PowerShell for common Office 365 Operations

Hello and welcome to common Office 365Powershell taskMy name is Jon Horner and I’m a Partner
Technical Consultant with North AmericaPartner Servicesand I will be your facilitator for this
presentation. Our agenda for today will be to go through
the following modulesmixing PowerPoint slides with
demonstrations of PowerShell in action. In module one I will introduce Office
365 management withPowerShell and talk about the available
cmdlts to administer the Office365 portal. In module 2, Iwill introduce Exchange Online
management with PowerShelland how you can leverage PowerShell to
do such Exchange Online management tasksas creating and deleting mailboxes. In module three we will talk about the
newly available PowerShell managementoptions for Sharepoint Onlinemodule four will cover some of the
partner capabilities and delegatedadministration of customers tenantsthrough PowerShelland finally will end the session with a
quick look at some additional resourceswe can use to learn more about PowerShell on Office 365. As many of you may be aware, Windows
PowerShell is a task-based command-lineshell and scripting languagedesigned especially for system
administration of on-premises serverinstallationswhat you mean and i have nois that we can use the same powershell
skills to manage some of the officethree sixty five servicesthe objective of today’s eventis to introduce you to using powershellcommitted some of the office three sixty
five servicesby getting a familiar with the
requirements for managingoffice three sixty five by powershelland familiar with the available command
let’s into syntax to using thesecommitmentswe will also talk about where we can
find commitments other than thoseexpressly talked about todayas well as introduce youlimited resources available for you to
refer towhen using partial to administer your
office three sixty five servicesokay let’s start by taking a look at
portal management using ourselvesas you will find out requirements for
using powershell with office three sixtyfivewill vary depending on which services or
part of officer sixty-five we want toadministered by a partialin module onewe ought to look at requirements for
port of management bipashatake a look at a few of the ignition
tasa competeperformed by a powershell for poor
managementand i’ll also introduce you to a tool
called powershell command buildand discuss how we can use this tool to
build terry’s partial commandsby selecting the appropriate verb and
now i’m from the tools user interfaceas mentioned earlierthe requirements for using partial to
manage a three period we will talk aboutcity each have their own specialtiesto manage portal properties such isusers passwords and federationrequirements are two downloaded
installed the windows as your activedirectory module for windows powershellon either eighty windows seven or when i
was a devicewarranties server operating system of
windows server two thousand are tooor windows server two thousand twelveme to ensure that the dot net framework
three point five one feature isinstalledon the machine that we selectand we also need to ensure that all
required updates have been downward inappliedbearing in mind that some of the
features of officer sixty-five made-upfunction properlywithout the appropriate software or
browserwas no machine running one of the
required operating systemshad installed all updates and the dot
net framework three point five onewe can go to the microsoft download
center install the appropriate versionof the on-line services site in
assistantyou thirty two or sixty four-bit pending
on our operating systemthen we can navigate to the appropriate
linkand download the appropriate version of
the windows as your active directorymodule for windows powershellnow the link download and install the
windowsas your active directory module for
windows powershellwe are ready to launch powershell
connect to officer sixty-fiveand start using partial to manage some
of the features of the office threesixty five portalwe have two options available to us to
watch powershell for office three sixtyfivefirst we can click on the start menuand select the windows edger active
directory modulefor windows partial iconor if it does not show one selecting the
serb menuwe can search for it using the all
programs menusecondly within simply large powershelldirectlyif large partial normallywill lead to import the m_s_ online
module by takinguh. . . import hyphen moduleand this onlineonce we have partial opened by one of
these twowe could then connect to the mix up
online service by typing connect hyphenan s_ o_ l_ serviceto complete the connection to online
services will be prompted to enter ouradministrator credentialsshown are just a few of the command
let’s available for use with managingthe office three sixty five portal
bhaiya powershellusing powershell to manage a portal we
can do such thingand says create and delete users with
