Selling To Affluent Customers – Shortcuts To Attracting Your Next High Net Worth Client


Looking for a high net worth client to boost your sales? In this video, I talk about how to connect with that ideal potential client. Affluent customers are out there and ready to buy. The trick is to find them and build rapport with them, so you can ultimately add them to your client list.

Selling is all about getting in front of your potential clients, building relationships, and closing deals from there. To create affinity with wealthy sales prospects, you need to take an interest in things that matter to them.

Think it’s improbable that you’ll connect with a high net worth client? What do you have in common with rich people, anyway? Here’s my suggestion: join their circles. Go where rich people go and do what they do.

Whatever your current habits, hobbies, and interests, expand them to include what wealthy people typically do. Play golf, go horseback riding, or learn about fine wine. You don’t necessarily have to participate – just read up or take classes on hobbies your affluent customers enjoy.

Get involved with community organizations that wealthy people support, like Rotary and Kiwanis clubs. Put your kids in clubs and on sports teams with their kids. Buy season subscriptions to ballet, opera, or symphony performances. Believe in the mission of a local charity? Join their efforts!

Strategically refining your downtime pursuits puts you in front of your next high net worth client. You make a connection and build a shared affinity by demonstrating an interest in what your ideal client loves.

But as you network, be careful not to overtly sell. First, give value and expect nothing in return. Doing business with affluent customers will come in time and will naturally become the norm.



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