WIX EMAIL MARKETING: Set Up Automated Emails In Wix + Create Wix Shoutout Email Marketing Campaigns

Hey guys. Marina here from Yes To Tech. Welcome to Tech Tuesday where I remove the
tech stress that comes along with runninga successful online business. Today we’re going to talk about Wix email
marketing, so that you learn how to set upautomated emails in Wix and create Wix shoutout
email marketing campaigns. Many of my students use Wix shoutouts for
their email marketing to grow their emaillists on autopilot for free, and now it’s
your turn. Stay tuned until the end of this video to
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to be notified every Tuesday when I post anew video. Alright, so let’s get right into how to
use Wix for email marketing. So the first thing we need to do is create
a lead capture form on our Wix website. To do so, login to your Wix account, and click
on edit site at the bottom. Then from the panel on the left, click on
‘add’, ‘lightbox’, and ‘subscribe’,and select one of the available templates. This form is 100% customizable, which means
that you can click on any of the elementswithin the lightbox to edit them, including
the ones within the form. When you click on the get subscribers form
at large, you can manage existing fields,add a new field, such as first name, edit
your form’s layout and design, and evenadd an animation to your form. Under form settings, you can manage existing
subscribers if you have any, edit the settingsform your form, define what happens after
someone subscribes to your email list, andcreate automated responses for every form
submission. For instance, you can send a thank you email
automatically after someone subscribes. To customize what this email looks like, click
on ‘create’. From this automations customizer, you can
define a trigger action, in our case, Wixforms, that is triggered every time someone
submits a form. Once that happens, those subscribers will
be sent an email. Make sure you add your sender details, including
from name and email, and customize the emailthat your subscribers will be receiving. Choose a time to send this email, either immediately
or set a custom time, and choose whether visitorsreceive this once or every time they trigger
the action. For actions like welcome emails, once is best. Once you’re done creating your automation,
you can see your automation summary on theright, and make sure to click on ‘activate’
to make it active. Comment below with an email icon if you’re
excited to send automated emails with Wix. Okay, so now that you know how to create an
email opt-in form and set up automated emailsin Wix, let’s talk about how to create Wix
shoutout email marketing campaigns that youcan send to your existing subscribers. From
the panel on the left, click on ‘marketingtools’ and then on ‘email marketing’. Wix has a number of email campaign templates
that you can customize, or you can start fromscratch, and use Wix’s drag-and-drop editor
to make the email campaign your own. Once you’re happy making edits to your email
campaign, you can click on ‘preview + test’on the top right to see what your email campaign
will look like on desktop and on mobile, andeven send a free test email. Once you’re happy click on next to add your
email recipients, and then on next again toedit your email’s subject line, from name
and reply-to email. You can either schedule your email campaign
for later or send it to your email list now. One important thing to note is that Wix recently
changed its settings so you can only send3 new email marketing campaigns and a total
of 5000 emails per month on its regular premiumplans. If you wish to send out more campaigns per
month, you’ll need to upgrade to one ofAscend by Wix’s paid plans, which also includes
chat, more form customization options, inbox,invoices and price quotes, automations, and
social posts. Now you know how to use Wix email marketing,
so that you can set up automated emails inWix and create Wix shoutout email marketing
campaigns. As a special gift to you for sticking around
until the end, make sure to click on the linkin the description box below to check out
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see you in the next video!


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