course, chances arethere is an affiliate program. And the affiliate program probablypays around 30% of a product’s sales. So if you’re selling a coursethat costs $1,000 as an affiliate,you get a sale, you get
$300 just like that. Okay, now I’m gonna give
you guys a concrete exampleof how much it takes to
make $300 with somethinglike Amazon Associates versus
a high-ticket software. But with that being said,
software and digital productstend to pay around 30 to 40% commission. And some of these are monthly
recurring, which means,when you get a customer
to sign up under you,you get paid every single
month they remain a customer. You’re getting passive
income every single month,you don’t have to get a new customer. You can just stick to the
ones you already have. So that’s pretty cool. Now, I’m gonna move on to step number two,which is choosing a product. So you want to go with a
winning product that alreadyhas a history in terms
of affiliate marketingthat other affiliates are doing welland there’s proof of it on the internet. Because this means that
that company probablyinvests into their affiliate
program to make surethat they are actually serving affiliates. Because there’re companies
out there that reallydo not care about their
affiliates and theydo not care about their affiliate
program, and you can seeit in the complaints,
people not getting paid,there’s maybe problems with the tracking,like let’s say you’re getting
a lot of clicks but you’re notgetting any sales, maybe you’re
not getting paid on time,theses are all issues that
you can have as an affiliate. Luckily, there are companies
out there where they havevery proven affiliate programs
and you can find affiliateswho have made tens of
thousands, hundreds of thousandsof dollars, from a
single affiliate company. And that just shows youthat that affiliate program is very solid. So you wanna find some research, make surethat the affiliate
product you’re promotingis not something new, it’s not somethingthat hasn’t been proven before
and that no other affiliatehas been successful with,
instead you wanna find productsthat other affiliates
are already promotingand having success with,
’cause it’s a lot easierto model success than reinvent the wheel. Now, let’s move on to the third step. So the third step you wanna dois you want to choose a platform. Now, let me show you some
examples of platforms. So this is a website,
RecordingNOW. com, this is a platform,having a website is
having a business online. It’s having online real estate. YouTube, having a YouTube
channel, this is a platform. Again, I have a YouTube
channel, and I use it to post mycontent and build an audience
and engage with that audienceand create more content
and rinse and repeat. Having an email list,
that’s creating a platform. You’re using your email list
to connect to your customers. Having an Instagram account,
that is another platform. So, with all this being said,what is the best platform to choose?Because you can either have
a website, you can havea YouTube channel, you can
have an Instagram, or you canactually just skip straight
to having a landing page. Now, this is kind of a hybrid. A landing page is kinda
like having a website,but having it be more specific. So this is a landing page in a softwarecalled ClickFunnels, which I’m gonnatalk about in just a second. But basically, it’s a
software that allows youto make a quick page where
you can start collectingemails or even start getting sales. You can put your affiliate
link here where this buttonis very easily, and then all
of a sudden, you can just usethis landing page as the
place that you send traffic toto get customers, to get
clicks, to get sales. And it’s a quicker way than
making a full-on website. You guys see this website
right here, I got a whole bunchof content, I got a whole bunch of pages,whereas with a landing
page, it’s literallyjust one page, it’s simple, it’s straightto the point, it can still get results. So you’re gonna have to choose a platform. Now, there’s no one saying
that you can’t use all these,and I actually recommend that you useat least two of these combined. Because if you use YouTube
combined with a website,you can send traffic
from your YouTube videoto your website, as I’ve done here. So that’s an example,
you can funnel trafficfrom one platform to another to the next. Because I can funnel traffic from YouTubeto my website to my email list. Do you guys see that?It’s pretty awesome,
because now we’re connectingwith customers on three
different platforms,we’re really getting in front of themand interacting with them
and engaging with them. And trust is built over time when youbuild a rapport with your customers. So that’s all the examples of platformsthat I think are relevant today. Now what’s the best platform?And do you need a website to get startedwith affiliate marketing?These are two really,
