The New Email Marketing – Larry Kim

hello everyone it’s time for anotherexpert session today we are luckyenough to have Larry Kim the founder ofWordStream with us he will share hisknowledge on the new and improved way todo email marketinglet’s get right into Larry’spresentation hello everyone and thanksfor joining us today have a reallyexciting talk for you today it’s we’retalking about the new email marketingand so what the heck do I mean by thenew email marketingwell you know email marketing has beenaround forever of you know 15, 20years basically at and and so I wantedto to put together a presentation ofsome kind of less obvious ways of how toI to both collect new emails and how torun campaigns really highly effectiveemail marketing campaigns that are alittle bit kind of new ways of doingthis and I think this will be veryexciting and interesting to all of youI just wanted to introduce myselfbriefly up for getting into all thedetails of how to kill it in emailmarketingmy name is Larry Kim i’m the founder ofwoodstream my kind of area of expertiseis a how I don’t know who puts these slidestogether but it’s basically apay-per-click marketing so internetmarketing like search ads, facebook adstwitter ads that kind of thing andthat’s me and there wearing myfavorite shirt because it gives metwenty-five percent more speedthat’s of course really intoproductivity hacksalright so back to our topic at handtoday we’re talking about emailmarketingyeah blah blah blah you know it’s beenaround forever it’s actually the mostpopular marketing channel used bybusinesses like eighty-seven percent ofthe millions of businesses out there useemail marketing and it’s more than anyother type of marketing like ppcmarketing or social marketing like emailmarketing really is the King now thethere’s there’s there’s some problemsahead here so what what I’m trying tosay here is that like I don’t know ifyou noticed but the internet it’s kindof it’s kind of a noisy place and it’sgetting more and more noisy I thoughtthis is kind of interesting infographicI didn’t make this one it wasI just found on the internet butbasically this is what happens on theInternetone minute there’s something like a 4million posts on facebook and you know347,000 you tweets and all this stuff ishappening and so basically the battlefor people’s finite attention as atwhich is important because you know ifyou’re a marketer you’re basicallyfighting other brands and people foryour customers’ attention it’s gettingmore and more noisy and so so what doesthat mean for email marketing? well I Ithink there’s some some challenges aheadhere at I just wanted to share with you afew of them here’s one of them Oh a lotof the emails that companies are sendingout in terms of their email marketingcampaigns are actually ending up in theseweird dungeons so here’s one suchdungeon unrolled. me it’s like eventhough i’ve subscribed to emailsfrom barnes and nobles and Microsoft allthese other places it’s rolling them upinto kind of like this digest that Inever read anymore so that’s reallyfrustrating and here’sanother such dungeonit’s like the promotions tab in gmail solike even though I you knowsubscribe to all those those promotionalemails you know gmail is kinda sortingthem out of the way from my primary boxme I won’t even see these things sothere’s like so much spam being beingsent that i think what i’m saying isthat email isn’t quite the Golden Age ofof email marketing that it used to begiven you know the high rate ofdistractions and all these dungeons thatare kind of capturing all of ourwell-intentioned email marketing effortsand this is just like the trend ofclick-through rates not surprising youknow the email effectiveness overall itseems to drop every quarter and it’sjust because it’s so noisy and competitiveout there oh and just one other thingto add to the pile there’s like thisincreasingly complex regulations ofall around like who you’re allowed toemail and how frequently and treatingtheir privacy policies and all thisstuff and so this is even more of anightmareit’s not quite as free as it used to beso I just was thinking here you knowwould it be cool if there was some crazyway that you could make your emailmarketing work like it did back in thegolden days when you know when it wasjust your email and your top ofmind and you didn’t have to worry aboutyou know all these things and thengenerate so much engagement like open ratesand stuff like this and very low costand know the answer is not alientechnology there is an answerit’s this new emerging field ofemail-based pay-per-click marketing andso that’s what i was going to talk abouttoday and specifically a technologycalled custom audiences so customaudiences it’s basically a really reallynew addition to advertising technologyyou know what you can do here with theseemails is you can upload list of emailsdirectly into the the