Live From The Internet, Marketing Talk Show w/ Ezra Firestone – EPISODE 2

Watch my new MARKETING TALK SHOW for the latest news, helpful strategies and special guests. 👇

Check out the full post on the Smart Marketer blog:
Watch “Live From The Internet” for fun segments like:

🚨 THIS JUST IN – Where I give you my take on the latest marketing news

💡 WHAT’S WORKING NOW? – Where I teach you a tested and proven strategy from one of my businesses

🔥 THE HOT SEAT – Where I sit down with special guests to pick their brains

And our most popular segment (and a personal favorite):

⭐️ BUYING STUFF & TALKING ABOUT IT – Where I break down the marketing strategies from the biggest names in ecom.

(This episode features Harry’s Razors vs. Dollar Shave Club! 🪒)
Catch more videos from Ezra Firestone on the Smart Marketer blog:



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