How To Write A Script For Youtube Videos

Wanna know my secret to YouTube success?It’s having a video script
for each of my videos. And in today’s video, I’m
gonna break down the fivekey elements every single YouTube videoshould have to be successful. Hey guys, welcome to another
episode of Just the Tips. My name is Trena, if you are new here,and I help creative
business owners like youget their business on YouTube. So if you do YouTube Lives,
or you do Instagram Lives,that is a totally different platform,and if you take those videos
and put them on YouTube,they’re not going to perform. You need to create content
for YouTube that workson YouTube, and I’m gonna
break that down for youin these five key elements. So the first thing every single
YouTube video needs to haveis a hook, and it needs to be you. So when somebody clicks on that thumbnailin the search results,
they need to see you. They need to connect with you. You don’t wanna have you’re little buffer,music, intro type thing. You need to welcome them to
your video with your face. Now your hook could be a statisticthat gets them interested,
or maybe you justplainly tell them, in today’s
video you’re gonna learnhow to wash your dog. I don’t know, whatever
your channel is about. But it’s gotta be
something that makes themwanna stay to watch. Then you can throw in that little bumper,that graphic, music intro that you have,and it should not be any
longer than five seconds. That’s it, five seconds max. Then you can introduce
yourself, so like I do,I say my name is Trena,
and I tell you what I do,so you know, oh, this person’s for me,so they keep watching. Then you jump into that content. Now when you’re writing your
script, whether you writethis all out, or you do bullet points,it’s really important to have
an idea, going into a video,what that content is going to be. Otherwise you can start
rambling, go off on a tangent. Not only does it make your
editing process harderand longer, but you’re gonna lose people,because they want the content. If they’re new to you, they
honestly don’t really careabout who you are. They want the content they came for. So what I do is I actually have a post-itwith my key points written down, so I knowwhere I’m going and how to stay on track. I did start out writing my
full script, word for word,but as I do this more and more,
and I get more comfortable,I just need those bullet
points to keep me on track. So after you share your content,
you wanna have some typeof call to action, because people on videoaren’t going to know
what you want them to dounless you tell them. So what’s really important here on YouTubeis to get people to watch more videos,whether that’s sending
them to another videothat you created, or
sending them to a playlistthat you have, or asking them
to subscribe to your channel. You need to keep people
on the YouTube platform. Now, if you have a business,
and you want peopleon your email list, I suggest thinking inseries of videos, right?So you do four video
series, where you ask peopleto subscribe, to watch more videos,then that last capstone
video is where you pushpeople off the platform, to
your opt-in, or your cores,or your work with me page, right?You don’t wanna send
people off the platformfor every single video,
otherwise YouTube is notgonna promote your video,
and nobody’s gonna end upseeing it, because YouTube
wants people to stay on YouTube. And then finally, wrap up your content. Whether you’re sharing points,
maybe you just go throughthe main points again,
thank people for watching,and sign off. So in today’s video we
learned the five key elementsto a script for YouTube are your hook,your intro, your content,
your call to action,and your outro. Let me know down below if you
write a script for your video,or if you just do bullet points like I do. I’d love to hear you guys’ strategy. And if you liked this kind of video,make sure you give it a thumbs up,you click subscribe, and
I will see you next week. Bye!


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