command it’s latenewamasau user add remove m_s_ all userwe can retrieve using information by
using the get emis or the user met letwhich alert realists abusersby using the usurp responding prabir we
can read treated individual usersinformationusing commitments such as set emma so
well user password and conferredamasau well federateddiffuserwe can change the passwords of users or
convert into being a federated usermeaning they would ask that the key to
our company’s internal active directoryby active directory federated servicesso let’s take a look at the same texas
or these partial commandsif you want to use power silt to create
a new userwould use the new heights and amasau
user commit letadding the parameters user principal
name display name first name and lastnameto set the u_ p_ m_ display name first
and last name of this userif you want to set or change your
password reviews these set hyphen emmaso well user password commitmentusing the pram orders of he’s a
principal name new password force changepasswordso this command but on the scream we
would change the password for theyuki njada control so that i microsoft dot comto be a passwordand by setting the force change password
parameter to falseissues it will not be forced to change
their passwordwhen logging in with the new passwordwe could also use partial to set a
password policyconsidered individual user password
policywould you see set amasau usercommand letwith the user principal nameand password never expires parameters
this will setjohn aka talks about microsoft that
comespassword toonever expirewe could alsotight to commit let’s togetherto be able to saidi retire or decisions passwords to never
expireso using get hatred and the sole use ur
and taking it would set taken amasauuserand the password never expires parameter
setting that the truewe have now set all of ourthey danced passwords to never expirewe can use partial command bill there to
assist with building commencehealers who screenshot that it’s is
windows powershell for sharepointcommand builderfor group we select office three sixty
five from the productsdrop-down menuwe’ll be able to build commands previews
for managing the portal as wellbilbies commence was selected for blake
now or removed for instancethen select the appropriate nounpossibly a missile userwhich is a visible in this screenshotwe can use a slight aboard commuon down to the u_n_ amountsparameters must then be populated either
required or optionaland we can copy dick bill command to a
clipboardfor use in powershellwill also be also want to select a
deeper been downcombination we will see an option to
follow link for further informationunder the command we just builtorble usage of the verb noun companies
we have selectednow let’s take a quick look at power
show an action take a look at coralmanagement with partialby connecting to the microsoft online
serviceswill create a new userwill set a password policythem also take a look at the partial
command builder for office three sixtyfivebefore we connect online servicesto create a new user let’s quickly go
into the portal unfair for that userdoes not existhere’s my portal right click on users
and groupswill see that i’m going to create a user
name to eight userthat does not currently existcase analysisconnector power showopen powershelland we said earlier preoperative partialweaken import the m_s_ online module so
we tiedimport module msn linewe also want to connect to the m_s_ lol
service swetamissile prompt us for our credentials
were immature administrator credentialswait for that to come up withand now you can see that we’re connectedsorority verifiedthat we don’t have a username to any
userfour-forty talked about it mentioned thepartial command bill this let’s quickly
take a look at thatso here’s partial command builder like i
said that if we selectchair plan line there’s going to be
different options trip i’m foundationbut we slept opposite three sixty fivewill see the listing of firm so we can
useas well as a listing of nouns that we
have available for ussort of trade end-userwe could use the new command untreated
into the verb areain the and missile user command and
bring it into the mountain areayou let us know that we have to required
parameters we have toenterso our first parameter is the display
nameand the second parameter is the user
principal namewe also haveseveral optional commands that we can
use i wanna said they first name andyour last name for a sold scroll down in
the optional command to list cityfirstname it’s just the initial eightanalysts at the last nameto be userwe can see this command nowhas been built up for us and we can copy
it to a clipboard we can also click hereto get more information about this
embassy also coming upso if we were open sea also opened a new
tabwe can seethat this is kind of moved to a technet
library that we can follow along to andwe’ll see thethat their leveragethis has all the availablecommand list to usewith weed is edger active directorywe have some content solutionssolve court software etceteraand as we scroll down will see that we
