Root Farm Hydroponics – pH Testing

The foundation for any hydro garden is
the nutrient solution which is essentialfor plants to grow. Mixing the nutrient
solution properly is important, but for ahydro garden to be successful it must
have a balanced pH as well. The target pHrange for nutrient solutions is usually
between 5. 5 and 6. 5. This allows fornutrients to be more readily available
and effectively absorbed by most plants. A pH that is too high or too low can
lead to nutrient deficiencies ortoxicities that could harm the plant
over time if it’s not corrected. Havingthe right pH is especially important for
water based hydroponic systems. To measure the pH of a nutrient solution
you can use pH test strips or a handheldpH meter. Test the nutrient solution two
to three minutes after adding thenutrients to the water in the reservoir.
If the pH is between five point five andsix point five, you’re good to grow. If
not, you’ll need to either raise or lowerthe solutions pH. Whenever using these
products to adjust the pH of yoursolution, be sure to wear protective
gloves. If the pH is too high, add RootFarm pH Balance Down in small increments,
testing the pH frequently until itreaches the desired level. If the pH is
too low, add Root Farm pH Balance Up,following the same method. That’s it for
this segment on adjusting pH. For morevideos tips and tricks for growing Hydro
visit us at Root Farm Dot com


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