Nail Client Retention: Secrets on How to Build a Nail Career & Clientele Very Quickly

Nail client retention is very important when trying to build a clientele. There is a secret to building a clientele quickly. There are three major concerns that clients base their decision to come back to you. Being a nail technician is more than just doing nails, you are serving the public. You need to meet the needs of the client in your chair to build a relationship. You will succeed in client retention when you realize it is all about them.
What do the three major areas of concern having common…time. A client time is very valuable, if their needs are met they will delegate time out of their day to come get their nails done with you. If you want to earn their trust and build your clients you will learn these things. Client retention is the key to having a long successful nail career.
3 Major Client Concerns
Service rendered, personal image and salon image.
Tune in to learn the real secret of building a clientele quickly and how a bad attitude will ruin your career. Best of luck in building your nail career and clientele quickly.
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