havein groups manage users manage troops
enroll membership et cetera sizzler canfind more information about the commands
that we’re going to usebackup partial command builderwe have the ability to copy this to a
clipboard so if i canselect copy the clipboardand then open powershell backup i can
paste that commandright in the power showselect enteranimal run etc amanpour’s we can see it
came back yet we didparedes our principal name of a user
boredom of our mix up back on displayname but he has ahe was a password and travel note downand we could see that the user is
currently not licensedso verified he uses creation with school
backto the portaland refresh the user pageand we can see that any user has not
been createdi selected the userwell then have the ability to go ahead
and assign licenses to that userand select duser’s locationin the user has been createdand now assigned a licensenow if we want to changeeat users password or username to be
userwe can use set hyphen in this whole
passwordpalms user principal nameparameternew password equalspass at work one and forced password
change equal false meaning they will notforce this user to change your passwordat loginspeeches new password has been changedwe could alsouse powershell if we’d like to we can
change the password policy on this userso thats uses passwordwill never expireby using second missile user use
principal named and passwordnever expiresso now are using them to be users
passwordwill never expireif we’d like to as we mentioned in the
slide deckwe could play a couple commands togetherand we can set the password never
expires parameter for our entireten cby using get msl user type set their
missile user password never expireshitting enterwaiting for this command to completewe have now set all users passwords in
this tenancyto never expireit emits a little earlier in this devil
i’m editing to technionwe can findall the information about winners as
your active directorypowershellif we scroll down on this page we can
see that we havedifferent commitments for managing usersuh. . . powershellwe have command let’s for managinggroup enroll membership firepower shellwe have come analyst for managing
service principles by itpower shell as well as managing domainsmanaging single sign onbeijing subscription and licensesand managing company information and
serviceswitches stop our show an actionwe suck you command list being used to
manage some of the portal propertieswithin office three sixty fiveand we took a look at the partial
command builderfor further information on connotes
available to manage portal propertiessuch asgroup unroll membershipcompany informationor single sign onplease refer to the technet articlelate currently on the streetas i mentioned at the start of pancho
one the requirements for using partialbirth office three sixty fivewill vary depending on which services
war which part of officer sixty-five wewant to administer by a partialin module twowill take a look at the requirements for
power shell when it comes to managingexchange onlinenow to create in import partial session
for exchange online managementalso take a look at a few the
administrative tasks that can beperformed by a powershellin exchange onlineand i’ll talk a little bit about hope
metalitz become availableto run in the remote one space once we
connect to exchange onlinein the port impartial sectionbefore we can use windows powershell to
manage exchange onlinewe must make sure we have the correct
version of windows powershellin windows remote management installed
and configured on our computerwe have to use the windows management
frameworkwhich contains a correct versions of
windows powershell d_-twoand we are in two point allit applies to our operating system
system architectureand languageif our computersrunning windows sevenwindows server two thousand are toowhen those eightserver two thousand twelvewe won’t have to install anythingwindows measure framework is already
thereif we are on your earlier but still
supported operating system before we caninstall the windows management framework
two point allwe must uninstall any existing versions
of windows powershelland uninstall any previous versions of
the windows management frameworkfor to note here that if our local
computer is protected bymicrosoft internet security an
acceleration server or as a serverwe may have to install the windows
firewall client working figure proxyserver our local computer to connect
windows partial to the club a servicewe must run powershell as an
administratorand check the execution policy by
runningget high-tech execution policyit’s a value return as anything older
then remote sidewe need to change the value to remote
signed by running set hyphens executionpolicyremote signedanother thing to note hereis that when we set the script execution
policy to remote signedwe can all iran scripts that we create
