Overview of Zoho Campaigns – an email marketing software that drives sales.

Zoho Campaigns is a user-friendlyemail marketing softwarethat allows you to reach and engage your audience effectively. Here’s what it has to offer. You can generate subscribers through sign-up forms,and by integrating with external platformslike Eventbrite,GoToWebinar,and many more. Once you have the subscriber list,you can choose to obtain explicit consent from your audience,and send marketing emails to those who are interested. You can even set the frequency of emailsto ensure that subscribers aren’t flooded with your messages. Zoho Campaigns’ gallery comes loaded withpre-designed templates for holidays and special occasions. The editor lets you drag and drop content includingimage,text,video,and calls-to-action,so you can customize your campaignsto fit your business’s image. You can send personalized follow-up messagesbased on the subscribers’ actions on your emails,and show dynamic content based on their demographics. With real-time analytics and extensive reports,you can improve your future campaigns. You can also assign scores to subscribersbased on their engagement. So once they qualify for sales,you can push them to CRM. Experience positive email marketing results,and get your business on the mapwith Zoho Campaigns.