How To Start An Online Business With Affiliate Marketing

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to start an online business withaffiliate marketing the five steps that
you need to follow if you really want tomake money online with an affiliate
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mentioned before I’m gonna be tellingyou the secret of how to start an online
business with affiliate marketing byfollowing just five simple steps by the
way is stay to the end of this videobecause at the end I’m gonna show you
something really special the secretsthat the super affiliates are not
telling you and that’s how they’recrushing it every single time they
promote a product but first what isaffiliate marketing and what I’m
suggesting you to go ahead and startmaking money online with affiliate
marketing the beauty about affiliatemarketing is this is a business model
that you can start doing it right awaybecause you do not need to create a
product you don’t need to create to owna product you don’t need you know to be
scratching your head like okay what’sthe payment processor then I’m gonna
start doing I don’t know how to create aproduct no your only job is to refers
people to someone else products they canbe a physical product it can be a
digital product or it can be a serviceokay my advice is that you need to own
the product because you need tounderstand what’s the quality okay it is
a good quality how smooth if if someonedecide to go ahead and buy it if they do
have a question what about the qualityof the customer service its addressed so
my suggestion is go ahead and purchase aproduct that you’re thinking about
promotingit is not mandatory I know a lot of
people out there saying like hey you donot need to buy it but this is just my
personal opinion and this is accordingto my experience you’re gonna get way
better these results if you knoweverything about the product okay so
your only job it’s to drive traffic tosend people who are already interested
on that productokay so they are gonna make the purchase
you are not gonna take care of thecustomer service you are not gonna
process the payment nope that’s it okaythat’s the reason why I’m suggest you to
go ahead and start with a Fiat marketingyou can do this part time okay because
you just need to focus on drivingtraffic you can start it as soon as you
finish this video okay one of the thingsthat I suggest you are the very first
step is that you need to create awebsite or you need to have a YouTube
channel if you can you can have both youneed to have a place in which you’re
gonna be creating content okay you needto have a place in which you can create
a content if you decide to go ahead andcreate a website you can start with
WordPress you can have your hosts withHostgator or it can be with banner
hosting I’m gonna leave a link below ifyou ask me like hey Leon okay you’re
suggesting these two is there is onebetter than the other right now I’m
using both of them but if you’re justgetting started I can tell you that at
this point banner hosting is way easierokay so you can create your own website
there you can create your domain or youcan buy your domain from domain. com I’m
gonna leave a link below as well if youdecide like hey you know that sounds too
technical go ahead and create yourYouTube channel if you are scared to be
in front of camera forget about that orstart recording just powerpoints
Gatewood time try to introduce yourselfto the camera because YouTube is the
second best thing after you know beingtalking with someone in person it is
easy to create a relationship withsomeone who is watching you in your
YouTube channel so that’s myrecommendation if you can have a boat go
ahead with both you can just only createa website and buy by the way but a
website me a blog because you’re gonnabe creating articles content go ahead
and do it the second step is that youneed to choose in each okay
you need to choose in each I know it canbe super tempting there is a lot of
products out there really good qualitybut the truth is that you cannot promote
everything if you try to do it you willnot make any money okay so if you choose
in each let’s say that you are in theweight loss industry but maybe you’re
gonna do something a little bit deeperyour target audience are gonna be
woman’s okay who want to lose weight youcan you know communicate with them in
their own jargon you can build arelationship with them and you’re gonna
have a better conversion rate so thatmeans that the people you are gonna send
to the offer they’re gonna purchasebecause they are already establishing a
relationship with you they know thatevery single thing that you promote is
related to their problem or theirinterests so I suggest you to choose a
niche in which you’re at least interestin because you you know you need to
create content do you need to be doinglloyd updating videos updated blog posts
create content and around that nicheokay and you need to match a problem
with a solution okay so if so that’sthat’s really important on why I suggest
you to go ahead with a niche pick aproduct or service to promote again I
suggest you to at least give it a try ifyou cannot afford it usually some
products can offer you like a reviewcopy or they can offer you some kind of
free trial test it outgood places in which you can actually
check out our products s it can be onClickbank you can go to share sale or
you can go to Amazon again try to chooseproducts s that are gonna be 100%
related to your niche if I know it’sgonna be really tempted there are
thousand even a hundred of thousandsbrothers out there who are really good
but if you really want to make this likeyou know like a full-time career or you
want to have a full time income try tochoose the products that are gonna be
related to your niche by the way if youwant to check out what’s my number one