social and searchplatform so Google Twitter Facebook youcan create custom tailored audiences and andjust upload the email lists uh people onyour list and target ads to thosespecific people and here it is onfacebook same idea you just upload yourown list and have a file of all theemails of people in your list, now youmight want to segment that list maybeit’s like different segmentations likepeople who have purchased recently orpeople who put stuff into their shoppingcart but didn’t didn’t complete thepurchase or it’s like a high-ticketvalue you know purchasers but the pointis you want to have a different emailsegmentations, upload them and then youcan message to them directly whenthey’re checking their Facebook everyday or checking their gmail orFacebook or their YouTube’s everyday andand that’s what is really quite powerfulso the cool thing about social marketingusing emails is that these are peoplewho previously agreed to to kind of giveup their email their contact informationand as a result they’re familiar withyour brand and so what you’ll find isthat hand these people that you’re going tomarket to are something like threetimes more likely to engage with yourcontent you’re promoted updates and adsthen just random strangers who are notfamiliar with the brand and when they doengage with with your ads that aretargeted based off of their emails thereare twice as likely to convert to a saleand so you know this just goes back tothe old saying like you know your bestcustomers come from kind of the peoplewho who are your existing prospects andcustomers and this is definitely true ofsocial and search and and video ads thatare targeted off of emails so just hereis kind of a kind of a big picture herein terms of how profound that thischange is in terms of ad targeting basedon email addresses so like you know Iremember a time when you have we wouldtarget ads based on like websites like Idon’t like I would put an ad at like homeand garden weekly or something and I hadno idea who was visiting those websitesand I was hoping people will click onthose ads you know got a little betterin the last few years where they hadsearch ads so i could target people whoare going after specific keywords orremarketing I was targeting people whovisited certain pages on my site but nowit’s like unbelievable i can be superprecise just target specific individualslike Larry or Johnny like I can you knowtarget specific people with their emailaddresses and be sure that i’m gettingthe right people with the right messageat the right time so i just wanted togive you kind of a kind of some exampleuse cases here basically my i’m sayinghere is that this notion of people basedto pay per click marketing it’s kind oflike you know the glorious emailmarketing back in the day when it was sogreat but if some ways it’s it’sactually a lot betterso what do I mean by this so in emailmarketing if you’re working at acompany and you’re trying to get a blast outyou know I don’t know to support someprogram that you’re interested in youknow your have to talk to a list managerand that list manager was like okayLarry the next available spot for ournews email blast is like you knowDecember of 2018 or something like thisyou know so this is the list gets bookedout and they want to limit the number oftimes they blast the list because ifthey blast too oftenyou’re gonna unsubscribes and all thisstuff so you know inventory constraintsare you know all this problem with listburnout etc etc these are no longer anissue when it comes to people’smarketing worried where you’re takingthose same emails but targetingthem with ads on Facebook or onon youtube or on gmail becausethere’s no inventory constraints it’snot free, you still need to spend likea few dollars to run these campaigns butthe point is hopefully you have a verytargeted list and so it shouldn’t costtoo much because you know you it’syou’re not trying to go after the entireworldyou’re just going after a specificfinite number of people maybe 10,000people or something like this and that’sstill very very economical so I wantedto just give you a couple examples ofhow email-based identity paidadvertising using social can take cangreatly open up new marketing use casesand I just do this i want to tell you alittle story here last year i bloggedabout this story about you know Googleand Google Plus and gmail being kind ofbroken up and it was kind of a big dealbecause the previously they were tryingto make a big deal of it beingintegrated and I just happened todiscover that they were now nolonger integrated so I I just bloggedabout this on my blog and end up itweeted it on my Twitter and sharing onmy facebook but the point was I wantedlots of people to hear aboutthis but not just anyone I wantedinfluential people like journalists andlike industry gurus to to see thisnews that I had discovered and so I don’thave everyone’s