Make Money From Home as a Virtual Assistant (#1 HIGHEST PAYING SIDE HUSTLE!)

– Have you been searching
for the perfect side hustleand you’re sick of all the scams?You want something you can do from homewith kids around, preferably somethingwhere you don’t have to
sell to friends and family. In this video, I’m gonna tell youhow you can make good money
as a virtual assistantand all you need to get
started is a computer and wifi. Hey mamas, Lauren Golden
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bring in some extra cashor even replace your full-time incomefrom your nine-to-five,
but you can’t figure outa reliable, non-salesy, non-spammy,non-skeezy way to do it?By the end of this video, you’ll not onlybe itching to have a
virtual assistance business,but you’ll also know the basicsof what you need to get started. Before we talk about
what a virtual assistantactually is, I want to
tell you about freelancing. So what is freelancing?If you’ve never heard
of freelancing before,it’s basically working
from home, doing jobsfor people anywhere in the worldwho need specific tasks done in areasyou’re good at and you enjoy. You are not technically an employee,so they outsource these tasks to you. No matter your skills,
education, or interest,there are so many amazing
things you could be doingas a freelancer. Did you know there are
55 million freelancersin the United States?That’s 35% of the population,and 54% of them earned
more than they used tofrom their full-time jobs within one year. What?This is what I do every day. It’s literally called freelancingbut I do it in a specific
way that allows meto have a lot of fun, make the maximumamount of money for the time I put in,and it allows me to work less and spendmore time with my family. Now do me a quick favor
and if you’ve heardof freelancing before,
if this is a conceptyou’re familiar with,
I want you to tell mebelow in the comments. Tell me below if you’ve
ever heard of freelancing,you’ve been a freelancer
before, I wanna hear from youdown in the comments. Now that you’re familiar with the conceptof freelancing, I want
to dive into what isa virtual assistant?A virtual assistant, or
VA, is self-employed. Ahem, freelancer. And provides professional administrative,technical, or creative
support to busy entrepreneursor small business owners who
are starved for your help. You will have the luxury
of being your own bossand working on your own time from home,from anywhere in the world, really. I break the most common
virtual assistant skills outinto seven categories:
administrative, organizational,email marketing, social media management,content writing, design, and websites. Now when I discovered I
could take my experienceworking in marketing and customer servicefrom my job and use it
to do freelancing workand charge other people more money,it was a total game changer. Not only could I ditch
my stressful commute,but I could actually get more donewhile spending time with my kids. I could make a quick social media postfrom the zoo on a Wednesday morning. I could reply to customer
service emails from my phonewhile I was visiting relatives. No more revolving around
someone else’s schedule. It was the most freedom
I felt in my entire life,plus for the first time
in my professional life,I felt appreciated for
the work I was putting in. Now without a doubt,
the question I get askedthe most is about becoming
a virtual assistantis how do I start?And to get started you
just need to figure outthe who, what, when, where, and whyof your freelancing business. Who would you like to work with?Realtors, business coaches, people inthe health and wellness space?Now figure out where those
people hang out onlineand in real life and start networking. What services can you
provide to these people?I always suggest starting
with low-hanging fruit,meaning the things you’re already good at. This can be as simple as scheduling postson social media or responding to emailsor booking appointments. When will you work?It’s important to establish
some boundaries upfrontso you can clearly communicate
them to your familyand your clients. Remember, you’re not an employeeso you’ll be able to get your VA onmorning, noon, or night. Or nap time. Mommy’s working. Where will you work?Physical boundaries are important, too. Get yourself a designated space,preferably an office or one with a door,but even a table that’s all yours will do. Depending on your business structure,you may be able to write
off the space for taxes. Knowing why you’re starting
a virtual assistance businessis super important. Not every day will be
rainbows and butterfliesso you’ll need a good
reason to keep you goingon the not-so-great days. Now you know what a virtual assistant isand why it’s a great
side gig that can easilybecome a full-time gig that youcan do from home, with kids. If you want a deeper dive into servicesyou can offer as a VA,
check out my free resourcewith over 70 different tasks you can startcharging for now. The link is below. Also, if you wanna join
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