recommendation to make money online I’mgonna leave the link below it’s gonna be
the very first link in the descriptionokay once you have the product it’s time
to create valuable content in your nicheif you don’t know okay yeah I feel
passionate about this but I don’t feelthat I’m an expert you already are
okay your are already an expert you justneed to do a google research on google
or check out YouTube okay you’re gonnalearn something you’re gonna do it and
you’re gonna page it okay there is morepeople than don’t know about a topic and
because you’re doing their research andyou are learning on a daily basis you
are already an expert okay you don’tneed to be some kind of gurus you don’t
need to be some kind of know-it-all okayto create a relationship with your
audience okay but you just need tocreate Balaban content on a daily basis
and let me tell you something reallyimportant the reason why I told you that
you need to choose a niche English youfeel passionate about it’s because of
this because you need to create contenton a daily basis okay this is not a
spring this is a marathonokay most of the people do not have
overnight success and most of the peopleare not making money online not because
they can because they decide to quitokay so take that into consideration
make a commitment with your success andgo ahead number five
you need to drive traffic to your offerokay
from the content you already wrote oryou record and you upload it to YouTube
you need to drive traffic to your offerit can be adding the link in the
description it can be adding the linksin the articles don’t forget to put a
call to action you need to create acapture page that capture page is gonna
be something simple in which you’regonna be asking people their name their
email and you’re gonna give themsomething for free you can create these
landing pages or this capture pages withKorra or with Bill drill if you want to
check it out and give it a try I gonnaleave a link below so you can get access
to a free trial they do have already thetemplates so you do not need to have any
kind of technical knowledge okay I wantyou to take that into consideration so
you do not need to have any kind oftechnical knowledge you don’t need to be
a graphic designeryou are just literally gonna grab the
template or the templates right you’regonna check that out choose the one that
you really love but please make surethat you’re gonna be offering something
for free if you don’t know what to offerfor free if you’re promoting a software
it can be a free trial if you arepromoting something like an e-book or
something most of the time whenever youhave a really or you find out a really
successful product it’s because theyoffer you already what we call the lead
magnet which is usually an e-book or itcan be a PDF or it can be a cheat sheet
it can be a small video course the ownerof the product or the product creator he
or she already have it so please makesure to ask and by the way if you go for
example to Clickbank there is somethingthat they call the affiliate page please
make sure to choose a product that doyou have an affiliate page because
they’re gonna provide you all of thisokay so the only thing that you need to
do is sign up on cultural and build yourbuilder landing page remember you do not
need to have any kind of technicalknowledge and
it really important you see that youneed to do follow-ups if you decide to
go again with cars or builder or builderall they do have their own email
autoresponder if you don’t want to usetheir email responder for whatever
reason my recommendation is to go withAweber I’m gonna leave a link below why
it’s really important to get capturepeople’s emails because people don’t buy
right away it used to be that way butnot anymore they need to have you know
they need to have some kind ofrelationship with you
they already watch your video they areready you know read your blog posts they
know they know you they know you’re anexpert they understand that this product
might be the best fit for them maybe nookay so they need to have more
information about it most of the timepeople bought a buy a product after they
see that’s the message number seventhere are other people who are not gonna
buy that product but because you alreadyhave their email addresses you can start
promoting them other products s okay Iwant you to understand this the the
magic okay is that you need to have anemail list and you need to capture these
people information you need to startsending money online again but there is
there is one secret right the money isin the less cake the money isn’t the
less if you don’t have an email list youwill not make money online
most of the super affiliate they don’twant you to know this but that’s true if
you really want to crush it if youreally want to start making money every
single day even if you’re sleeping youneed to have an email list it used to be
really expensive to build your own listnot anymore actually you can leverage
others people efforts to grow your lessokay I’m gonna give you my
recommendation it’s gonna be below itssystem that is called less leverage okay
check it out because you can build ahuge list by leverage other people
products s and this is gonna be reallyaffordable okay you can actually start
making money while you’re building yourlist even if you’re not selling anything
this is ridiculous I know but yes youcan start making money online even if
you’re not selling anything but you needto have this list if you are creating
your list and for some reason peopledecide like hey you know this product is
not for me you know you can sort you canstill make money online again you can
build a huge list by levering otherspeople’s products click the link below
and check out less leverage well this isit for this video all the links that I
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