How to write emails that get opened with Ramit Sethi

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Look over GrowthLab CEO Ramit Sethi’s shoulder as he writes one of his legendary engagement emails from scratch. From the outline to the final email, you’ll learn how to take a story you’d tell your friends and turn it into an email that your mailing list loves.

0:23 – The two types of emails we send our list
1:02 – Where I start every email
1:18 – The best place to find stories for you emails
1:55 – Watch me create a 5 line email outline in real time
5:26 – How to spot — and eliminate — “marketese” from your writing (this is why my emails sound like someone is talking to you)
6:40 – How to really go from “telling” to “showing” — everybody talks about this, no one else shows you how
8:10 – Which words to change to instantly turn so-so writing into hard-hitting copy
10:13 – How I get unstuck when I can’t figure out what to write next
11:20 – Who I go to for help on copy and how to build your own support network (no, you don’t have to pay anybody for this kind of help)
16:27 – How to wrap up an email so it forces your audience to stay engaged and make you a better writer
17:26 – The most important part of the writing process
17:58 – The most advanced skill you can learn as a copywriter
18:30 – Watch me tear down and re-write my own email to make it 10X better
19:32 – The best hack for novice copywriters to make their writing exponentially better

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