on our computer or scripts that aresigned by a trusted sourceas many of you may be aware officer
sixty five in exchange onlineuse role based access control or are
backto determine what users have what
permission but an exchange onlineso how does this transferprimo powershell and want toadminister exchange online by a partialby default ericin his client rent spacewe’ll have the only commando availed to
him to run will be new p_s_ sessioncreating a new p_s_ sectionright do i think the kate and authorizeericat the remote serverthrough what’s your looks at eric’srole based access control determinesthat he had permissions to runnew mailbox get mailbox at mailbox with
d name parameterpartial make thosecommand let’savailable indirun stays and returned themto the remote run space to make them
available for air to rundoes a lawyer to run the new mailboxname bobcommand letto create in new mailboxfor bobby in the server on space worker
in the mailbox objectin the pipeso i’ll get connected to exchange online
via powershellpartially to launch powershellusing run as administratorour suggestion is to store credentials
in the variable by taking dollar signcrediti think red is the variablefor utilizing critique will get
credentialedwe’ll get prompted fouror user admin credentials againwe can then use this credential variablewhen creatingaviary political hold r_p_s_ sectionfor a suggestion is to use theto our site session or we could use
where we’d like dollar sign exchangesession et cetera something like thatsat there very well equal to nuclear
fissionwith the configuration the microsoft
that exchangethe connection you are right eighty
d_p_s_ colon slash slash psi outlook dotcom slashpowershellour potential be that dollar sign
creates a very oldsetter out education prouder to basicand we also want to allow a redirection
this is what allowsall exchange online tenants no matter
where they’re at in the worldto connect to their specific tenet bio
one u r l will beredirected to our exchange onlinethen to download the exchange ally
partial command let’s uh. . . war importthe session was simply tape importation
p_s_ sessionstarsight sessionjust allow us torun all of the command let’sto manage exchange online by a partialand which were done we canstop all removed the session by clicking
remove p_s_ sessioncontractorsit’s very important to note that not all
of the partial command let’sused to mention exchange on premises
insulationwill be available exchange online
partial managementand the ones that are will be able to a
different between exchange on premisesan exchange onlineanother trick we want to share with you
that can be usefulis to use yet another variable something
like dollar sign into law sessionand set that they will equal to the
import p_s_ sessiondisallow issues that they’re able to
find useful information blakey cult ofcommand which ranor get a list of commandshere are just a few of the canal is
available for use when managing exchangeonline via powershellusing partial to ben’s exchange online
we can do such things ascreate and delete mailboxes with commend
looks like new mailbox and removemailboxwe can also be treat mailbox information
by using the get mailbox command wouldor change existing mailbox settings by
using the set mailbox commitmentwe can create a new mailbox but using
the new mailbox command letadding parameters like dave microsoft
online services i_d_ and passwordwe can retrieve such things as mailbox
lachen for two fixed by typing tocommand list togethersuch as get mailbox andget mailbox acoustics this will be a
statistics for all mailboxes in ourorganizationwe could to lead a user’s mailbox to
using the remove mailbox command leadand adding up rambler twenty which
mailbox italysuch as jane doeimportant to note that we must keepgene dual in quotation markswe could also be story previously
deleted mailboxfake it using the new mailbox smell itbut using a slightly different set of
parameterswe can’t type retrieve the information
to a csd file but usingexporting confuse usdand it became export path for that filesessions will time out after fifteen
minutes of in activityhowever if we issue another commander
after the session timeoutwe can reconnect beasleyby respective katie at the propnow let’s take a look at exchange online
management with powers shopwill connect o_j_ july increase sessionwill create a new mailboxwe’ll also remove or to lead a mailbox
and restore that mail botoxtwo-edged change on line by a partialwhat a large power cellverifyto execution policies remote signedm_-sixty road sign if it was a week a
t_v_ set execution policyremote signedcommandpeseta execution policy could be remote
signedis mentioned in the slide deckto make things easier want todeclare a variable called dollars frank
read or whatever you’d like to collegesprecede it with a dollar sign of making
a variableequal to get credential which will
prompt us for administrative credentialsas mentioned in the slide deck that we
