Marketing Tips: Custom Lead Capture Page and Autoresponder in ONE

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There are 2 things that you need when get started marketing online (in addition to the product, of course).

1 = A lead capture page (this can consist of only copy, only video or a combination of the two.
2 = An auto responder… so that you have a place to collect and communicate with the emails you receive from the lead capture page.

In the past… this has been a bit challenging.

Being able to make your own custom lead capture pages was in itself a challenging task, unless you knew how to write code, html and all that stuff that (honestly… most of us don’t have the time or care to figure out.

THEN… not so long ago… LeadPages came to the rescue with their handy dandy slick looking super customizable pages with several different price options ranging from $37mo to $97mo

As for the Auto Responders, the options are ‘a plenty’ (Aweber being my personal favorite)… which starts at $19.99 a month and raises depending one how large your list grows.

Recently – As discussed in this – Marketing Tips: Custom Lead Capture Page and Autoresponder in ONE Video’ – I’ve come across an All-In-One Hybrid Marketing System that provides ALL the above and more to accommodate both Affiliate and Network Marketers and am HERE sharing it with you TODAY!!!!

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If you need any of these things, there are tons of great systems such as lead pages, Get Response, Aweber, GVO, Constant Contact, etc… which will charge monthly per individual system

OR you can connect with the All-In-One Hybrid Marketing System that I’m currently launching that contains all of these marketing tools in one system for a great rate… there’s even an option to become an affiliate if you want to participate with the robust comp plan!

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Whether you’re in an ON or OFFline business… it’s always wise to align with folks who have the same mindset.

I’ve got a group where we mastermind, I’ve got a team where we duplicate and I’m launching a product that’s super effin’ sick… because it’s perfect for any business.

The question is: Which of the 3 are YOU interested in participating in?

I’m currently looking for cool people to work with, who are ambitious, money motivated and understand the importance of relationships.

• Is this You?
• Yes?

Then join my Private Profit Group so we can mastermind:

Because when it comes to reinventing oneself via homebased jobs, it’s Smart to Connect with those who have already been building an attraction marketing blueprint…

If we focus on Listening, Understanding and Educating… together, we can do anything.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Leedy
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Custom Lead Capture Page and Autoresponder in ONE
Hybrid Marketing System



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