really good questionsI get asked all the time. Now, my short answer to do you needa website is I would say yes. Now, you can get started withouta website, and I’ll show you how. One way is to use landing pages. This way you don’t have to
create a full-on website,you can just make a
landing page to get onlineto start selling, but you
need some sort of platformto sell and have your affiliate links. ‘Cause if you don’t have a platform,where are you gonna put
your affiliate links?So with that being said,
what’s the best platform?I like websites, personally,because it’s like having
an online real estatewhere you build this and
it’s an actual asset. I build this website,
it’s something tangible. If the website gets let’s
say 5,000 visits per month,I mean this is a real business
that I have right here. It’s something I can sell to someone. I can sell someone RecordingNOW. com. If it’s making a certain
amount of money per month,you can sell it for roughlyone year’s worth in one lump sum. Income that it generates. So this is a sellable asset. Now, if you have a personal
brand, it’s a bit harderto sell a personal brand
than selling something thatis separate from your personal
brand like RecordingNOW. So that’s just an example of a platform. I like websites because they havea chance to rank on Google for SEO. If someone looks up something,
they’re searching upBeats Solo Wireless review,
this can pop up on Google. And that’s free organic traffic. So with that being said, the
best platform in my opinion arehaving your own website and
then having a YouTube channel. I think YouTube is an amazing platform. You get tons of free organic
traffic just by posting. I mean, it’s weird, but YouTuberecommends random videos all the time. They recommend videos on your sidebarand you see them and people click them. And even the channel with
zero subscribers can actuallyget a view or two just through
natural organic traffic. With that being said, the
flip side, if you don’twanna go through the
website, and you don’t reallywanna do the YouTube, you can
make a landing page, oops,you can make a landing page,
and you can get online quicker. And there’re certain affiliate programsthat don’t require you to have a website. The other reason why I suggest
a website is because certainaffiliate programs like Amazon Associates,they ask you for a website
when you apply for the program,so you need to have a website already. Now, if you don’t have
a website, you can usea YouTube channel or a
social media account,but I think you need at
least 500 subscribers. Now, I could be wrong on that, the numbermay be different, but
last time I checked it was500 subscribers if you
do not have a website. So, that’s just another
example of why a websiteis necessary for affiliate marketing,it just shows you’re legit. It’s like having a business card online. And if you don’t have the
website, you don’t really haveanything to back you up in
terms of showing a company,hey, I can be a good
affiliate, I can make sales,but if you don’t have a
platform to show them,then how are they gonna
take your word for it?Because from a company perspective,you don’t want to be
risking having all theselow-quality affiliates who
don’t even have a website. You don’t wanna have affiliates who aregonna be spamming your links everywhere,it’s gonna hurt the company’s reputation. So with that being said, you
need to choose a platform,in my opinion, I feel
like having a website,having a YouTube, combining
those two, or on the flip side,if you have a YouTube and
you have landing pageswhere you can directly send
customers and then sellthe product right here,
boom, straight to the point,I think that either of
these methods is effective. I’ve done both of these
methods and they both work. You just have to choose one. So, with that being said, let’s
move on to the fourth step,which is actually applying
for the affiliate program. So, Amazon Associates is an
example of an affiliate program. Again, it’s one of the
oldest ones in the world. And if you wanna join, it’s free. Free to join, all you have to do is apply. Now when you apply, they’re gonna ask youfor certain information, and one of themagain is having a custom website. Again, if you don’t have a
website, you can substitute thiswith a YouTube channel if you
have at least 500 subscribers. So for the people who
don’t have 500 subscribers,you have no choice but to make a website. Luckily, websites only cost as littleas three, four, $5 per month. Like five bucks a month, that’s literallylike a couple coffees at Starbucks,or basically getting
like a fast food meal. So with that being said, it’s
not an expensive expense. And it’s well worth it if