want to create another variable coldsdollar signs sessionto help us connecting the import of kiev
sessionsweet i daresay session equal nuclear
session we use the configuration name ofmicrosoft exchangeconnection you are out of a_t_t_ colon
slash slash bsnl aka complex powershellhere’s where the creates a variable
comes into about two inches cranks againare critical to craftone have arts education be basic and we
want to allow a redirectionso now we have been redirectedto the following you are atwhere we can now go ahead and import
r_p_s_ sessionwe can see now that the session is being
importedand we’re now it willto administerexchange online by a partialbefore we create a new mailbox let’s
navigate to the exchange online admincenterand verify that we did not have a male
backs for user john doecreate this mailboxreusing new mailbox man let with the
printers of namemicrosoft online services i_d_and passwordwarning pops up letting us know that we
create a new mailboxwe must go to the office three sixty
five admin centerand assign the mailbox license or will
be disabled after the grace periodsnowless navigateexchange online control panelthere still is no john dual user let’s
refreshand see if the mailbox shows upand air shows up we have been mailbox
for john dole createdif you want to take a look at somemailbox lock on statisticsweaken pipe to commence together using
get mailbox and get mailbox statisticshere we can see thecommands haverandomly insipid john doe hasnever logged in beforefor more exchange online partial
management options we can navigate tohelped up outlook dot comor will find a quick listing of the veil
uh. . . areas of managementand to scroll down we’ll seecommitments for mailbox managementdistribution group managementtenamoc distribution group management
and so forthall right with portal management and as
we’ll see in a moment with sharepointonline management derek is no powershell
command builder available for exchangeonlinefor further information on available
powershell command let’s to manage suchthings as recipient management exchange
activesync in domainsplease see the help dot outlook dot com
articlereferred to in the leak at the bottom of
the screenjust like the portal management exchange
online managements are partialsharepoint online has its own set of
requirements for management by a partialin module threewe’ll take a look at the requirements
for a partial when it comes to managingsharepoint onlineand how to connect partial to the online
servicealso take a look at a few of the nisha
tasa can be formed by a car show insharepoint onlineoregon finalist of other available
partial commitments and once again takea look at the partial command builderto manage your plan live their power
shelf we will need to download installwindows powershell three point alldelete on the screen currently where we
can download that fromwanna make sure review this issue
requirements section before we installedwindows measure framework three point
zeroand some server applications are not yet
compatible with windows managementframework three point ohalso limo since all the sharepoint
online management shellmaking sure to select the appropriate
thirty two or sixty four-bit versioninto rancher plan line management shell
command let’s wemust be an office three sixty five
sharepoint online global administratorto connect the sharepoint online via
powershell navigate to the sharepointonline man at the shell by selecting the
start menuand all programs if necessarymake sure we run sharepoint line
measures show as an administratoronce we have to manage michelle openwe can connect by runningconnect a fitness deal serviceuh. . . the u r l should be the you are a
lot of the administration center of ourtenancyand the credential should beeoffice receipts t_-fiveship online global administratorhere are a few of the cabana is
available for use with managingsharepoint online perhaps ourselvesusing power so the mentorship online we
can do such things ascreek and delete site collectionswith commands like u_s_ peel site and
removing a steel sayingit’s important to note that removed or
deleted say collections will be sent tothe recycle bin where they can be
restored if necessaryby using restoreesp you’ll do it in sightfor up to thirty days without deletionwe can retrieve say collection
information such as owner in storesquorum are using the yet as steel site
commitmentget a listing of all psyched collections
for intended includingpsych lecture owner and storage quota we
can rent get as your siteto get the same information for a single
cycle action we can add the identityparameterand if we want to create new cyclic
using partialwe can do so by using thenew espy looks a commitmentas you may notice by the screenshot this
is the exact same partial commandbuilderwe looked at back in the port
ministration modulewho is a lecture porn online from the
products drop-down menu we see theavailable virgin downs for sharepoint
online partial commenceto build command to begin selected for
