My Brother Got His First Job Using This Cold Email

– Recently my little brother
moved out to Los Angelesand not only was it my
mission, we succeeded. We got him a job, it was within
a week of him living hereand he’s working in his dream
industry, he wants to be a DJ,he’s working at a recording studio. And in today’s video, I
wanna go through the actualcold emails that he used to get a job. A lot of these are based
on what worked for mewhen I first moved to New York city,which in turn was based on Ramit Sethiand some of his teachings over atI Will Teach You To Be Rich. So a lot of the credit for
this goes to Ramit Sethi. Here’s the email that my brother sentto this recording studio. The subject was, Hi from, his name,Would love to get your advice,
and the dude’s name was Jeff. Hi Jeff, huge fan of the, and
then the name of the studio. I’ve heard only great things
about it from my peersand my instructors at my school. Would love to ask three
to five questions aboutyour experience working
for the, and then the name. I’m on a quest for my dream
job and just graduatedwith a degree in music production. Would you be available for a quick chatby phone this Thursday at 10?I’m also free any time Friday. If email is easier, I’d be
happy to send you my questions. Sincerely, and then his full name. This was one of four emails
he sent to recording studios. Three got responses,
and one gave him a job. So that is a 75% response rateand a 25% sale rate,
not even meeting book. So this is really good, if
you’re looking for a job,this is the way to do it. This was back in July and
after this initial email,my brother just sat on it for months. Then, he moved out to LA
finally, and sent this follow-up:Hey wanted to make sure this
email didn’t get buried. And Jeff got back within 20 minutes, with,Apologies for the missed email. This is definitely easier than phone,so please feel free to
forward your questionsand we’ll get them answered
as well as possible. Thank you, Jeff. Joseph sent his questions. Thanks for the quick reply. I’m newly relocated to Los Angelesand trying to get my
bearings on the music sceneafter graduating from
Full Sail in Orlando. And here are the questions:What does your day to day
look like at the studio?What do you think separates,and then it’s the name of the
company, from other studios?Do you have advice for an
engineer who has recently moved?What would you do in my position?Thanks, his name, and this is key,he put his phone number
down at the bottom. Jeff did not get back with
answers to these questions. Jeff called my brother the next morningand answered the questions over the phone. So even though he said
that email would be easier,by putting his phone number
here, my brother made itvery easy for Jeff to reach out to him. And then Joseph sent this emailin response to that conversationwhere Joseph was asking him about the job. It turns out they have a
position in recording studioscalled a runner, which is
somebody who brings sandwiches,like just helps with random
stuff around the studio. So my brother realized that
that’s the job he was going for. And here’s the follow up
he sent right after that:Hey Jeff thank you so much
for answering my questions. Let me know if you want me tobring you sandwiches sometime. Simple, this was on October 5th. A few days after this email went out,Jeff’s assistant called my brother again,invited him to the studio. He interviewed with about three peopleand had a job offer by the end of the day. This was by Thursday the next week. So he talked to Jeff
on Friday, October 5thand by Thursday, he had a job. Very simple, finding a
job is not difficult. If you avoid sending resumesand you go through the back doors. It’s the same as B2B sales. If you just treat it like
a B2B sale, you’re fine. If I was trying to sell a
piece of studio equipmentto this studio, I would not apply online. I would do something similar to this,send them cold emails
and book the meeting. You can do the same thing for your jobs. Now on to free stuff,if you want the proposal
that we use to sellvideo production services for Lorelia,that is experiment27. com/proposal. If you want the questions we
ask on our first client calls,that’s experiment27. com/discovery. If you liked this video
or you think somebody elsein your life might it
or get value from it,feel free to forward this along. That would really help the
channel and I’d appreciate it. I’m Alex Berman, thanks for watching.


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