we are creating a business. And it kind of brings
the question to mind,why not invest in your business?I get so many people who
wanna get started for free,and I understand it because
I used to bootstrap. When I was a broke college
student, I didn’t have any choicebut to bootstrap and to
do the lean startup way,which is just getting
scrappy and just tryingto figure out every single
free resource I can use. With that being said, push comes to shove,if I had the choice to invest
$1,000 into my businessto get results sooner
than starting from zeroand having to wait one
year, I would choosepaying $1,000 up front
to get results sooner. I’ve done both ways, and to be honest,speed is really important when
it comes to the online space. ‘Cause if you don’t have
resources, you’re gonnahave to make up for that in
sweat equity and with time. And if you don’t have years
to waste and you wannaget this goin’, you’re
gonna have to investinto your business time
or invest money and investin software and tools
to help you go faster. Alright, so after step
four, which is applyingfor the affiliate programs
and getting into them,then the next step is to createcontent surrounding your product. So I’m gonna show you examples of content. So on my website, I create a blog post. It’s a written post, you
guys can see right here,and I actually review the headphones. I talk about the style,
I talk about the comfort,I talk about the build quality,
sound quality, et cetera. So that’s content on my website. Content on YouTube is a
YouTube video obviously. Now, what’s cool about affiliate marketingand what makes it passive
income is you onlyneed to create this content one time. And that’s why I like to
call this online real estate. Because once you make
that content one time,it’s there to stay, and
you can get customers,you can get clicks on your
affiliate links, you can getsales for years to come
after you make that content. I never have to make this
content again, thankfully, right?So you invest a few hours,
maybe you invest a whole day,into making this video,
it’s about 12 minutes long. Maybe you spend four
hours to make the video,to film it, to edit it, to plan it out. Once you work those four
hours, you make this contentand it’s done, it’s a
finished package and it’son your website, it’s on
YouTube, it’s done forever. You can get sales for years
to come, which means you canmake money on it and
commissions for years to come. That’s what I love about
affiliate marketing. So when you create this
content, it pops up when peopleare searching up, Beats
Solo Wireless review. So if people are looking
up for this product,then your content ideally would
Pop up, and this called SEO. So this brings me to the last step,which is getting traffic. And getting traffic can either
be free or it can be paid. And I like to use both. Now, what is free traffic?Again, if somebody looks up
Beats Solo Three Wireless reviewand my video pops up, then that
right there is free traffic. It’s organic, it’s called SEO,
search engine optimization. Now there are certain techniques you canuse to rank higher on
Google and on YouTube. And so with that being said,
the flip side of this is paid. If instead of having organic
traffic, you paid for yourtraffic using Facebook ads,
Instagram ads, YouTube ads,Google AdWords, this is
basically paying to show upas a search result on Google
for the Google AdWords. So it’s a way to leapfrog
the whole SEO thing. Because if you’re not able
to rank for a certain term,then you can use paid
traffic to make up for that. If you don’t have an audience,you can use paid traffic
to make up for that. Because you’re forcing yourselfbasically to be in front of people. And it’s not the most
ideal versus organic,but at the same time, you
can really get so much moretraffic and reach if you’re
willing to pay for it. ‘Cause think about this,
think about how manypeople are not willing to pay for traffic. Most. Most people just want the free
way, they want the easy way. Well, the easy way doesn’t get paid. So you gotta pay to play, paid trafficis the way to go, and if there’s
a skill you should master,It’s learning how to get traffic. But again, in my opinion,
out of these six steps,I think the most important
are choosing the right nicheand the right product and
then choosing a good platform. Because again, if you were to
choose a professional sportto be a professional
athlete, I would chooseplaying in the NBA or
Major League Baseball,because at least you get
paid millions of dollars,it’s non-contact or low-contact
versus let’s say football,where you’re getting
tackled by 300-pound dudes. So I would rather choose to
Play in the NBA, which is,it’s physical, but for
the most part you’renot getting tackled by
people, and then baseball’sanother one that is pretty
