Top 25 Microsoft Forms tips and tricks for 2021 // New features, hidden gems & Office integration

A step-by-step tutorial on my top 25 Microsoft Forms tips and tricks. This shows Microsoft Forms features you might not know about, new Forms features, and some MS Forms advanced features. These Microsoft Forms tips are useful for educators, business people, or anyone else looking to up their game on MS Forms. This also includes Forms integration with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint and Stream.

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📝 Table of contents
0:00 Introduction
0:20 New MS Forms Home page Layout
1:05 Tile view vs. Table View
1:20 Likert question type
2:28 NPS (Net Promoter Score) question type
2:52 Sections in Microsoft Forms
4:06 Improved Themes with Forms “Ideas”
4:35 Branching in Forms
6:05 Upload a File when answering question
7:31 Immersive Reader in Forms
9:09 Math Keyboard in Forms
10:39 Print a Form and Print Forms Summary
11:22 Shuffle Forms questions
12:04 Set start date/time or end date/time
12:47 Get a link to the summary of MS Forms responses
13:32 Customized message at the end of your Form
13:53 Duplicate a Form (Make your own copy)
15:07 Share or collaborate on a Form
16:12 Multilingual Forms
17.21 Outlook quick polls with Microsoft Forms
18:31 Excel integration with Microsoft Forms
20:04 Microsoft Teams integration with Microsoft Forms
21:00 OneNote integration with Microsoft Forms
22:24 PowerPoint integration with Microsoft Forms
23:13 Stream integration with Microsoft Forms

I am always creating more quick tip Microsoft Forms teacher tutorials, so let me know in the comments about other features you’d like to see videos for.
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