like new or removeand then select the appropriate now like
s deal site for instancejust like before some of these nouns are
not visible in a screen shot but we canuse a slider bar to move on to view
other nounsagain we can populate the parameters he
the required or optionaland copy the built command to a
clipboard for use in powershellonce we’ve selected ever been downwe will see an option of following for
further information on either thecommand would just builtor about the usage of theverb noun combinationnow let’s take a look at sharepoint
online matched with powershellwill connect to ship onlinewill create a site collection and a leap
store sake lectionand take a look at the powershell
command builder for sharepoint onlinefor sharepoint online management by a
polish up as we alluded to in the flightdeckwe want to open d sharepoint online
management shellas an administrator jeffrey have to do
their salt quickly go back and run thatas an administratortrip while i’m at home sellers all
pilots panels live that down a littlebit so we canmake it a little bitfigure to utilizefirst thing we want to do his will want
to connectto the online serviceand i want to connect to therapper service sold missus clintonand kill for an andabout compit’ll asked me for my passwordgive me a little time to comenakand there we are connectedso if we want to get a listing of
current sharepoint siteswe can run the get s_b_l_site commanddelisting of my courage sharepoint siteswho the owner of that site isand the currentstorage quarter for that sitejust like we did in portal managementwe can use the power showcommand builder for sharepointa slightly from the products we select
sharepoint onlinewe could see the available verbs
announcedso if we want tomaybe creepynew site collection we could use the
militaryverbwith the site nowwill find the requiredparameters of your order and storage
quota so let’s put in new york lowner will be the our admin userand will give it athousand megabytes towards cornernow we have a optional compatibility
level cal i_d_ no way resource quotatemplates own idea it’s after a titlewe can give it a title here of thenew demo sitenow we see the partial command built
therecopy it to clipboardcome back to youpowershelland paste our command live in their new
s deal so if you are elegant your lso we want it to youhempowners can be administer work towards me
thousand and the title will be new demositeby selecting enterwe’ll start creatinglower wave that’s great let’s go to our
man site collectionselsie they do not everything a skull
slash sitesslasheddemolet’s refreshactually should probably appear at the
spinning wheel letting us know that ithas been createdhere we go the new demo site is now
being createdwe go back to power still and wait for
this to finishone thing you know you see that we did
not uh. . . specify a template when we were creating
the siteso in that might notspecifying a template were creating a
blanksharepoint site collectionbut when we go to navigate to it for the
first timeit will ask us to pick a templatelet’s give it a little time to becompletewho move this over as we can see the
wheels spinning as well aswe have not received their prompt yetschool back in a refresh this page want
real quickly to make sure it stillspinninglooks i have not been created it will
continue to waitmatter fact was not continue to witi have a site here that i created
earlierusing the same thingif we click on it will be able to
navigate to that site and i’ll show youthatwe do not have a template currently
assignedwe have sample we want to use we could
uploaded to the system solution galleryhere by clicking on solution galeriecalorie we coulduploadedif we go back and want to create the
team say would simply deleted it seemsthat we have enterprise and publishingsites available as welllet’s come back and click okand it will continue creating our
sharepoint site using the keine zeittemplateand there we can see that it has
finished grading that new demo site andwould be a look at the same thing that
we’re doing on this site herefergal back to command builderwith once again we can see bc also link
if we were to click on that and followirregulars information about the new exp
oocytegive us some information about the pram
letters that we can usewhen creating a new siteit give us some examples of the cold
that we could usereducing tax we can use to create a new
sitehaving see down here we have a couple
that are usingtemplateswe have template names and numbers for
the take lexington puts a few know thenumber we can certainlyuh. . . add that inyou can see in this little area that the
late notice at the english next date sothat would beone oh three three for the locale i dbut it certainly salvos he time zoneparameter etceterawe’ve said all of those via sharepointexcuse me by a power show so that when
we create the site template will bethere delaying it will be set and
everything will be ready for us to goagain becca partial command builder we