simple in terms of the gameplay. You don’t have to hit
anybody, there’s no contact. You get to play for
possibly a whole decade. You can play baseball for like 10 years. And you can still have a long career,and you also get guaranteed
money, which means you,if you get a contract to
make $1 million per year,it’s guaranteed money, which is awesome. Now if you’re a professional
lacrosse player,and again, I hate to come at lacrosse,I used to play the sport myself,but if you were a
professional lacrosse player,the chances of making million and millionsand millions of dollars are pretty slim. Versus the average MLB or NBA player. So, with all that being
said, choose the right nicheand the product from the
get-go, and this comesto my next point, and this is probablythe biggest point to take
away from this whole video,choose high-ticket over low-ticket. I’m gonna show you guys
a comparison right now. Here’s a low-ticket affiliate program,which is Amazon Associates. Now, I’ve always talked
about Amazon Associatesin my past videos, and the reason why isbecause it’s how I got
started and it’s how I gotmy first full-time passive
income, and it’s honestlyone of the best affiliate
programs out there. Because you can promote anything on Amazonand get paid a percentage, and I mean,everything is available on Amazon, right?Apart from software and digital products,but for the most part, everything
you can buy off Amazon. Any single item you can think of. And this makes it very accessible. And because it’s low-commission,
it makes up for itwith high volume, a lot of
people are buying from Amazon,a lot of people are already
going to purchase things,they already have stuff in their cart,so if you can just get in
between that and get themto click your affiliate
link, then you would actuallymake commission on everything
that they’re buying. Now with that being said, let me show youa high-ticket affiliate
program and affiliate productthat I personally have been loving lately,and I’m gonna show you a real comparisonbetween low-ticket versus high-ticket. But a high-ticket affiliate
product is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is actually this softwareI showed you to make landing pages. And I’ve used it for well over a year,I’ve been their real customer
for well over a year,I’ve had some great success
with it, I’ve made sometimesover six figures per
month using the softwareto sell my own products, but
also, over $20,000 a monthconsistently as an affiliate for productsthat use ClickFunnels as a platform. So I actually share that I
have a free ClickFunnels courseif you guys wanna check
it out in the description. But with that being said,here’s ClickFunnels’ affiliate program. They pay 40% monthly
recurring commissions. Now, what does this mean?You get paid 40% of what the customer paysfor a subscription, which
starts at $97 a month. You get paid 40% of that everysingle month they are a customer. So I’m gonna repeat that, you
get paid every single monththey are a customer, you don’t
need to go get new customers,you just need to keep
the ones that you get. And 40% of $97 is $38. 80. Now let me do a side-by-side comparison,and if you’re gonna take
anything from this video asidefrom taking action, I would say,look at this chart and
remember this comparison. Because this is gonna
show you the differencebetween low-ticket and high-ticket. So low-ticket is Amazon Associates,where the average commission isbetween four to 8% for most products. If we’re looking at this chart,most products are gonna
be in these categories. You can see that all other categories,if they’re not in these
predefined categories, is 4%. But then, 4% is basically any
of these products right here,I mean it goes lower, if you’re
gonna sell PC components,DVDs, TVs, video games,
it’s lower than 4%,it’s much lower, it’s
actually one to 2. 5%. Now if we’re talking about
furniture, if we’re talkingabout home improvement, lawn
and garden, kitchen, this tendsto be around here six to 8%
range, so that’s not bad. But going back to this chart, one customeris worth around $0. 40
to $40 on the high end. Now what I mean by this is you only geta one-time commission when someone buys. Let’s say someone spends
$100, or sorry, $10,and you get 4% of that, it’s about $0. 40. Not really much to write home about. $0. 40, you can’t really
do too much with that. Now $40, that’s if they buy a
$300 product at 8% commission,or maybe it’s $500 product,
either way, you have to sella pretty expensive product
just to make 40 bucks. Which is still not bad. And it’s a lot better than
relying on just getting views. Because you only get paid
$2 for ever 1,000 views. And that’s a lot harder than sellingone product one time and getting 40 bucks. Now with that being
