My Favourite Mac Apps in 2020 | What's on my MacBook Pro?

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Hey guys, today I’ll be taking you through my favourite Mac apps in 2020. I use these apps on a daily basis and they vastly improve my life and help with productivity.

00:35 The Lubricating Jelly – Alfred, Moom
03:55 The Note-Taking Toolbox – Notion, Roam Research, Evernote, Drafts, Notability, Bear, Ulysses
11:11 The 4 Essentials for Getting Stuff Done – Things 3, Superhuman, Fantastical, Google Drive
15:42 The Productive Socializing Suite – WhatsApp, Messages, Slack, Discord
19:43 The Content Creation Machine – Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Screenflow, Ecamm, Adobe CC

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