The Best Cold Email Template to Get Clients

I know that almost all companies have these
issues or bestcase scenario?Maybe I have 10 of these paragraphs written
and then I’llpick which of the two out of ten are relevant. This video is brought to you by mail Rush
dot IO will gointo more info and mail rush in a little while. But first enjoy the video. What is the best cold email template?That’s what I want to talk about in today’s
video. I’m going to show you one email template that
is totallyspam. And another one that follows a process
that we’ve provenover several million cold email sent that
leads to massivesuccess and booking with Franz that can afford
to pay you. This is something I don’t think we’ve ever
shared publiclybefore Going to take you into the presentation
that we usefor email 10K and I’ll show you an example
of two differentemails the tale of two emails. This is what I like to call it like The Tale
of Two Cities. I never read it either. So so this is a spam email. This is what most people think of when they
think about coldemail. The email is not personalized just
as greetings. We are affiliated with an SEO company based
in India thathas helped many businesses to rank on the
first page of Googlebeautiful use of the Google logo, but away
following arethe services we offer at competitive rates. Rates SEO Smo orm Google Maps optimization
just bad. It’s just bad and I can tell you why it’s
bad, but I wouldrather show you why it’s bad. I showing you The rewrite what are we doing
differently?What is the difference between this email
and this email?Well, first of all the subject line instead
of first pageranking in Google space period we have something
like quickquestion or high from Daniel which has been
proven to havehigher open rates in the past. Although this subject line is not that bad. If you are actually promising first page ranking
in Googlefor SEO specifically, I know that promising
first page rankingin Google is something that will get you marked. As spam because of companies like this ruining
it and alsoa good SEO isn’t going to promise you first
page rankingin Google unless they’re doing some shady
stuff. So here we go. Hey Alex love your YouTube content. I’m sure you get a ton of SEO cold emails. So instead of sending a bunch of bullet points. I’d love to send to specific ideas first off
the bat addressingit to my name only. I’m not just saying greetings. Love your YouTube content. This is a specific first line that shows that
the email waswritten directly to As a recipient, this is
something thatyou can do in your cold emails as well using
a personalizedfirst line and love your YouTube content is
forwards. All right forwards and that is something that
a lot of peopleget stuck on. They think that personalizing emails has to
be an Endeavorthat takes hours and hours for email. Love your YouTube content. That’s a half a second to come up with. He has a YouTube channel great. Love your YouTube content now, I’m sure you
get a ton ofSEO cold emails. So instead of sending a bunch of bullet points. I’d love to Send to specific ideas. Now. These ideas are what’s worked in the past
for us, especiallywhen we were growing our x27 marketing firm
and sending twoagencies sending to specific ideas was perfect. And the thing about these ideas is they do
not have to bespecific for the actual business. Like let’s say I was sending an email to me
who runs hisYouTube channel, and I’m this SEO firm in
India. I am not coming up with these ideas fresh
for my companythat I’m emailing. I know that Most all companies have these
issues or bestcase scenario?Maybe I have 10 of these paragraphs written
and then I’llpick which of the two out of ten are relevant
and that’sanother example of personalizing an email
without spendinghours and hours on each email. So if they’re still using old school link
building, thenI’ll select this one and if they’re still
using meta tags,I’ll select this one and then I have perfect
little shortwrite-ups that have both the problem. So I see you’re using old-school link building
which a lotof cheap firms recommend. But will kill your search engine rank in the
long term thenthe solution the solution is targeted blog
post with customemail Outreach. We’ve had clients go from page for to page
1 on Google withthree good emails. So problem solution. The second example of that is with meta tags
again. This could be with anything and I’m writing
as an SEO firm,but you could do this for any business. I don’t sell us you never have and yet I was
able to writethis following the process that we talked
about in our email10K course, so it works for any sort of services
businessnumber two your website. So you just meta tags these don’t do I think
for Google andactually allow your competitors easy access
to the keywordsyou use it’s better instead to naturally put
keywords intoyour blog posts problem solution. Then the call to Accent would love to talk
about improvingyour search engine traffic like we’ve done
for dozens ofother digital agencies, including fired digital
and fueled. So, I’m calling out specific digital agencies
because thisAlex runs x 27, which is a marketing agency. So I’m calling out my other agency clients
very specificyou would call out whatever clients in your
Niche you’veworked with so this cold email is to lawyers. You’re calling out. Out lawyers if this cold email is to restaurants. You’re calling out restaurants. All right mind if I send over a few times
for quick call,that’s your call to action. Thanks, Daniel. And that’s that notice how this just has a
bunch of bulletpoints. It’s hard to read. It uses acronyms like Smo which I don’t know
what that isorm. No, idea Google Maps optimizations. Probably pretty good. We provide all services at much affordable
cost of than whatit might be in-house. What I love too is that this one has a bunch
of typos, eventhough they’re sending it to a gigantic list. You could have even hired somebody to do a
grammar checkbefore you send your email out to assume thousands
and thousandsof people and that’s what made them end up
in spam. Please confirm which Services you need from
us. That’s the worst go to exit I’ve ever heard
who are theythe Borg please confirm we will now proceed
with the SEOSmo orm. Please confirm. I’m not talking to a machine Daniel and India
is not a machine. So I do not know what he’s asking, please
confirm which Servicesyou need from us. I like mine. If I send over a few times for quick call
realize you’renot going to sell SEO Services via email like
this. It’s better to just get on a call because
then you can pitchthem on whatever you want. Once you’re on the call and you can charge
them three fourfive thousand a month versus trying to sell
via email whereyou might get maybe a couple hundred dollars
better to goafter the big whales then the small fish that
is the secondliterary reference of this video. And that’s that. So this is spam. This is our process. This is Spam. This is our process. This is what people think of when they think
cold email. This is what you’re doing. This is why you are not spamming and this
is why you willsucceed when your competitors will fail. By the way. If you want this in-depth check out the whole
presentation. It’s at email 10K. com we go through this and
a couple otherthings that are extremely valuable. So check that out. This video is brought to you by mail Rush
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