said, on the flip side,a high-ticket affiliate
program like ClickFunnels,which is a software, it’s a
marketing software that anyonewho sells something online can
use, I just showed you thislanding page, you can easily
drag and drop and move stuffaround, and you can use this
to sell affiliate products. You can put your
affiliate link right here,I actually put an affiliate
link right in this button,very easy to use, especially
if you don’t wanna dealwith the headache of
having to make a website. I understand it’s pretty complexto have to create a
whole full-blown website. You can just have a landing page. Now, you get 40% monthly
recurring commissions,which is a big difference
between one-time commission. Because what this means is you don’t haveto get new customers every month. Now, one customer with a
high-ticket affiliate programlike ClickFunnels is
worth a minimum of $38. 80,that’s if they’re a
customer for only one month. But they’re worth over,
potentially over $900if they stay a customer for two years,and that’s using the lowest
plan, which is 97 bucks a month. They actually have a plan which
I use which is $297 a month. If you were to recommend
someone to that planand they became a customer,
that one customer would bepaying basically $118
per month, I believe. So over $100 per month
from a single customer,that’s well over $1,000 over the courseof one year if they remain a customer. And the cool thing with softwareis most customers tend to stick. If you start using a
software for your business,like let’s say ClickFunnels,
and it makes you a profit,like let’s say you invest
$97 and you make 200,300, 500, $1,000 with this software,you’re not gonna stop using
that software anytime soon. So that’s why software
is very, very lucrative,because not only can the
companies afford to pay youmore as an affiliate,
but they can also retainthat customer for a long period of time,which then increases their
lifetime customer value. ‘Cause again, one customer
can be worth close to $1,000or more if they remain a
customer for one year, two years,three years, and depending
on which plan they use. Now, let me give you a concrete example. To make $300 a month with a
low-ticket affiliate program,you would have to sell a $50 product100 times every single month. You’d have to sell $150
products every single month,and then you start from
scratch the next month. ‘Cause it’s only one time, that’s it. You make a sale, you get
paid one time and it’s done. Now with a high-ticket
affiliate program, to make $300a month, you would only need
eight customers, count ’em,eight customers at $97
a month subscriptionto make $300 a month,
actually a little bit more,it’s actually $310. 40 per month. But the key thing here is not
really, is not even the amountor anything, it’s actually
the fact that you don’t needto sell or start from
zero every single month. You can actually get
those eight customers. If you can keep those eight customersover the course of a
year, each one is gonnabe worth $456, half of this right here. They’re gonna be worth $456 each. And over the course of a
year, they’re gonna be worth,collectively, those eight
customers, just eight,that’s eight sales, they’re
gonna be worth of $3,724. So with that being said, on the
flip side, with a low-ticketaffiliate program, you would
need to sell $5,000 worthof products at a 6% average
commission to make $300. So you only get 6% of what you sell. So you’d have to sell
$5,000 worth of products. That doesn’t sound too easy to me. With that being said, with
software, you only have to sell$776 worth of marketing
software to make $310,40. So, you take your pick,
what do you think is easier,selling $5,000 of products,or selling $776 worth of products?It’s a no-brainer. Now the next thing, example
I wanna show you is,if you want to make
$3,724. 80 with a low-ticketaffiliate program, which
is just eight customerswith a high-ticket affiliate
program, you’d have to sell$62,080 worth of products
at that 6% commission rate. Again, I’m just taking an
average commission rate. I’m just choosing 6% because it’sin the middle between one or 0% and 10%. It’s actually a little bit
higher than the average. Now, you’d have to sell 103 $50 productsevery single month for 12 months. And that’s 1,241 customers or sales. Now that’s just to put
things in perspective. And that’s hoping that each productyou sell is $50 at a 6% commission. Because if your product is
actually a 4% commission,and the product only costs $10,you’d actually only be making $0. 40,and you’d have to sell a
lot more than 100 per month. So this is just to give
you guys an example. What do you think is easier,
selling over 100 productsper month every single
month and having to repeatthat consistently, or selling eight times,getting eight customers,