could see that we canclear our designwe cando things legaduser again we have to enter the sitelogin name and group name it’ll give us
somethe command down hereif we wanted topossiblya site or delete this site we do with
the identityoptional confirm yes and no no weight at
such aso partial command builder for
sharepoint online is extremely usefuli would suggest everyone toocall and take a look at it play around
with different things to get used tousing sharepoint or excuse me powershelltoo many sharepoint onlineadds that the other demos today this is
only a quick look at a few the commandsavailable for managing sharepoint online
by a partialwe can find other command let’sarchitect and article listed on the
screen or by using sharepoint onlinepartial commanderin module fourwill quickly take a look at the partner
capabilities for delegatedadministrationby a powershelljust like delegating administration
through the user interfaceif the customer has accepted the
delegate administration offer partnerswith delegated administration access to
tenants can use powershell to administeron behalf of the customerwithout needing admin credentials from
that tenantyou may have noticed that there is no
section on a mission week online by apowershellpartial administration is not currently
supported for link onlinesimilarlydelegated administration of sharepoint
online is not currently supportedfirepower showas a delegate it missed reader we have
the ability to search for partnercontracts by a powershellif the tenant has accepted our kilkenny
administration offer we can retrievethat contract or can i dby usingcat item admissible partner contractwiki parameter i think the main meand control so that i might miss out dot
com or whatever domain we’re looking forthis will return the partner contract in
what will resemble a globally uniqueidentifier orgy whiteyby setting a variable equal to that end
i d that was returnedwe could run the portly administration
polish superman to administer on behalfof the tenantsimilarlyif we want to manage ittenets exchange online by a partialwe can use the delegated org variable to
connect to the proper tenantin the command on-screen dockside
session equals do p_s_a_ shinconfiguration the microsoft that
exchangeuh. . . connection you are i psi dot love
dot com power shell and here’s what wethrew in the gaelic heated orcso question mark delegated org equal the
domain that were wanting tothe credentials would be our credentials
of the partners administrationand then we i didn’t want to uh. . . used
this guy authentication allowredirectiontum porn to note that just like one man
jr own tenantwe must continue the connection processfor poor management will need to use the
important auto m_s_ online and connectit with full serviceand for exchange online management will
need to use the importp_s_ session dollar signsto summarizetoday we talked about using powershell
to administerdifferent office three sixty five
serviceswe discuss how the process to connect
our show is different for each serviceand talked about a few of the commitment
to be able to administer each servicewe also talked a little about the
partner capabilities for usingpowershell to administer on behalf of
those tenants that accepted ourdelegated mystery shoppersand that partial administration is
screwing up supported for link onlinenor is a currently supportedto administer sharepoint online on
behalf of a customer identity of theadministrationplease feel free deposit presentation if
you need a little more time to writedown any slicks wasn’t great resources
are the windows powershell gettingstarted guide in the meds windows as
your active directory guide for usingwindows powershellplease take the more to check those outi’ve talked about the partial command
builder tool the few times todaythere’s also a blog available so please
check out the opposite sex by partialcommand builder blogbesides a link to the reference to a
villa partial command lieutenantexchange online on the screen there are
some great technip videos out thereplease lots of people to technip to
watch those as well as tech it hasn’tgreedy information on hybrid deploymentsand there is the windows partial for
sure for online reference available attechnetyou are listed on the slide as wellplease feel free to reach out the part
of services if you have any questionscomments or concerns about today’s
presentationhe recently portal at a_t_t_ people it’s
less less a caveat that m_s_ that m_p_in supporthe also reach us at support communities
at least d_p_p_colon slash slash eighteen a dot m s
slash support communitiesor you know it’s directly at ask p_p_ sat microsoft dot comthis has been powershell for common
office three sixty five casts brought toyou by the microsoft partner networkmight in again as john warner and i am a
partner technical consultantwith north america partner servicestake you forviewing today’s session and i hope you
have a wonderful rest of your day