Hydroponics in the Philippines DIY

Hello everyone, welcome to my hydroponic setup. I’m going to show you how I made my
hydraulic setup right now. This frame is actually what I did myselfI’m not into carpentry that’s why. I bought the wood for round about30 pesos per kilo and all of this is
about5 kilos, I bought from local junk
shop in the area. My plants are planted on a PVC pipe, we call this in the Philippines downspout. It is normallythe kind of pipe that you use to route
the water from your roof going down. This costs PHP356. 75 and
that is about eight dollars in the USThe other pipings are just the junks i
collected from constructions. As of now I planted kangkong plants. They call it the water spinach in some
areas. This is my water tank that contains the pump and the nutrient and water of course. You will see a rag out here. This helps my solution cool. because in the Philippines it gets very hot especially in the afternoon, so i put a damp cloth to help it cool. And from the inside you will see the motorOver there. That is a 22W motor. It pumps the water go to this hole, going through this pipeline, and onto the top. The water flows this way going there,
down there,going here and I have two pieces, eight feet downspouts pipingthat I cut into two, each of that. So I have six plants per row. As of the moment this kangkong plant that you see is about four days oldthat I germinated for about the 10 days. The two bottom pipes are actually prepared for other cropsthat I’m still in the process of germination over here. Okay, for your comments just post it
below and I’ll try to get back to you.