and just retainingthose customers over the course of a year?Which again is not just
your responsibility,it’s actually the company’s. It’s the software company’s
responsibility to retainthat customer and make
sure that they’re well-fed,that they are enjoying
the service, the software,that it’s working for their
business, it’s more soon the company to make sure
that the customers are happy. It’s not just your job. So, that basically is my biggest
point of this whole video. Aside from the actual steps of making sureyou choose the right niche
and product because again,it’s like choosing to be
a professional NBA playerversus maybe a professional
lacrosse player. Now on top of that,
low-ticket versus high-ticket,if you guys are looking
at this chart right here,I mean eight customers and you can addclose to $4,000 over the course of a year. And again, some customers might optfor the higher payment plan,
for the higher service,which means, they’re gonna be worthmore than $38. 80 per month,they’re actually gonna be
worth over $100 per month. And that’s just from one customer. So I hope you guys can
see the potential In this,and actually, that’s what
I’m gonna be talking aboutin the live in the
Facebook group this weekis I’m going to be
talking about how I tookthis software from zero
to over $1,000 a month. Right now, we’re looking at
ClickFunnels affiliate dashboardand you can see that I have
31 trials, there’s 14 peoplecurrently trialing and
there’s 17 new trials. Now it says here that it’s $948. 14potential monthly recurring revenue,but if you do the math,
this is 31 customers,multiply it by $38. 80 is
actually over $1,200 per month. Now, it’s not set in stone,
we don’t know how many peopleare gonna convert, and these
numbers from my experience arejust not accurate in terms of
the stick rate and the churn. I think that this is still,
they’re working on it,that’s why they say beta over here. But if these 31 people
were to become a customer,this is a potential $1,200
per month every single month. 31, if you were to replace
this with 31 customersinstead of eight, I think
you guys can probably seethe potential here and how
much this is potentially worth. And I did this in one week. So I’m gonna be sharing that
in the Facebook group also. I have a free ClickFunnels course,if you guys wanna learn
more about this software,then again, I’ve been a
customer for over a year. So, I’ve been using this,
I’ve used it successfully,I’ve only started promoting
it now as an experimentfor my mentorship program
and showing my students. But I wanna share more
about that with you guys,because I think this is a huge revelationis learning high-ticket versus low-ticket. Because low-ticket, you
see how you have to workvery hard every single
month starting from zerojust to make $300 a month,
whereas if you just hadeight customers, eight customers,
eight sales, you can make$300 a month and it’s
coming every single month. So you don’t start from zero,it’s actually just your baseline. And that’s granted if nobody
cancels or refunds or leaves,but again, if you can get eight customers,chances are you can add another
customer every single month. If you’re able to get eight,chances are you could get
nine or 10 or 11 or 12. Sky’s the limit here. And that’s what’s exciting about all this. Alright, so that wraps up today’s video. If you guys enjoyed this,
please leave a thumbs upand a comment below, it
really means so much to me. I hope you guys enjoyed this. And if there’re some key
takeaways to get from this video,make sure you choose the right
niche and the right productthat are profitable and
help you to succeed. Make sure that you are choosing
high-ticket over low-ticketso that you can get more
results for less effort,and last but not least, make sure youtake action right after this video. Now, if you don’t know
what action to take,I suggest you take my free
passive income masterclassin the description below,
you can sign up for free. Again, I’m going live this weekin my brand new Facebook group to talkabout how I took that
affiliate product from zeroto a potential $1,200 per month
monthly recurring revenue. And so I can’t wait to show you guys that. And I did that all in just seven days. So with all that being
said, I hope you guysenjoyed this video and if
you like videos like this,subscribe, hit the notification bell,’cause if you don’t hit
the notification bell,then you’re not really subsribed, are you?And with that being said,I will catch you guys in the next one. Make sure to check out my otherpassive income and
affiliate marketing videos,I’ll put the playlist right here. You guys can check it out, I hope you guyshave a great day and to
stay successful, peace.


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