JVZoo Vs Clickbank Which is Better

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Well first of all I have to say is that these two platforms are great.

It all depends on what you are looking for?

Clickbank is great because it allows anyone to promote your product if you choose to have it up in their “marketplace”.
This allows anyone to generate a unique URL for themselves
and promote your product immediately. The downside to this,
and it is something that I experienced, is that if you care about
your brand or image for that product, you need to be prepared
to get a lot of spammy sites linking out to your sales page,
in hopes of siphoning off visitors looking for reviews or
more information on your product.

Often, what will happen is as soon as you launch your product,
a lot of bots that scrape Clickbank’s marketplace everyday for
new products, will generate fake reviews in hopes of getting people
to find their site when researching your product.

These websites usually contain spun content of your sales page or
really generic reviews with affiliate links, in hopes of getting
a commission from the people researching your product.

So if you’re worried about spammy backlinks and people using
“negative” keywords to drive to earn money with your product,
then it’s something to consider.

With JVZoo, you can manually approve each affiliate.
You can do this with Clickbank as well, but the traditional
thing on Clickbank is to put it in the marketplace for anyone to
promote if you want to improve your chances.
JVZoo allows for you to have each affiliate send you a message that explains who they are and how they plan to promote your product. This is a good thing if you are worried about what I described before.

One thing I do like a lot about Clickbank as opposed to JVZoo is that to process all the transactions for you and manage the customer service.
JVZoo will process the payments, but it’s done through PayPal which means affiliates get paid through PayPal.
This can cause you to run into problems if you end up selling
a lot or high volume.

Clickbank will process all credit card payments,
handle generic customer service enquiries and also manage the
refunds as well which will inevitably happen.
I like this because Clickbank processes and handles everything and then I get a cheque at a frequency that I choose.
JVZoo sends you the money immediately but again, for expensive,
high volume products or when dealing with refunds, it can be a headache.

The last thing I should bring up is that having your product
with JVZoo is free. Clickbank charges $40 to have your product up
with them and in their marketplace. JVZoo is also a lot easier to
use and they will host your product and sales page for you.
Clickbank requires you to have your own site already and a means
of hosting your product and protecting the download link
so people can’t share it.

If you’re a little more technical or willing to learn (there’s tons of
free resources out there) then I would recommend Clickbank.
If you want something a little easier, especially if it’s your first
information product, then perhaps JVZoo would be a better avenue for you.

Either way though, you cannot go wrong. Having your product on JVZoo or Clickbank won’t make or break your success. If you’re wondering
who has the better affiliates or which is better for your niche,
at the end of the day, you need to market your product.
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