JvZoo For BEGINNERS (2019) How To PROMOTE JvZoo Products Like A PRO

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In this video you will discover JvZoo For BEGINNERS (2019) How To PROMOTE JvZoo Products Like A PRO

I am Ankush mittal an internet marketer.

I am on a journey of becoming a millionaire by 22.

I actually starting from selling noodles, biscuits and even crackers to my school friend.

and i actually did not sold much of all of those things

and Even I only sold a single packet of the biscuit (smile)

yeah I sold a little bit more of the noodles but really not that much

Thereafter I started flipping mobile phones from one website to another website

because there used to be some kind of the flash sales and in which a lot of people don’t get the mobile phone so I just used to buy from one website and sell it on other websites

then I come to know about the internet

and like most of you I also started by downloading the apps which pay money to download another app

And you may have also seen something like hey download this app and you are going to get paid $1 , hey listen to this song and you are going to get paid $.10

Actually I don’t even made a single penny from those things

and then I found another work in which you are going to get paid by clicking some of the ads

I didn’t even made a single penny there but even I lost $150 over there

you might be thinking it’s not a big money but on that time it was really hard to get that much for me

then I also found another work like transcription jobs, and get paid for writing an article

but I never made even a single dollar from there not even a single dollar

then I started a business of the blogging

and you know when I started the blogging I spent 2 or 3 months just finding where can I find the free hosting so that I can only host my website

because i was having no money to host my website

but I find nothing

and at last I hosted my blog on the blogger you know I took 2 or 3 weeks to write one article

and after that I come to know that I hate writing I can you do this anymore

And then one day I was calling to the you too I found affiliate marketing

and that is how I actually got into internet marketing.

so in this video you learned, JvZoo For BEGINNERS (2019) How To PROMOTE JvZoo Products Like A PRO

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