PyQt5 QtDesigner Login and Signup Forms tutorial: for COMPLETE beginners

Create your first ever PyQt5 application: Login and Signup forms. Navigate between logging in and creating a new account. The tools used are Python, PyQt5 library and PyQt5 designer.

In this video, you will:
-Create your first Python PyQt5 project
-Launch your first Python PyQt5 application
-Work with PyQt5 designer
-Create a login/signin form PyQt5
-Create a signup/create account form in PyQt5
-Use QtWidgets, QtDialog
-Use PyQt5 buttons, line fields, password fields, and labels
-Hide password in PyQt5
-Switch screens in PyQt5
-Use on clicked events in PyQt5 buttons

Install and Setup PyQt5 and QtDesigner:

Source code:

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