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My hope is that we are get it don’t give in to the pain just use their becauseWhat’s going on guys it’s Toby Rosario welcome to my channelIf this is your first time here, let me know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to subscribe hit that Bell notificationThat way you’ll get notified whenever I post a new video. So let’s go ahead and get startedSo in today’s video I wanted to talk about I get this question a lotI get it and this is a questionI’ve had I’ve asked myself because I’ve never done our VMs at this type of scale, right?I have scheduled about 10,000 our VM. So I’m there’s a lot of moving parts a lot of thingsI’m learning a lot of things. I’m testing but the number one question I always get is what voicemail are you leaving?When you’re doing that or p. mAnd if you don’t know what that is is essentially stands for R in this holy spell itLooks like someone called you. It looks like a missed callBut it doesn’t it doesn’t actually call you. It just goes drops straight to voicemailI’m not a lawyerI want I want a highly I highly recommend you run your listThrough a do not call this and check with your state see if it’s legal or notSo I just want to preface by saying thatbut soBack to the question so I get is what do I leave on the voicemail when I do rings voicemail trap?So I’m going to go ahead and so I’ve been testing a couple of thingsSo we use Colorado to track the calls right when the calls come back inandNumber one. We’re testing my voice, right? We’re testing girls voice and then we’re also testingIVR and we’re also going to test live calls. Okay, so I do have a campaign actually going out todayBut let me go ahead and let you guys hear what?What we use or what we leave as the realest voice moment, sometimes you’ve got to keep it simpleWe’re gonna test we’re gonna see which one gets a better responseFrom I would assume women get more responses. And from the people I’ve talked to who do a lot of business forwomen voices tend to get better responses if they just seem unlessintrusive lessNot sure what the word is, but they get a better response. So I’ll go ahead and let you hitringless voice bone thatWe useWhenever we drop that voice wellHi, this is MelissaYou might have missed my call. IKnow that random. I was calling in regards to your property. See if you have an interest in a cash offerIf you are call back as soon as possible if you’re not, so please disregard this message. YeahThere it is guys. It’s a pretty simple voicemail. Thanks me is you got to make it sound?Natural you don’t want to make us sound like it’s a script right? You want to make us sound likeYou generally someone who is just calling to see if they’re interested in a cash offer for their propertySo this is the same voicemail I’ve tested I’ve doneForThe same message. It was just my voice. So I said hey, this is TobyYou might have missed by an and those thumbs are intentional, right? Those are there on purpose?It’s a scene to make it seem more naturalTo make it seem more like we’re not really directly from a script. Does that make sense? SoThat’s essentially the voice memo we leave nowWhat we’re gonna test is what I’ve tested the last drop was IVRessentially what that is is when someone calls insomeone calls in toSo I’m calling in because I see someone I see Miss : I see voicemail about this person, right? SoWhen I call back they have to go to a automated system where they have the totally opthe call when they call in would saySo I would say if you’re interested in a cash offer and you would like more information or something like thatsomething along those lines, press 1 press2 if you would like to be removed from the listright, if you’re not interested things like that in Colorado, you can actually set up a tag whereIf they press 2You can you can label it as they’re not interested. So on the callTracking reporting you can see who selected not interested who selectedwho pressed option one who is someone who is interested now what I found what I’m finding so far asfrom the several thousand runners voicemails isthat you have to try to call these people pretty quickly because what’s going to happen is most of them are gonna sayYou know, I don’t know what you’re talking about or you know, you got the wrong numberSo you want to be able to give them a call?as quickly as possible becauseit could it could be a situation where you know, I might not have a phone and thenI’ve just bought someone else’s phone and call you back from a different number and then you call the original owner of the phone andThey might not know what you’re talking aboutSomeone else might be interested in selling that house, but they use the other phone or so something along those lines. It does happenSo we’re going to test that. I will then try to send out aCampaign and see what the response isIf we take the calls live how many calls we get back if that’s a better way to go about itso, you know we still have we still have about9,000 ring this floor smells left to dropso we’re still testing out a couple things here, butthat’s essentially what we do we were testing theThis is my wife’s voice. So we’re just testing that to see kind of what we get as far as a responsewe’re going to do it a couple thousand see what we see what happens with that and I’ll keep you guys posted butAlso, if you guys want to hear if you guys want to know what my outbound cold call script isLet me know in the comments and I’ll go ahead and try to create a video fear that I get enough likes on this videoI’ll go ahead and do thatAnd then also if you guys want to know the contract that’s another common questionWhere am I get these contracts to use them a wholesale business?if I get enough likes give me a like if you want to if you made it this far give me a like andLet me know in the comments. What if you want the outbound cold call script and the where you can get wholesaling contractsThat’s my time my name tow Rosario. Peace


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