Why You Should Never Use Acronyms in Your Cold Emails 📧Cold Email Teardown📧

– On today’s Cold Email
Teardown we are talkingabout selling conversion
rate optimization services. And we’re gonna go through
a three email drip. And we’ve got actual stats,
so I’m excited, here we go. Hey Alex, first off I wanted
to say I’ve watched a tonof your videos and let you
know how useful they are. Thanks, that’s a guy that’s appreciative. You know, I’m not saying
anything bad about you,but when are you gonna
leave a comment, huh?If you have left a comment
already, thank you. This is a new style I’m
trying called intimacy. I’m gonna just make aggressive
eye contact with the camera,and ask for you to leave good comments. This teardown’s gone
off the rails already. So, first off I just wanted to sayI’ve watched a ton of your videos. I know how useful they are. I set up a cold email campaignto help out a mate whose freelancing. He’s offering conversion rateoptimization to help digital agencies. Unfortunately, I haven’t hadthat good of a response for him. Here we got 127 emails
out, 79% sent, 24% opened,0% clicked, 3% replied, 10% bounced. So, 24% open rate is extremely low. That means we’re gonna
look at the subject line. Then from there we’ll
look at the other topics. But he sent all three emails. It’s a three sequence drip, and he’susing Mailshake to send it out. All three response he’s had
were negative by the way. So subject line, I would say questionabout CRO reads as question about crowto somebody that doesn’t know anythingabout conversion rate optimization. Which actually brings us to
a bigger point, acronyms. If you’re using an acronym in your emailyou better make sure that everyone knowswhat you’re talking about because evenas a marketer if you’re not
thinking conversion rateoptimization every single day
you might read that as crow,and you might not open the emailas evidenced by the 25% open rate. Or you might just say question about CRO,and think, oh, my company’s not named CRO,I’m not gonna open the email. There’s a million misunderstandingsthat could happen by putting
an acronym in the email. So I would actually just
test question about company,and make that a custom field here. That’s the subject line I would test,and let’s jump into the email. Hi name, your X client project is oneof the marketing projects I’ve seen!This is everything that’s wrong
with cold email right here. If you’re not customizing
this line you can’t say stufflike it’s the best
marketing project I’ve seen. What does that even
mean? What does that. . . I’m a little peeved, all right?If it’s a good marketing projectyou’re complimenting them on results. And if you’re complimenting themon their amazing ability to get results,why would they need
conversion rate optimization?That’s a general rule of
thumb for all cold emails. Don’t compliment people on
something that you’re goingto say in the next line
they’re not doing great. So, hey name, love the work you didfor this project, impressive. Are you the best person to speakwith at this agency in
relation to conversion rateoptimization training for your clients?Are you the best person to speak at?That’s up to you as the sales guyto find out if they’re the best person. Assume you’re speaking
to the right person,and actually pitch them on your service. I’ve helped two dozen
agencies in the last yearwith conversion rate
optimization, hang on. There were some case studies, however,that stood out, especially
the website designs. If you’re a conversion rate expert,and you’re looking at their sites,and you’re finding conversion problems,that would be the time to reach out. So I’m gonna assume that’s
the frame of this email. The lead choice here would be agenciesthat have client projects
and cases studiesthat obviously look like
they can be improvedwith conversion rate optimization. I’ve helped two dozen
agencies in the last yearwith conversion rate
optimization for their clients,and would love to do the
same for your company. If so, would you or nothing be interestedin knowing how CRO can
increase agency revenue?Do they know what CRO is, or
do they not know what CRO is?I’m gonna assume they know what
conversion rate optimizationis, but don’t know the acronym. If that was the assumption you made itdoesn’t make any sense to educate themon CRO if they already know enoughat least to know what the acronym means. It doesn’t make any sense. P. s. You can read a
short blog about my tipsfor the CRO course I teach for the CIM. Again, CRO, CIM, I could Google
CIM, but I’m not going to. I’m just gonna delete it. I’ve helped two dozen agencies,and then maybe two agency names,Fuzz, Fueled, in the last yearwith conversion rate
optimization for their clientsand would love to do the
same for your company. We do a two day on-site workshopthat will give you sales materialsand training to make more
revenue selling conversion rateoptimization as an add-on service. I would love to run through the detailson a quick call and see if
there’s a fit, thanks, Joe. So, this is email one. I would remove this as well justbecause I don’t know what
the blog post is about,and I don’t know what CIM stands for. Second email, hi, first
name, I almost forgotto send you my article from The Drumon western versus eastern
personalization and CRO. P. s If you don’t look after
conversion rate optimizationor training your staff please feel freeto forward my email on
to a relevant colleague. I know this is what it says
to do in Predictable Revenue. People know how to use email a lot morethan they did when that book was written. And they will forward it if it makessense for a colleague to look at it. You don’t have to ask for that
forward, at least not here. P. s. I almost forgot
to send you my article. It’s disingenuous to say stuff
like this in an email drip. And they know it’s an email dripbecause you’re sending
it to marketing people. They know about cold
emails, so when you saystuff like this was the
greatest marketing projectI’ve ever seen, congratulations,or I almost forgot to send
this to you, here’s my article,they can see right throughthat stuff, and it turns them off. They’re not gonna respond
to an email like that. Hey, first name, wanted to make
sure this didn’t get buried. And I like this article, right?Here’s an article from The Drum on westernversus eastern personalization,that’s a great interesting article title,in conversion rate optimization. Mind if I send over a few
times for a quick call?The problem with sending
this link in this emailis you’re asking them now
for two things, right?Click the link and book a meetingwith me, instead of just one thing. But if this article’s really great,I haven’t read it, maybe send it. If not just remove this
and the email still works. Now we’re on to the third email,the final email in the sequence. Hi, first name, just wanted
to check if you’re interestedat all in CRO services or CRO
training for your clients. This requires no work from you,we create the deck slides for your pitch. Otherwise, I bid you good day
and won’t contact you again. This comes off as too aggressivein a really weird way, so
I’d remove that otherwise. Just wanted to check if you’reinterested at all in CRO services. Hi, first name, at this point I’ll assumeyou’re not interested in adding conversionrate optimization as a service this year. If anything changes and you’d like to hearhow our training can increase company,their agency name’s, revenue
and client sales conversionplease let me know, thanks, Joe. And there’s your email,
there’s your email drip. Right here I’ll put a link to downloadthis in the description as always. Also, if you want us to do thisfor your agency that’s experiment27. com. We write cold emails, we book meetingswith enterprise companies,
and most importantly,we find you enterprise
companies to work with. If you found this video valuable,I would love if you would
share it with a friend or two. We’re trying to hit 100,000 subs,so every share helps the
channel and helps me. I’m Alex Berman, thanks.


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