Lead generation kya hai | Online लीड जनरेशन in Digital Marketing and strategies by Vishy Shetty

Digital marketing course mein hum dekhenge लीड जनरेशन ya Online lead generation in Digital Marketing and lead generation strategies. Lead generation meaning and process in Hindi

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लीड जनरेशन मीनिंग in Hindi and Lead generation kya hai? I am Vishy Shetty.

Marketing mein ek bahut hi important concept hai Lead generation ka. Ye business ke successfull hone ka bhi bahut hi aham hissa hai. Ye aapko aapke career mein hi nahi balki agar aap kisi bhi tarah ka business ya freelancing kar rahe hai to usme bhi kaam ayega. Aaj iske baare mein aapko kaafi important information dunga jaise ki actually mein lead generation hota kya hai, kya tarike hai iske, kaise karte hai ise. To is video ko end tak dekhiyega taaki aap Lead generation ke baare mein bahut kuch jaan paye.



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