email so and I will takeforever for me to email all of themso what I did was I just promoted thepost these social updates not toeveryone but to sort of a curated listof 1,666 very influentialpeople who I like I basically assembleda list of of reporters for like techcrunch and Mashable and all these otherplaces and so I i have a list of peoplefor Facebook and Twitter and based ontheir emails and and identities and so Ipromoted a post and within two hoursthis this story is now like showing upon MarketingLand and you can see theyellow it sounds like this changebrought to our attention by larry wasyour blog covered by google about thepoint is like I was trying to get mymarketing out to specific individualsjust like how you would using emailmarketing but i was able to do thisusing a paid promoted post on Facebookand Twitter instead and so it actuallygets a lot better so remember that waslike sixteen hundred names on thoselists and so you know lots of otherreporters and other publications and soby Saturday you know the story was inEntropy and Gizmodo and then engadgetthe register like by monday was on over500 national and international newsnetworks like the business insider,Washington Post, Wall Street Journal,cnet, a fast company etc etc and thenthis is a true story you can google itlike Larry King google+ andgmail you’ll see all the different presspress pickups I’m telling you what wasso leverage about this is that you knowi got all this value yeah 500 presspickups massive brand exposure for mycompany myself hundred thousand sitevisitors at a total cost of fiftydollarsI you know and in about 10 minutes toexecute the the campaign andso I hope you can see here to get asense for how leveraged you knowpromoting content and offers to specificindividuals rather than lessspecific audiences like a you knowpeople who like certain things like thatthat’s not very targeted whereas aspecific email is there’s an individualbehind that and that can be veryvaluable and the reason why this was socheap was because my lists size was onlya thousand journalists and so like mypoint here is just merely to point outthat all this pitching like all thesethings that used to do kind of atscale using email marketing shouldconsidering doing using paid uh paidadvertising targeted by emails andand just to give you one otheridea here which it’s basically howdo you, how do you generate a list ofemails to market to ok so I mean in thecase in the example that I just gave youi just did it manually I kinda searchedthrough the internet and tried to figureout people’s emails and and andand their social IDs but what if youwanted to build up a huge list of like10,000 or hundred thousand names ofpeople to market to well there’s all sorts ofnew ad formats such as the facebooksocial direct response ad format wereyou know rather than having a user clickon a form and having to type it alltheir information email address you canjust hit they can just hit the subscribebutton and that’ll transmitted the theuser’s name first name last name emailand other information automatically andthis is a really very cheap andeffective way to to build up your listfrom scratchtwitter has basically has the same thingis called a lead generation card formatand I try to talk briefly about YouTubeand Gmail and AdWords I mean previouslywe’re talking about Facebook and twitterbut all of this custom this email basedmatching you can do this in your googleadwords like the search ads based onkeywords you can you can make it so thatyour ads only show up if a certainindividual like a certain user emailaddress is doing the searchremember there’s a 50-50 chance thatlike any given users log into one ormore of Google’s properties such asYouTube gmail google search etc sothat’s how they’re able to match them up interms of like who’s doing the searchso you just upload a list of emails andyou can target keyword based ads you canalso target youtube video ad so thoseare those ads to show up at thebeginning of a youtube video as well asa gmail ads those are those sponsoredpromotional emails that show up at the top ofyour inbox you can target those emailsbased on based on users emails so that’sall I have today in terms of kind of thethe topic of the new email marketing, Ihope i hope this was helpful I gotdefinitely you should still be doingemail marketing like the organic regularemail marketing but i think it would besmart to think about ways to leverageall these new advertising technologieslike the lead generationformat to dramatically grow the size ofyour lists and then using all the theinnovations and technologies fortargeting ads based on email addressesas a way to dramatically increase theusage so and the value of a to capturemore value from having those email listsin your organization that’s all I hadthanks so much have a great day


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